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  1. -Even though Troy Baker may be overused as a VA, he's an amazing at it and a great individual in general that definitely deserves to be where he's at. -Video game reviews are for the most part useless, if you're interested in a game then play it, don't let someone else's opinions on it sway you from at least trying it. -Just because you're good at Dark Souls or x game doesn't make you a god, it just means you can play this game and have the upper hand at similar games. -The FFXIII trilogy was great and Lightning is one of the coolest (for lack of a better word) FF characters. -I generally don't like going for trophies since most of the time there's more grind over exploring the rest of the game's content (which is why I go for trophies), so only if it's a game I really like and don't mind platting in general. -Many people of the gaming community of today (I don't even like to use that term) have to learn to shut up and understand or at least try to understand developers and respect them, pretty much almost always. However, I'm still glad games have gotten more popular and have been getting more positive recognition in general. Yeah I guess that's all I got for now, pretty fun topic. >.>
  2. Hey everyone, I'll just be honest and say now that i'm kind of writing this to blow off some recent frustration, but I thought it would also be an interesting topic. As a heavy RPG/JRPG gamer, I encounter lots of RNG, and its often not a pleasant thing. The most common and typical of these instances are randomized item drops, and the frustration of not being able to get an item or certain quantity because of low drop rates. I could go on about how many different times RNG has been a nuisance, but the point of this is that I want to know how other people feel about it and experiences. -Can you recall a time RNG gave you happiness? If not, can you think of a time it bothered you and what could've been done instead? -What do you consider "good" and "bad" RNG? (For me bad RNG is anything that hinders your progression in a game, when it could be put as a side activity. It's okay when it's something like opening loot chests since you know you're gambling.) -Do you think many games (especially RPGs/JRPGS) do this as "lazy game design"? Perhaps because the amount of playtime hours would significantly decrease without it? (This is an odd thought: Imagine an RPG without or almost no grinding at all, does such a game exist, or is it possible?) Sorry if this is a kind of vague topic, mainly trying to get things off my head. Just kinda frustrates me because almost all the games I love playing have this issue to some extent. I know a perfect game can't exist, but I think it's still interesting to think about what other possibilities there could be to this mechanic. I just realized the application of RNG may vary between game genre, so for the record I write this mainly with rpg games in mind, but still, feel free to list instances/games that "do it right" and just share your thoughts in general.
  3. Generally I think it's true that RNG is works well for mmos and is harder for single player games to benefit from. I guess it's mainly because mmos need some sort of grind/RNG to be the timesink they are, it's pretty much needed in mmos, there's not much of a problem as long as there isn't too much grinding. Things like having a guaranteed chance after x amount of tries may be a good fix in some instances, would definitely help reduce the frustration grinding for certain things. Having a solid time cap on grinding would help games step up in having the other ways to increase playtime, such as putting in new content maybe even randomized dungeons with the fun kind of RNG.
  4. Yeah gotta agree here, especially with your last statement about RNG being something best used for spicing up gameplay instead of making it repetitive. With all these posts, it becomes easier for me to see that RNG is an element that is hard to pull off right because it seems alot of games seem to make certain concepts revolve around RNG rather than making it something that enhances the experience, basically being lazy to bump up playtime rather than being creative with it. Then again successful application of it is rather rare, probably because it is a rather difficult thing to do and it depends on many things. However, there still have been fun applications of it that I mentioned before (certain strategy games and random generated floors in dungeons). But yeah, it's usually a bad thing because there's usually too much of it, at least that's how I see it.
  5. Oh ok, one more question lol, are they going to release an English translation in the future?
  6. Wow, I never knew this existed until now. o.o Do you mind me asking where you got it? And is it all in Japanese?
  7. That's awesome! Grats on beginning a never ending journey haha, lots of obstacles especially when starting out but it's so worth it. As for me pretty much played Project Diva Future Tone the whole day.
