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  1. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 😐
  2. Will be adding some of you to get this head to head trophy done :D.
  3. So I didn’t plan on getting 2K19 at all but due to some stuff I have to get the game (long story). Anyways... I have got plats in the previous 2K games and they were a struggle to say the least. How does this one compare? I read the AJ Styles Tower thing is very difficult but other than that how time consuming is this yeas game? It says 100 hours on the guide like previous years. Does this take longer than the others? I’m getting the game super late so I’m looking for help on what to expect. Thanks!
  4. This is why you guys are the best! Thank you so very much! All these years I didn't notice that lol!
  5. SO SORRY to revive this very old topic but I had a question now and didn’t want to create a new thread! So I had 0% on Until Dawn on my trophy list from a long time ago. Didn’t play the game and accidentally booted it up so it has been on my trophy list forever as 0%. Today I finally DELETED it on my trophy list over on my profile on my PS4 so it is gone. After updating my PSN Profiles Page it still shows it there at 0%. Is there anything I can do to remove that on my PSN Profiles account? I know it doesn’t count towards my completion percentage but I hate seeing the F stuck in there. Thanks! And sorry again for reviving a old post but as you see I at least tried doing research!
  6. Not only is the gameplay good but so is the story. It’s filled with several characters who are strong and likeable. It’s something a lot of us grew up with playing and have been attached to. When you add good gameplay with a rich and in-depth story you get this. That’s my best way to explain why others like the franchise.
  7. Ahhhhhh!!! I was playing with Takeo before and I switched to the space monkey! Good call! Thanks!
  8. Did they make a change to get Richtofen? I go to the Asylum and grab the letter to the emperor but it won’t work with the fountain anymore. It used to work but now I can’t get the vial to drop. Any idea what’s up with it?
  9. Just in case I will probably try to focus on these later. I'm just enjoying the game now anyways not too focused on trophies. I haven't played a COD game since the original Black Ops came out and I'm really enjoying this. If they do give them out for free, cool deal but I'm not worried about it. The requirements do look pretty difficult but I'm sure once I get better they won't be as bad to obtain. Right now I'm pretty garbage at the game so getting the characters would be extra hard for me haha.
  10. Some extremely salty people in here. I see people complain about trophies all the time, but this is one of the super rare times people are mad they made a trophy easier to obtain lmao. All I can do is chuckle while I read th3 comments seeing people cussing the company for this...
  11. Thanks Monte, at least now I know it isn’t random. Still makes me laugh when I see him though lol. I’m sure I won’t be laughing when he is chasing me down tho!
  12. Why is my man Mr. X wearing a hat? LMAO!!! Somewhat unrelated but as much as we all love Resident Evil I don’t think we are on this dudes level hahaha
  13. Wish people wouldn’t automatically assume things are glitched. It turns threads like this into click bait pretty much.
  14. I was getting a lot of crashes on the rap game as well :(. Hope it is a bug they can patch.
  15. I can’t find a clear cut answer online for the PS4 version but can you play couch co-op online Vs. Other players? I think my gf and I would have a blast playing against people online but if that isn’t a feature I don’t think I would be interested in the game. Any help on this would be much appreciated!
  16. Oh it is still kinda glitchy? Haha! Okay, I will keep trying things out until it lets me get past the first objective.
  17. What version update is it? I’m checking for updates and it says it is up to date. I have 5.01 right now and it is still glitched where it automatically fails at 20 weeks.
  18. Awesome! Thanks for letting me know!
  19. Anyone hear about an update? Do the developers even know about the glitch?
  20. Oh noooooo just now reading this! Say it isn’t so! Glitches are the worst! Hope they patch and thanks for the heads up.
  21. This is my last WWE2K game until they make an interesting career mode. Tired of the same crap. Done and done.
  22. I don’t know why it wouldn’t. I’m pretty sure it will.
  23. What is the glitch? Hate to be that guy but I got "One in Three" trophy last night with no issues. Did something happen to make it glitch for you? Like did your game freeze or something?
  24. Ughhhhhh I put up a terrible final fixture score These WWE 2K games are killer! Takes wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much time! BOOOOOO! I had fun for my first season though guys! Hope to do better next time around!