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  1. Pretty good, just beat Elizabeth in P3P hard mode on my first try. Whew. Last thing for me to do on this game is FeMC story.
  2. Lol this was fun to watch, especially after just getting angry with a game. I'm not those "FUCK" yellers that trash their room afterwards. I usually let out a pissed off exhale, trying again and again (tilted) with no progress whatsoever. After about an hour of tilt I finally decide to put my controller down and do something else, then I come back after about 15 or more minutes, usually overcoming whatever obstacle I was stuck on for hours in a matter of minutes.
  3. Persona 3 Portable - tried to do a max social link run being aware I made a few mistakes in the beginning, and on the last day of the game I ended up being ONE s link rank short of total completion. I even spent an hour or two reloading my save redoing my last links in different orders but it pretty much turned out to be a lost cause. Sigh. There goes about 20 something hours of my time, I guess it's partly my fault for not redoing it earlier but it's also just my shitty luck as usual. Since I'm so stubborn I'm still gonna do another playthrough, this time zero mistakes. Orpheus Telos I shall fuse you, and we will defeat Elizabeth. >.<
  4. -Atlus Take my heart and money. Just pre-ordered mine right when I saw the news, really happy with the price of this CE too, doesn't feel overpriced like a lot of others.
  5. Just gonna try keeping it short as I can: 1) Yes, I'm proud in the way that I love video games and will always support them but I don't go around shouting it everywhere. I'm an introvert who keeps his passions to himself but can open up to people who share similar interest. 2) No, I would only be able to talk to people who share similar interest with me. I usually don't get to be around many people who are into the same type of games I'm into (except on here), if they're even into gaming. I'm in no sort an outgoing person anyway. 3) No, only if someone who doesn't understand or is curious about trophy hunting asked me about it then I would try explaining it to them, though if they don't know about games idk how they would know about trophy hunting. >.>
  6. -Anything RNG based (anything rng is just annoying especially with my crap luck) -Grind heavy trophies (depends if the game is worth grinding for, but i still despise grinding) -Missables (which i miss quite often unfortunately). Getting 100% completion on all games I play is something I don't care about since I mainly plat games I really love so not really a weakness I guess.
  7. Angels & Airwaves
  8. Still haven't got around to XII yet, but I'm glad to see they're doing another main FF game remaster (w/ trophies I assume like with X/X-2 HD). Hopefully this means more remasters to come in the near future.
  9. Persona 3 Portable
  10. Just some songs off the top of my head that get the blood boiling
  11. This game's awesome OST still not leaving my head.
  12. #13: Persona 4: Dancing All Night This game was such a blast and I'm not even done with it yet, ended up being my fastest plat so far (17h) lol. Also my first Vita rhythm game, would like to play more games like this. Gonna go buy some DLC now.
  13. #12: Persona 4 Golden Ended up doing an extra fourth playthrough and even with 160+ hours of playtime I never got bored of it. Such an amazing game. Well, next up: Dancing All Night.
  14. Well I certainly don't see it as milking, I think it's great because it makes certain games more accessible and lets newcomers in without it feeling too dated for them. And usually these remasters come with extras things that give old fans another excuse to their favorite game again. Though if all a company does is remaster their games then yeah it's milking but I've never seen that happen.
  15. Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U exclusive). I don't personally own a Wii U, just borrowing the one at my cousin's house. This is probably the biggest game for this console, just finished it yesterday and it's a real blast. I really hope they could move it to some other platform but that's probably not gonna happen. Still, super awesome game with tons to do and huge world to get lost in!
  16. Persona 4 Golden - Thorough Bookeeper (Complete the Persona Compendium) Was supposed to be my last trophy but ended up missing so gotta do fourth play through, something like this would've really pissed me off but in this idc it's such a great game. it never gets old kinda like watching your favorite movie over and over again lol.
  17. Fall Out Boy
  18. Persona 4 Golden - Hardcore Risette Fan (Hear 250 of Rise's navigation lines) This was quite a hassle, had to print out a checklist and everything, but it ended up popping earlier than I expected which was great. Only troublesome trophy left for me I think is completing the Persona compendium.
  19. Since you said VNs I suggest getting a Vita if you don't already have one But my personal suggestion the first thing you do for the PS3 would be play all the Tales of and FF games you can play on there and a few great exclusives such as The Last of Us I also highly recommend if you haven't already go buy Persona 3 FES off the PSN store and play the heck out of it as it's one of the best JRPGs ever and if you can wait to get a Vita then buy Persona 4 Golden once you have one instead of P4 off the PSN store since golden adds alot more to the game. A great thing about both the PS3 and Vita is that you can buy a bunch of exclusive games from the previous console (PS2 and PSP classics) including P3P, FF Tactics, and a bunch of other games I can't think of right now.
  20. Xenoblade Chronicles X (first Xeno game for me) for the Wii U and damn I'm having a blast. I don't a Wii U, just borrowing the one at my cousin's house where I'm temporarily living. It feels like an mmo.
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BeyU3vhLIY Stuck in my head all morning ever since I woke up, still can't freaking wait