  8. Yeah it's pretty annoying with companies do that, but it's usually with AAA games though. Also happens with many P2W MMOs, which is something no one really likes. It sucks when I have to spend money because a company made it so that buying certain things with cash is (much) faster than grinding in game, so people with jobs are almost obligated to buy them. It's not a good feeling to feel forced to spend money on a game. Cash shops, when included in games, should mainly be for cosmetics and most importantly not give an advantage over others who don't have money. This problem could be fixed with many MMOs if they simply went subscription-based, that way companies have a steady flow of money and players know they are committed to the game enough to keep sustaining the subscription, and even with a sub-based game people are willing to spend money on cash shop items because they love the game so much. As for single player and console games in general it's a bit harder because they don't last as long as mmos in playtime hours. Still, there's better ways than manipulating the game to earn money, such as releasing new content/DLC mixed with a cash shop that doesn't exist to give unfair advantages. "But then if you simply just have to release new content, let's just do that instead", some companies may say. Then that's how you get those yearly release games, which started out good but then became worse with each release because it became less about making a good game and more about profit. This is a kind of topic I usually don't talk about, because I usually don't play those type of games. I'm not saying all AAA games are bad, but I can't deny these unfortunate happenings to certain games because of companies becoming corrupt/greedy. It's usually a pretty simple thing to fix, but such events happen when things become popular. Anyways, in the end, there's alot of good games, companies, and people out there that stay true to what video games are all about. It's funny, a decade ago I don't think I would be writing something like this, but whatevs, some things you can't ignore though.
  9. It's true that it may feel good to get something rng based that's rare, but at least for me instead of joy I get a feeling more like "Finally that's out of the way" because really I did nothing to earn it, I just got lucky. I guess it's okay if it's like gambling for minor items like cosmetics, but if it's something like I gotta farm rare materials for this weapon so I can progress in the main story, it's a bother. And yeah about that concept of a game having random damage ranges, that's pretty annoying unless they somehow manage to balance it. A game I mentioned earlier had this kind of RNG to keep the game dynamic, and it was still pretty fair. The RNG could put you in a bad spot, but the game also gave you opportunities to save yourself and possibly give you a better advantage if you make a clutch play. But then there's things like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OU8RgoKW9yo (skip to 0:35) basically someone got one shotted due to a lucky crit. This can easily be fixed by just nerfing damage numbers though. As long as you have a reasonable opportunity to make a comeback when it comes to fights with rng damage in games, then for the most part it should be fine.
  10. Yeah I kinda agree here, I feel like RNG is only good when a game has it as a core gameplay mechanic or is pretty much a small thing on the side for other types of games. I can't help but wonder how many games would be without rng, because some of them seem to rely on it heavily to increase playtime but not in a good way, especially mmos (ex: grinding for items). But again this is a big topic and there's many different factors to consider than just rng itself such as the game and how its applied. I know it's hard, but I do kind of wish to see games have more fun uses with RNG rather than it being something getting in the way most of the time.
  11. I've been browsing some similar reddit topics, and I've seen an interesting mention of RNG actually raising the skill ceilings of certain games. An example I found was with XCOM, a tactical game I've never personally played, but basically some people were saying is that the randomness is a big part of the game and keeps it from being stale. Not having a guarantee that a certain action will succeed prompts you to adapt and come up with a play that could turn the tide, possibly putting you in a position better than before. There's alot of other things RNG does for this particular game, overall for the better, but that's just one general example. Also, I think some card games, do a similar thing, and it's basically a core mechanic. Though for RPGs I haven't really seen much good/innovative application of it, at least off the top of my head I can mention Palace of the Dead from FFXIV, which is a side dungeon with randomized floors and it helps it become less static. Of course more could've been done since it's still mostly just killing enemies and looting chests as you progress. Unfortunately I haven't seen much positive RNG in MMOs since there are very common time sinks farming for low drop rate stuff or overpowered cash shop items ruining f2p games. Haha, perhaps I'm thinking too much, but there's really alot to talk about when it comes to RNG, since there's so many different ways to apply it, for good or worse.
  12. Decided to take the test again after a whole year. (Original results: INFP -A ("The Mediator"). Introverted 95%, Intuitive 26%, Feeling 17%, Prospecting 40%, Assertive 45%) Personality type: INFP -A ("The Mediator") Role: Diplomat Strategy: Confident individualism Introverted 96% Intuitive 74% Feeling 80% Prospecting 65% Assertive 80%
  13. Gosh there's so many good ones, Shimomura is one of my favorite composers. But I'd have to say Somnus is one of my favorites, both the instrumental and version w/ vocals. I can't help myself but to just stop and stare at the main menu with that song playing for a while before starting the game. I also really love the battle theme, I like the night version more though it's more intense sounding. My favorite song when traveling the world though is Wanderlust, beautiful song with a cool Xenoblade vibe. Kinda just realized this is probably one of my favorite FF OST.
