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  1. I find this game a chore to get through. The story and characters are boring in my opinion. I can’t get behind Alloy. She just comes across as a Mary-Sue. The combat is fun though.
  2. All fair and valid points here! If you are expecting a nice 100% platinum trophy, I say move on to a different game. It took me about 3.5 playthroughs to 100% this game because of Woman’s Lot DLC. The one trophy that pissed me off to no end was the CLERIC’S PET. I missed finding the evidence that the monks were drinking in the basement at the Monastery and had to start another playthrough; the Monastery mission is about the halfway point through main mission. With all that said, I still enjoyed KCD! It’s all about the role play. I obtained all the HARDCORE, MERCIFUL, and VIRGIN trophies by roleplaying as a cowardly and incompetent Henry who wishes to be a valiant Knight, but can’t stomach combat. I gave that particular Henry a mustache and the ridiculous looking bowl haircut with fade to make him look the part. On my second playthrough I role played as an honorable knight which made the KING CHARMING trophy easy. Sure the game isn’t perfect, but if you approach it from a role playing aspect, it isn’t that bad.
  3. I noticed Prairie King crashes more often with the latest patch. Anyone else experiencing this? I am currently on month two of trying to get Fector's Challenge
  4. JASON MATCHES: Find a reliable partner and alternate 10 Jason matches each on Packanack small. Meet up at the lodge. Make sure to select Vanessa as the counselor. Only quick kills. Eye gouge or head punch.
  5. I retract my post from last year. This game is amazing!!!! Any game that can make you put 100 hours into it and not get bored is doing something right! i recently gave it another shot and found the charm for it. Henry, the main character, is a nobody in this game and it’s your job to build him up from scratch. It’s hard and very frustrating in the beginning, but oh so rewarding when you see him making progress. The game is basically a medieval simulator. The game has been patched numerous times and continues being supported by the developers. Most of the bugs that plagued the game at launch are gone. The game world doesn’t seem empty as before. War Horse Studios also seem to be passionate about the history and setting of Bohemia and it clearly shows with their attention to detail. Several fun DLC have been released with my favorite being Hardcore mode. P.S. the Hardcore DLC is free! I’m so thankful I gave this game another shot. It’s challenging and grindy at times, but I am having a blast going for the platinum. I hope there is sequel one day!
  6. I love this game and still continue to play. I boosted Jason matches in private and it was still a major grind. I got so tired of watching that campfire intro over and over again. Me and my partner in crime timed each match from beginning to end with both us giving away our location and it average about 2 minutes per match from beginning to end. I also resorted to this nonsense once I broke 500 Jason matches hahahahaha...FML
  7. I do not recommend this game at all. I love western medieval RPG’s and was drawn to the historical aspect of it, but the entire game is a chore to get through. The main story missions are boring and laborious. Too much talk talk talk, go here, talk talk talk, go there now, etc. All the talking seems to amount to nothing. The combat is also horrendous with the game fooling you into believing it is innovative. You have to grind to improve your skills but even then the system is clunky as hell. After defeating an enemy it just feels like I got lucky in battle and didn’t use skill. There’s romance in this game but only consists of three or four missions with your character “consummating” the whole thing at the end. Afterwards your love interest is regulated to generic NPC status with same generic dialogue options and no added benefits. Game world is beautiful to look at with nice scenery, but that’s about it. Outside of towns, the countryside is just empty with some hares, deer, and wild pigs running around with the occasionally NPC walking around. Random encounters only seem to happen when you fast travel. If anybody is thinking about getting this game, I say save yourself the trouble. I regret the purchase and now have to force myself to get the platinum 😐
  8. Well just reached 100% on this game today with the Remastered version and thought I should comment on the multiplayer. It's still pretty active and I had no problem accessing any of the game modes. Your initial problem will be all the high levels who are still active and I'm not going to lie; I GOT DESTROYED MY FIRST FEW OUTINGS. I stuck with it though and playing with all the experts actually made me a better player after continuous play. Just remember that this multiplayer is not fast paced at all! It's methodical and you are not going to blaze through it. Took me about 2 1/2 weeks to complete both the Firefly and Hunter journeys, with a full time job and most of my playtime occurring during my days off. Try to enjoy it! It's not perfect but still fun nonetheless if you are patient and give it a chance