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  1. I recently came back to the game to clean up the DLC but yeah I got the plat without a keyboard & mouse. It takes a while to get used to the controls but once you do it it is fine. Best of luck!
  2. Also the guide difficulty is not accurate and can trick people into trying it out. PLUS the glitched trophies of course. I keep wanting to go back and give this another go but not sure I want to waste all that time just to not complete it again...
  3. UPDATE! Finally got the platinum. Been reading about doing it all in one sitting so toughed it out and got it done. Finished 10 Pounds of Gold with 10 different people lol. During the 9th run I got the 50 match wins aka close to 90 wins. So best I can advise it try it all in one run until it’s fixed. Good luck everyone.
  4. I’ve currently beat 10 Pounds of Gold with: Tommy Dreamer, John Morrison, Zack Sabre Jr, Nikita Koloff, Nova, Warhorse & Brian Myers (that’s 7) and still no unlock. Also that’s 70 matches won not counting all of the other misc. matches I’ve won and I still don’t have the 50 matches unlocked. Those are the last two I need. Not really sure what I need to do. I’m going to keep going until I beat it with everyone and hopefully it unlocks. 🤷‍♂️
  5. It's pretty fun for a supposed quick plat but some of the trophies are bugged in the fact that you have to do it more than the description requires. I have won at every arena multiple times and still haven't got it yet. I assume I will at some point. Just going back over and over until it pops. Lots have got it so I hope it will at some point lol. Also lots said the 5 time 5 time trophy is bugged as well. Still pretty fun and relatively quick so def worth.
  6. Never got the plat but my own fault... you think I wouldn't be so stupid after grinding out "My Kung Fu Is Stronger". Haha all on me, at least I know now 😑
  7. Piece of Cake Award: Resident Evil 3 -- Platinum: "So Long, RC" --- I only got 9 plats this year and a lot were old grinds from my backlog... this was the easiest of the bunch! It's Like Dark Souls Award: Terraria -- Platinum: "Completionist!" --- I've been working on this freaking game for years! It isn't the most difficult game in the world but it absolutely has it's moments of pure frustration! So happy to finally put this one behind me in 2020. Loved the game too but wow this one took forever! Bad Ass Award: Resident Evil 2 -- Trophy: "Hell of a Sheriff" --- Not the hardest trophy in the world but it was indeed difficult! Clearing out waves of zombies inside that tiny little gas station was a rush for sure. It took tons of attempts and a tiny bit of luck but I finally outlasted them all to snag this bad boy and one heck of a trophy. It was the last I needed to complete the DLC and felt great afterwards. NOT SO GREAT DURING! Grind of the Year Award: Farm Together -- Trophy: "It's a small world" --- "Unlock all your farm expansions"... There is a way to just join someone's farm right before they build their final expansion and net you an easy trophy & platinum but I did this legit without any cheesing and HOLY HELL was it a grind. Just when I was almost done unlocking my last expansion the game added some DLC adding in additional expansions for your farm! SO IT JUST EXTENDED THE GRIND! Man this one was rough and boring, fun game though, just boring to grind out for the plat. I suggest the cheese method. King of the Internet Award: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare -- WARZONE --- If you asked me just a couple years ago if I would be found playing a COD game again I would laugh at you. I fell in love playing Warzone with my friends just as almost everyone else has! It brought me back to the franchise I left MANY MANY years ago. COD dominated my online play this year and the prime reason why I didn't get more trophies in the year 2020. This game is to blame and I wouldn't have it any other way. Worst Online Experience Award: NONE --- Looking back on my 2020 sadly I have to say I didn't play many online games besides Call of Duty... would that mean it was ALSO the worst!?! Haha I'm not sure but I'm going to have to say none here. This was the least active year for me for trophies and as I already said above it was due to COD Warzone. Sorry! Sleeper Hit of the Year Award: Two Point Hospital --- I sank MANY MANY hours into this game and though at some points it was a grind it was a ton of fun. I randomly saw an advertisement for it somewhere and gave the trailer a watch. Was an instant