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  1. Nop, I deleted ALL: savegames, and whole game. After that, I downloaded again the entire Game. Select Season 4 chapter 1... And after prologue... Black screen!!! I heard sounds but I can not see clementine... Any help to fix this?? (Last patch version is 1.03...) PS: Manu, It's impossible using a guide to pass this part,because you need to see the cursor.... imposible PS: Rafi, again... Hard too fix It....
  2. Yes, I think so it's still Broken on Season 4 episode 1
  3. Anyone know how to solve this BUG!? I've just deleted and install again, but even with update patch 1.03, I can not play after the prologue... It's frustating...
  4. Nope, Maybe tomorrow Sony give us those 10$???
  5. Nice feature!! Good job
  6. Nice feature "trophy cabinet"! I've just customized it for myself
  7. L.A. Noire Remaster (ps4)
  8. Just come here! Merry Xmas 4 all! I´m this!
  9. Fantastic. I wish I touched the price. Thank you