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  1. It's boring and it reminds me of GTA too much I really hate it and I'm very upset, RDR1 will forever be my favourite game, this has nothing to do with it.
  2. Boosting trophies is like taking viagra
  3. Today this happened again lol
  4. Well I placed it on the fortified wall and detonated, behind it there was and enemy and he blew up with it, but still, the trophy didn't pop.
  5. I killed the guy with a breach charge and didn't get the trophy, anyone else?
  6. Good to see Sony finally acknowledges Microsofts controllers are more comfortable, hope to see more of them in the future!
  7. Trophies are meaningless after all. In my case I wouldn't delete games to have 100% profile because I don't care. I would simply delete my two games I platinumed but didn't have fun with and some other games my family members started on my account.
  8. I'd love to see it just like it works on Apples Game Center. I'm waiting for this update since 4 years already... I think everyone should be able to manage their trophies the way they want.
  9. I will fight my way in the store for the last copy once it comes out! Although I'm quite sad they called it RDR 2 instead of something cooler, my hype lowered a bit since it's a continuation and I don't like when a game with a proper storyline gets continued because it's usually bad and made for money, hopefully I'm wrong.
  10. I think people just don't know yet that this will be the future of gaming
  11. Ok this game is bad. End of story. And I really liked the first one.
  12. Am I the only one who thinks EA character faces look very weird/unreal in various games, especially here in Battlefield 1...? I mean not the way human beings actually look like and definately not the way the looked like during the IWW.
  13. How can someone be surprised it has Platinum? Nowadays Platinum and the whole trophy system means nothing when you can get 100% by completing story tale games.