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  1. Blade & Soul FFXV
  2. Some good albums to listen to (imo) while gaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHwSGU4KkMY&list=PLCa6rr7iYzFVyh8h8gT23yFBrejkOtIDT
  3. Most of my music is digital, but I'm gonna just put out bands that i love or just really like listening to here: Angels and Airwaves, All Time Low, Animals as Leaders, August Burns Red, Breaking Benjamin, Beartooth, Being as an Ocean, Boys Like Girls, Bullet for my Valentine, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, The Color Morale, Crown The Empire, A Day To Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, Echosmith, Fall Out Boy, Flyleaf, Issues, Incubus, Lindsey Stirling, Linkin Park, Muse, Of Mice & Men, Paramore, Periphery, Pierce the Veil, Polyphia, Porter Robinson, PVRIS, Rise Against, Silverstein, The Story So Far, Three Days Grace, This Wild Life, Twenty One Pilots, Volumes, We Are The In Crowd, Yellowcard, 30 Seconds to Mars. Yeah pretty much just picked out some favorites out of each letter of my iPod lol. Btw, like your taste OP.
  4. Runescape
  5. Alright we need some better stuff in here...
  6. went off to
  7. There's alot of things, but the most important is that when I leave this world I will so knowing that I made it a better place, somehow. But I agree with OP, one of the first things I thought of, gotta spread dat love.
  8. -Lag -Lag ... and lag. That's about it.
  9. h2o, pretty much the only thing I drink,
  10. Yeah FF7 I got stuck a little, because of the way certain levels are shown. There were entrances, exits, climbable objects, that weren't that easy to find. Then there was my first playthrough of DS2. I remember running through No Man's Wharf without a torch, getting pissed at the nightcrawlers with their long ass arms, and ended up despawning almost all the enemies just to get to the damn boss room. And then there were The Ruin Sentinels, f*ck them, that is all I have to say. But I only got stuck for a day or two which is alright I guess.
  11. I can't really cry, not with just video games but just in general. Idk, I just can't do it. HOWEVER, The Last of Us (one of my favorite games) managed to make me almost cry, I felt myself about to do it but no tears went out. It was that moment when Joel reunites with Ellie right after she stabs the sh*t out of David. I don't know why, but...ugh.
  12. AngryJoeShow, he really knows his stuff, and funny as hell too. Then probably TheRadBrad, he's just a straight up chill guy and really down to earth, I find it relaxing watching his gameplay/commentaries. That's about it actually, I don't really follow many gaming channels on YouTube since I don't spend much time watching.
  13. ^ This, pretty much what's going on with me right now. Video games are weird for me because it's no doubt something I love, a hobby I guess, but it also can become a distraction and a hindrance in life. Right now I'm in an critical phase of my life, which I don't dive into here, but basically I need to get the things I really need to get done and get my real self together. It's weird, because some people need a break from the real world, and then others like me need a break from the virtual world. All about balance I guess.
  14. Laughed harder than I should of but R.I.P. Chichiri
  15. 1) Deuce 2) Sice 3) Cater Are the ones I used the most, but there's alot of others that I enjoyed such as Ace and Nine. Except for Machina, he just sucks. And I never really strongly disliked a main character until he showed up.
  16. This is probably my 4th PSN account and I finally think this name is the one I'm satisfied with.The only reason I made so many accounts is because of my damn pickyness with usernames, would have much more trophies if I just stuck with one from the beginning. Anyway they really, really should allow name changes, or merge trophy information from previous accounts to one account, it would make everything better.
  17. Not saving... the thing is I still end up doing this consistently, so alot of going back 1 or 2 hours every time. And not planning out playthroughs for plat, but I'm too lazy to plan and the games I plat are usually games I love anyway.