buy, little did I know getting the plat would take so long but to me it was definitely worth it. Highly suggested for those who are into sim type games. Biggest Bomb of the Year Award: Resident Evil 3 --- With Resident Evil being my favorite gaming franchise I have to say RE3R was a pretty big let down. I don't think it was a bad game but so much was cut from the original and it seemed incredibly short for a full title game. With very little replay value here besides to get the plat, which was very easy also... I feel like this was a bomb from Capcom. Coming off of the amazing Resident Evil 2 Remake I expected a whole lot more. Best Trophy Image Award: Two Point Hospital -- Trophy: "JUMBO" --- "Reach $50,000,000 Organisation Value"... and yes that is a spelling error on the trophy description haha. So looking back at the trophies I unlocked this year it really shows who little I unlocked and that makes me sad. CURSE YOU CALL OF DUTY WARZONE!!! Worst Trophy Image Award: Akiba's Trip -- Trophy: "Pants Man" and a bunch of them... --- Look, the fact that Akiba's Trip is on my profile haunts me and it's thanks to my girlfriend who bought the game to play and ended up unlocking 3 trophies on it before she quit playing it... so being the trophy whore I am I had to go back and play this game to get the plat and OVER HALF of the trophy images look like the one above. Almost all of the bronze trophy images share that! I know this was an early game in the PS4 life but BLEHHH! So yeah... I'm going to pick the trophy "Pants Man" just because it has a dumb name to go along with it but like I said a bunch of others share that same image. Best Female Character Award: Resident Evil 3 -- Jill Valentine --- Say what you will about how short the Resident Evil 3 Remake was but as I said above the game was still good. Just didn't feel like a full game. Having said that Jill Valentine killed it! Her new face model looks bad ass and overall she lived up to the name of Jill Valentine who to this day I still think is one of the best female characters in gaming PERIOD! This year Jill kept the ball rolling. Awesome stuff. Best Male Character Award: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare -- Capt. John Price --- This dude has a swagger about him and always keeps a cool head under any situation. In the campaign of the game he comes off as one cool ass dude who always knows what's best. His voice acting is awesome too. Best Plat of the Year Award: Terraria -- Platinum: "Completionist!" --- I know this is an old game but looking back it took me over 3.5 years to finally get this platinum. Sure I wasn't playing it non-stop for that long but after over 3 years of off and on gameplay to finally nail this plat felt awesome. I have a ton of great memories playing this game over the years so it makes me happy I finally snagged the difficult platinum. Wurst Plat ov teh Yeer Award: Akiba's Trip -- Platinum: "Advent of the Akiba God" --- I am not an anime fan and like I said above the only reason I got this plat is because of trying to up my completion percentage. I hate to use the whole excuse of "It wasn't me, it was my girlfriend I swear" but IT'S TRUE!!! I ended up playing the rest of this game out after she barely played it just to get the plat. I feel dirty but hey it is what it is lmao! Most Anticipated Platinum of 2021 Award: Resident Evil 8: Village --- If you've read through anything I posted above you saw Resident Evil is my favorite franchise. I simply cannot wait to play RE8 come next year! I don't have a PS5 just yet so I guess I need to get on that huh!?!
  8. People who complain about easy trophies are the same who complain about hard or online trophies... I ignore all of em hahaha! It is what it is people. Play and collect what YOU want. Why worry about what others are collecting? I just laugh off anyone who is seriously mad or upset about it.
  9. I got the first one like most did. Might get this one later on. Does that make me a shitty trophy collector in your eyes? Maybe... I legit could care less haha. Def doesn’t ruin anything though.
  10. Seeing a lot of... interesting comments in this thread... the OP asked if anyone was going to do it, seems like a lot of people are for some reason taking offense to the question lmao. Just because you don't want to do it, it doesn't make someone stupid for wanting to. Geez, people need to calm it down a bit and take a chill pill. What someone wants to do with their trophies is their own business. They were just asking if anyone was going to do the same.
