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  1. #39: Project Diva F (English PS3 version) 😀
  2. #35: Furi It's been a while since getting a platinum, but wow did this game blow me away. I never felt so giddy after getting a plat for a game, at least in a long time. The adrenaline rush during the bosses was real, there were multiple moments that the boss would pull some crazy move (mainly talking about those final phases, whew) that would just own me but instead of rage it just left me smiling and laughing haha. This is actually probably my hardest plat, and also easily one of the most enjoyable. If you're a fan of action games then you'll love this game, or if you're new to it i'd still recommend it for the thrill. Huge props to the devs of this game for making one of the most swift and engaging skill-based action games ever made!
  3. Just driving around taking in the world while listening to favorite FF tunes is one of my favorite things to do in the game. It's great to bask in the nostalgia and also appreciate songs you haven't listened to before. Some of my personal favorites: Sunleth Waterscape (probably my most played track when driving around), Spira Unplugged, Sky Smilin' Down On Me, Colorful ~ Falling In Love (from type-0 OST, so sweet it gave me diabetes), The Airship Blackjack (best flying song imo), and so much more. What tracks do you guys listen to the most when driving the Regalia? And a bonus: what songs did they left out you wish they put in? *cough* To Zanarkand :'(
  4. My first Miku Expo. No matter who you are, whether you're not that familiar with Vocaloid or not, go if you have the chance! It's really a special and one of a kind experience, and just an awesome time in general. All I can say right now is that it's one of the most beautiful experiences I've had, and I'm sincerely grateful for it, and am definitely ready for the next ones to come!
  5. Pa paya, paya papaya paya pa paya ~
  6. #32: God Eater 2 Rage Burst Total playtime 232 hours (the most amount of time I've put into a console game by a long shot!!), and i would be lying if i said i wasn't at all burned out from this. I honestly don't even know how i ended up putting so much time into it, i guess it's cuz i was doing every mission as they became available, damn completionist mindset. :/ Nevertheless, i stayed pulled in for the whole ride.
  7. #31: God Eater Resurrection Out of all the "hunting" genre games that I've played, this is the only one besides another that I've been able to actually finish. Kind of wish guns weren't so broken/overdominant and that there was a bit more balance in the gameplay overall. But anyways, it's tons of fun, and I don't regret those 131 hours.
  8. #30: Drakengard 3
  9. #28: Devil May Cry 3 HD Finally got around to playing this classic, and while it had it's slightly annoying moments, overall it was definitely a blast. 😎
  10. Ready for Dragon Cry😎
  11. #27: Demon's Souls
  12. R.I.P. Chester Bennington
  13. #26: Persona 5 What can I say... An amazing experience. Platted at ~166 hours. You could expect nothing less from Atlus, especially when it comes to the Persona games, P4 was a big step up from P3, but with this they even take a super large leap in improvement from the previous entry. I wonder if there will be some sort of P5R (Persona 5 Red) like there was a P4G, or some sort of spin off. Anyways, if I were to complain about this game then it would be me wanting more.
  14. #25: Nier: Automata Really solid gameplay, and I never expected it would have such a deep and powerful story.. not exactly in a complex way, but very moving. And that soundtrack is still sticking with me.. gosh that soundtrack. What a game is all I can say.
  15. Crap quality pic, beautiful CE
  16. Happy Miku (3/9) day!!
  17. #24: Tales of Berseria Took 150 hours, about half that time was the trophy grind at the end.. I really wish I didn't have to grind that much because this game is really really good. I really don't want to spoil anything but I'll say you don't necessarily have to play Zestiria though it's better if you do since it'll help you know lore elements and even certain characters better. There's a surprisingly alot of side quests and content in general that if the grind was removed it would be a good 70-80 hours to plat. Going to be honest and say this is probably my top Tales game now. I can't say much but, it's really great and if you're gonna go for the plat expect a grind.
  18. Man I don't even pay attention to that kind of stuff. If you love games, you'll find games and play games, no matter what year it is. Simple as that.
  19. -Even though Troy Baker may be overused as a VA, he's an amazing at it and a great individual in general that definitely deserves to be where he's at. -Video game reviews are for the most part useless, if you're interested in a game then play it, don't let someone else's opinions on it sway you from at least trying it. -Just because you're good at Dark Souls or x game doesn't make you a god, it just means you can play this game and have the upper hand at similar games. -The FFXIII trilogy was great and Lightning is one of the coolest (for lack of a better word) FF characters. -I generally don't like going for trophies since most of the time there's more grind over exploring the rest of the game's content (which is why I go for trophies), so only if it's a game I really like and don't mind platting in general. -Many people of the gaming community of today (I don't even like to use that term) have to learn to shut up and understand or at least try to understand developers and respect them, pretty much almost always. However, I'm still glad games have gotten more popular and have been getting more positive recognition in general. Yeah I guess that's all I got for now, pretty fun topic. >.>