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  1. Well, I finally got it to work. All I ended up doing was turning wifi (from my vita), deleting the network, and then turning the wifi back on letting it connect automatically. Ugh, I feel so dumb, but I'm just relieved now I don't have to sell my precious vita or anything like that lol. Anyways, thanks for the replies guys I really appreciate it. Now I can get my Project Diva F plat.
  2. Tried this and still nothing for me :/
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv3G-eDNnHw good music to drown in at night
  4. Had to wait for my pedals to come in, here it is. Roland TD11K w/ Pearl P932 demonator pedals
  5. My first Miku game and I had no idea the songs would be this good, especially love the gospel vibes in this one, I think I'm gonna be hooked help
  6. Been in the process of moving these past months, but finally settled in and managed to get these plats! #14: Muramasa Rebirth Really good looking and challenging game (until I killed the dragon god on fury mode for that certain OP item ). Definitely one of my favorite 2D beat em ups. #15: Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Not as hard as the previous one I listed, but still enjoyable to play the storytelling is what made up for it. Very nice game. #16: Tearaway This game was so cute. Very fun and easy plat. I really loved how they really utilized the Vita's tech in this one, the only game that I played that did it alot was Gravity Rush. I really enjoyed this one though, next time I swing by an arts & crafts store I'm gonna buy stuff to make the messenger. I love my Vita
  7. <33333
  8. At first glance for some reason I thought this was the Type 0 sequel before reading the post lol. Though holy crap this has to be the one of most amazing things I've seen all year, this guy's got great things ahead of him.
  9. Tearaway and first Miku game ^^
  10. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F, Tearaway, and some stereo jack adapters for an electronic drum set that should be arriving tomorrow.
  11. I don't think there's a definite line that marks a newly made friendship (unless it's Persona where a card appears when you meet someone ). It's been a while since I had a real friend (moving sucks), but remembering past experiences, you don't really notice it at all, it just happens. I even remember having a conversation with a friend that literally went like "How did we become friends?" ... "I don't know. xD" So I don't think it matters that much, what matters is you have a friend, though I guess there's some people out there who may have a significant event that marks a friendship, but I think that's kinda rare. I guess what's important is how you define friendship and I think that's the closest thing that can answer this question. To me, a friend is someone you can be yourself around.
  12. I only play games I like, if it has trophies then it's a plus. But even if it's a game I love if the trophy list is bad such as just a bunch of grinding and stuff then I just put off going for the trophies at least for a while. I generally have more fun platting a really difficult game than grinding the life out of me. Both platinums and level matter to me, but platinums I'm slightly more proud of. Level shows your overall progress playing games, while platinums show that you did everything there is in a certain game. Definitely getting trophies for harder games are more rewarding, so it feels better getting those trophies. But if a game is good, then it's good. It doesn't matter how hard it is, any game I love I usually get the plat.
  13. Gallade, one of the coolest Pokemon imo Latios and Latias There's a bunch more but I rather not put a bunch of images, I have a hard time picking favorites anyway there's alot lol.
  14. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Had a rough start, but I think finally getting the hang of it (first SRPG for me) and enjoying it.
  15. I was lucky today and Best Buy had a free PS VR demo, it was pretty cool! Before I thought VR would kinda suck but I see now there's an entertainment only VR can offer and there's definitely potential. Don't know if I'll buy it myself on release but I'll be looking forward to what games come out for it and how it turns out.
  16. For me pretty much what TC said, night time after a good dinner makes me relax more and it's the end of the day so I don't have to worry about anything else.
  17. Plat or not I'm playing the heck out of this game, can't wait!
  18. Hexes
  19. It depends on my mood but overall I prefer skill based games, especially for a plat b/c I would be more proud of getting it.
  20. Poorly designed boss battles or combat in general, especially when there's luck involved rather than player skill. You can't do anything if you have bad luck but your own skill you can definitely do something about. I just hate the feeling of not being able to do anything b/c of luck-based situations.
  21. Summer is meh, I don't go out much so it doesn't really make a difference for me so I can't say I dislike it, never really cared much for seasons. I do love the winter though. Btw my parents move a lot too (moving again next week in fact) so I can kinda relate, just gotta stay you and keep moving forward I guess. Hope you find that job.
  22. Pretty good, just beat Elizabeth in P3P hard mode on my first try. Whew. Last thing for me to do on this game is FeMC story.