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  1. Well if it's a really good game I don't take breaks except for eating and going to the bathroom. Video games give me energy rather than drain me. But if I'm grinding or getting frustrated at a certain boss, I usually browse the internet and go on sites like this one, watch anime, or play my guitar/drums.
  2. Yeah I used to get it alot, especially in the summer when I have nothing but time. If it's burnout from a certain game you can just play a different game, preferably that's also a different genre. For example if I'm playing something competitive, then usually a really nice JRPG brings relief. But if it's burnout from games in general, start doing other things, take a walk, pick up an instrument, draw, pretty much anything that doesn't require you to be in front of screen works fine. Then simply come back when you feel ready.
  3. Been more down than usual, but it's one of things I'll get over soon hopefully.
  4. #20: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X My 20th plat yay!! Couldn't think of any better game to celebrate this with. I actually just started the Project Diva games about a month or two ago pretty much went in blind and now I can't stop lol. Not only are the games good but I ended up getting into vocaloid as well, I really hope I can go to an event one day. The plat for me took 118 hours, which is the most time I spent on a console game so far (a bit more than my FFX plat which was around 112 hours I think) but to be honest this is one of the fastest 118 hours of my life since I was having such a good time lol, though I did start feeling the grind at around the 90 hour mark. I feel like the grind and having to clear all the songs on extreme may intimidate many people but it's not as hard as it sounds. The voltage system (you can't fail a song midway) and module/accessory effects (you get certain bonuses depending what you choose to wear) allow more room for mistakes and makes passing a song easier than the previous games. Anyways, here's to more plats and great games.
  5. Here's an interesting read http://www.idigitaltimes.com/persona-5-spoilers-atlus-vows-delete-any-plot-details-social-media-555759 I guess that's good of Atlus, I'd still away from social media though just to be extra safe
  6. Pretty much played Project Diva X the whole day
  7. I usually don't remember this kind of stuff but it was a good memory of surprise gift ps3 from my parents to me and my bro, and the game it came with was Motorstorm. Was never really into racing games but fun times.
  8. Haha thanks, yeah I don't have a job atm (soon though) so gotta be resourceful for now
  9. Pre-owned PS4 Terrible pic ik but it's a Samsung 48" LED (project diva x trophy guide where u at)
  10. #19: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Was looking for a shorter game to plat but didn't know how good the game was gonna be and got really immersed. The way events unfolded and characters were probably what got me hooked most. The gameplay was very engaging and really dug the overall style/presentation. Kinda wish there was more to do after the game but still really amazing and one of my favorite vita games so far.
  11. Just got done finishing this game and I had no idea it would be so good especially the characters. From the beginning my favorite characters were pretty much set and stayed throughout the whole game. My favorite male character is hands down Byakuya. Even though he's kind of an asshole (which led to some pretty funny moments imo) he was pretty badass at same time. Plus, his heart seemed to be not so terrible after all (at least towards the end ). My favorite female character is definitely Kyoko. I guess because she was one of the most intriguing characters. and is best girl Runner ups would be Mondo and Celeste, besides that it's hard to pick any others. There's something likeable about every one of them.
  12. kind of a throwback
  13. #18: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F2nd Once again a great game with amazing songs, though the grind was more intense than the previous entry, I still enjoyed it alot.
  14. Hm interesting topic. To me it's actually quite simple though, I definitely don't view robots as tools, they're alive, just in a slightly different way. Well, it depends on what kind you're talking about, but in this case I'm pretty sure it's about robots modeled after humans. Even if it was programmed just to be a machine to excel for a specific purpose (ex: war machine) , I would still treat it as a friend, and over time I would think it would start being able to act the way we act. Just look at one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite games: Aigis from Persona 3, since you seem interested in this kind of thing I suggest you play this game to see the good character development and experience an amazing game overall.
  15. Mainly Gamestop or Amazon, though I find myself getting games more from the latter these days. Usually I just go to GameStop for the buy two pre-owned get one free thing, or if I need a game right away. Everything else pretty much from Amazon.
  16. Breaking Benjamin
  17. I don't know what I did, except for dropping it like 2 feet on carpet the other day, and it still worked perfectly fine until the next day I suddenly wasn't able to connect to wifi. I already tried resetting the router and choosing first option in the menu to restart the PS Vita, still nothing. When I try to connect to the access point it will connect for like 30 seconds and then disconnect. Other devices such as phones connect just fine, except for my vita. Can anyone help me out here?
  18. How I handle my backlog: Don't let a backlog grow. Currently I only have about 5 games in my backlog. I pretty much only buy more games once I finished everything. The other cases are if there's a really good steal or there's something hard to find.
  19. Listening to and playing music (guitar and drums), watching anime. Also very recently started drawing.
  20. #17: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F My first Miku game (also my first jp import game) and I was overwhelmed by how good it was! Definitely one of the best game experiences I've had this year so far. The gameplay was easy to get into and also provided a fairy good challenge at the highest difficulty. But the best part for me though were the songs and the vocaloids. I can't stop listening to their songs ever since I started, it's just so good. Already got the next game ready to play, which only gets me more hyped for X.