  14. I think the story is good, sure it isn't mindblowing but I think it's a great "return to roots" which is something they were going for for the game (and I think that goal was influenced by the unnecessary amount of backlash XIII got). I guess there are alot of "why's" in the story that seem left out which may frustrate some people, including me a little bit, but I think maybe there's more depth to it than meets the eye, FF games tend to be like that. The writing seems weak at first but after looking at it more, you start to understand and connect things more and even fan theories start pouring in. But I'm kind of speaking out of past experience and maybe this game may indeed have a "weaker" story, but idk, I still gotta watch Kingsglaive and Brotherhood, since they seem pretty important for understanding it. Overall, it really is a beautiful game that was well worth the wait (and let's be real, most of us weren't waiting a full ten years since it's very first debut as Versus XIII since we didn't even know if it was going to be a go or not). Edit: To the OP, please don't turn away from this game just because you think the story doesn't seem great, especially if you haven't played the game. Let me tell you this, there's a good difference between watching people play the game/reading reviews rather than actually playing it yourself...and by the way, the story is good, of course it's nothing over the top but it is solid. What really drew me in, at least, was not how complex or amazing the story was itself, but the emotional journey the game took me through. This is something I learned from FF games. It's like watching a really good movie, the way it's paced and all the detail such as the slightest music cues and character expressions.. that's what makes it good. Basically it's not just the story itself that can be appreciated but the way the story is told which can make a world of difference. Just experience it as it is.
  15. I've never been one to get sidetracked, usually I do the main story faster than most people, before but I couldn't help myself but to get lost in the world taking pictures and driving around jamming to my favorite songs in the Regalia. I love how it can be just really chill just exploring the world and then extremely epic story moments. This game's packed with all sorts of things. Definitely worth.
  16. #21: Nier First plat after around a month hiatus. That ending was one of the scariest moments as a trophy hunter lol. Can't believe I endured such a grind, but definitely worth. Such unique storytelling and beautiful soundtrack, wow that soundtrack... What a game, is all I can say.
  17. Damn, 600 games? When you have a backlog that big there's nothing you can do to fix that lol. My backlog has always been at around 6 games, when I buy a game I commit to it from start to finish, simple as that. Of course there are sales, but I only give into them if it's a really good one. And pre orders/day one purchases are only for games I really love. Let yourself decide what game you want to play next, not because it's on sale, many games go on sale more than once anyway.
  18. Those who played the game would understand the significance the "okay." not just because it's literally the last line in the game, but it's Ellie's response to Joel's big lie. If you haven't played the game then spoilers ahead. Basically at the end of the game Joel forcefully takes Ellie away from the hospital, who is to have brain surgery because she can produce a cure for mankind. When Ellie wakes up, she asks Joel what happened, and he tells her that there were more like her and they stopped looking for a cure. After finishing a hike, she asks Joel to swear if everything he said was true, who then replies with "I swear." (but he was lying to keep her safe!! ). She then just gives a simple "Okay." and the credits roll. It has lots of meaning because Ellie was ready to give herself up to possibly save humanity. But Joel being the selfish character he is, goes and ensures she doesn't go through the surgery. There's more to cover on this, but basically this event is a strong reference to the title and entire theme of the game, "The Last of Us".
  19. Kingdom Hearts immediately pops up in my head: Sad quotes:"Looks like my summer vacation is finally over" - Roxas Character catchphrases: "Got it memorized?" - Axel Funny quotes: "Get up on the hydras back!" - Phil There's literally too many, just go to just about any comments section on a KH video and you'll see lol. I don't know if The Last of Us has alot of famous quotes but I think those who enjoyed it would remember some lines: "We're shitty people Joel, and it's been that for a long time." - Tess "You just gotta keep finding something to fight for." - Joel "Okay." - Ellie "I know, I know, just step on the fucking pallet." - Ellie Final Fantasy X is another easy one to remember: "I want my journey to be full of laughter" - Yuna "HAHAHAHA x100" - Tidus "Dad, I hate you." - Tidus Persona 3: "Per...so...na!" - Protagonist "I'm going to execute you all!" - Mitsuru Kirijo There's so much more, but this is what I could pull off the top of my head and I don't want to put too much lol.
  20. I actually started writing a story for a game about a year ago, though it's kind of been on and off. So far I got two characters and a bunch of story/lore ideas I yet have to connect. Also got a good amount of gameplay mechanic ideas, trying to blend mmo style elements into a single player action (J)RPG, I know it sounds weird but I think it would be really cool if I somehow manage to make it work out. I've also wrote some music but don't have any full tracks yet, just rough ideas. Yeah, basically just a bunch of ideas right now lol. It kinda sucks though that I can't even draw well enough to lay out some concept art, but I'm trying. Slowly but surely I guess.
  21. Science because it always intrigues me regardless of the school year. But if you count in electives, music experience and music theory were the best classes I ever took in high school.