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    My first Miku Expo. <3

    No matter who you are, whether you're not that familiar with Vocaloid or not, go if you have the chance! It's really a special and one of a kind experience, and just an awesome time in general.

    All I can say right now is that it's one of the most beautiful experiences I've had, and I'm sincerely grateful for it, and am definitely ready for the next ones to come!


  2. -Even though Troy Baker may be overused as a VA, he's an amazing at it and a great individual in general that definitely deserves to be where he's at.

    -Video game reviews are for the most part useless, if you're interested in a game then play it, don't let someone else's opinions on it sway you from at least trying it.

    -Just because you're good at Dark Souls or x game doesn't make you a god, it just means you can play this game and have the upper hand at similar games.

    -The FFXIII trilogy was great and Lightning is one of the coolest (for lack of a better word) FF characters.

    -I generally don't like going for trophies since most of the time there's more grind over exploring the rest of the game's content (which is why I go for trophies), so only if it's a game I really like and don't mind platting in general.

    -Many people of the gaming community of today (I don't even like to use that term) have to learn to shut up and understand or at least try to understand developers and respect them, pretty much almost always. However, I'm still glad games have gotten more popular and have been getting more positive recognition in general.


    Yeah I guess that's all I got for now, pretty fun topic. >.>


  3. Generally I think it's true that RNG is works well for mmos and is harder for single player games to benefit from. I guess it's mainly because mmos need some sort of grind/RNG to be the timesink they are, it's pretty much needed in mmos, there's not much of a problem as long as there isn't too much grinding. Things like having a guaranteed chance after x amount of tries may be a good fix in some instances, would definitely help reduce the frustration grinding for certain things. Having a solid time cap on grinding would help games step up in having the other ways to increase playtime, such as putting in new content maybe even randomized dungeons with the fun kind of RNG.