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  1. Help, does anyone know how to get this "Cutting it fine" trophy? https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/11305-peaky-blinders-mastermind/25-cutting-it-fine I have tried several times with a target during a mission, and nothing ... and before finishing the mission, and nothing, it does not jump either ... 😓 What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes, it is a shame that they have put God mode in the last update and the whole game can be played like that ... It would lose grace and platinum would be much easier for any trophy hunter who wanted to get it ...
  3. Tip!!! If you have problems with this trophy, just make a backup on your savedata y USB, then select "EndGame" from Chapter Selection, and go to AWE DLC section/mission. Then,follow and read the comment of Kia044. It worked for me like a charm!!! Solve to unlock trophy Vending Spree Machines AWE Control (PS4)
  4. Dont work. I'm gonna record a video and Upload It, so you can understand me... It's ssssoooooo frustrating....
  5. Maine menú only and shooting? I tried,go walking (not fast travelling) to go Next machine according to map,and nothing.... I dont kwow what else I can do!!!
  6. How did you restart the DLC?? I've already finished the AWE DLC bit only left this trophy... I run over the whole new mal AWE on foot and noone vending machine appears for me... I need help... Please!
  7. Nop, I deleted ALL: savegames, and whole game. After that, I downloaded again the entire Game. Select Season 4 chapter 1... And after prologue... Black screen!!! I heard sounds but I can not see clementine... Any help to fix this?? (Last patch version is 1.03...) PS: Manu, It's impossible using a guide to pass this part,because you need to see the cursor.... imposible PS: Rafi, again... Hard too fix It....
  8. Yes, I think so it's still Broken on Season 4 episode 1
  9. Anyone know how to solve this BUG!? I've just deleted and install again, but even with update patch 1.03, I can not play after the prologue... It's frustating...
  10. Nope, Maybe tomorrow Sony give us those 10$???
  11. Nice feature!! Good job
  12. Nice feature "trophy cabinet"! I've just customized it for myself
  13. L.A. Noire Remaster (ps4)