  11. I am closing in on getting the third star on this tough level here are some of the big pointers I can give, some already have been said but here is everything on one spot. I know this is a lot for one mission but I hope it helps, this one can be annoying! MARKETING: --- I built a marketing department ASAP and started a campaign to bring in Pharmacy patients. I would just keep spamming Pharmacy campaigns one after another. TRAINING: --- I trained all my nurses to be more efficient in the Pharmacy and increased all of their treatment via training as well. I built 3 Pharmacies and upgraded them all to level 3. A 4th one won't hurt if you want. --- I trained 3 doctors up to 5 psychiatry and the rest all in GP. --- Trained janitors up to 4 in their repair skill, you can do 5 if you want but I noticed you don't really need it and will have to pay them more salary. --- I only had 3 reception desks with 3 assistants for them and 1 assistant dedicated to marketing, trained up to marketing 3. ROOMS: --- I DID NOT build every room. I built 7 general practice rooms, 3 pharmacies, 3 psychiatric rooms, 2 general diagnosis rooms, 1 ward, 1 fracture ward, 1 clown clinic & 1 mummy room (forgot name hehe)... oh and a staff room, research and marketing rooms of course. --- As you can see my doctors only had two places to go, GP offices & psychiatry. EXPANSIONS: --- I only ended up purchasing 2 extra expansions for the hospital so 3 buildings TOTAL. You want to build up a lot of money before you open an expansion because the patients will easily overwhelm you if you start expanding fast and without some money saved up. Expand slow, it does take a long time to beat this mission but you gotta do what you gotta do. DISASTERS: --- You will need to pause the game as soon as you get the notification that a disaster is about to happen. Move all of your janitors to rooms so they will be ready to repair the equipment as soon as you unpause. --- I was running into an annoying problem when the magma balls would drop in the hospital. My janitors would stop repairing and try to go put the fires out and the nurses would jump back into the room and try to catch all the equipment on fire. I had to CLOSE THE ROOM several times to save the equipment. Just click on a room and move over to the right and click "close" to shut the room down and kick everyone out. It will slow your money flow down but saves you a ton of trouble. Once the equipment is repaired just open it back up. --- Sometimes a magma ball will land under equipment. Just pick the equipment up and place it back down and the magma will move so the janitors and get to it and clean it up. PRICES: --- Set prices for your GP office at -80% so patients are only paying $100. This will make them very happy! The key to this mission to to keep your patients happy and this is the best way to do that I found. I would then go to the prices for all pharmacy prices and move them up to +100%. That should start netting you some big money. I wasn't able to jack up all the prices on every room right away, you have to wait until the patients all get very happy. Once they do I moved the prices up on every room I had and the money just starts to flow in. Every once in a while people will refuse to pay but it will be relatively rare. PRICES: --- If you are still having money problems go to a previous hospital and research the $45K project and get it all the way up until it is just about to finish and go back to Sweaty Palms to finish it and get a quick $45K. You can do this as many times as you wish, but it is boring and time consuming loading in and out of hospitals. BUT if you are desperate for money and you have all the other objectives checked off, this should work to push you over that 5 Million mark! BEST OF LUCK!!!
  12. Those links do work! Oh I was in On Season 22... I see my name in S23 and I didn’t know I was involved 😳. Da faq!?! I will only count the season I knew I was apart of. Might be signing up for next season which is why I wanted to go back and look. Thanks!
  13. I'm looking back for the stats on previous seasons. I joined the league for the first and only time in Season 23 and was trying to go look back at how I did. I don't see the results in any of the links in the first post. Does anyone have the link for all seasons by chance? Thanks!!!
  14. I'm seeing some people say it's an easy platinum while others are saying it's insanely difficult lol. Guess only one way to find out huh? Starting my RE3 journey right now! Hope luck is on my side!
  15. Wow the art looks awesome! Not my style of game really but it has me VERY interested! I would be shocked if this plat wasn't very difficult.