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  1. Honestly, fuck them, too slow. And the announcement also came too slow. Should have announce it much much earlier so people would know and wait instead. Almost done with Gold Crown BShittery. But good for others, no one deserves to go through that lame meta gameplay.
  2. Have you unlocked the Sun&Moon optional? I can confirm I got the Giant Goldian crown from there. Infinite uses, half HP, 1st fight. Go spam it for some hours.
  3. Looks like it since their "answer" is to savescum lures in TGL... Problem is, those lures are epic random and slow to obtain.
  4. My bad, I meant Silver Rathalos. The MR variant one.
  5. I don't have any investigations or lures on it and the stupid thing doesn't spawn in TGL. Has anyone gotten a Giant crown from the event?
  6. I've reached a point where I have 380/400 investigations of new MR monsters with good reward boxes but still have no crown for any MR monster at MR135... Basically I need to start erasing investigations and forcefully start crown hunting to reduce the number of monsters needed for crowns so I can delete their investigations. - What reward boxes to keep? Which are the most optimal? - Keep the 8-times investigations if they have 5 reward boxes? - Keep the investigations with 2+ bronze boxes? What about 2B-2S-1G investigations? What about 4B-1G investigations? - Are multi-target hunts better than single hunts? - Are tempered investigations better than gold boxes - How many rewards should a tempered investigation have? - If you run out of investigations for 1 monster, are the optional quests an alternative? Or are optionals a waste of time?
  7. SMH to all those defending the awful bike mechanics and physics with the usual argument of "X racing game like Wipeout and NeedForSpeed are harder". If you think people bought Days Gone to play racing games in a survival game you have another thing coming. For the record, if not for the trophies, even fewer players would even bother with the challenges in general. Even that circlejerk reddit criticized the challenges and asked for a proper DLC
  8. So something around 2 months (or around 300 hours) ? (That's how much it took me in World with the crown Events)
  9. How hard and long is the Platinum this time for someone starting Iceborne after having done everything in World? Some guides state it's twice harder and longer to platinum iceborne compared to world but these guides don't mention whether they talk about a fresh file or continuing with a completed file. How was for you guys?
  10. I think for Sarah and Katarina endings you'll have to start a playthrough with them as MC.
  11. The bike challenges were bad. The game simply wasn't made to be a racer game. Also the bike challenges were the least completed ones according to the statistics the devs released around 2 weeks ago.
  12. Game is in a weird spot now. While I too wish to delete the game because of the massive space it takes the game still needs patching and the devs have gone silent about future plans. Are the updates over? Is there going to be more DLC (paid or free)? They aren't saying.
  13. Seems today someone went and deleted more than half of the info in this >_< Can someone inform the creator of this?
  14. 1. What's the current digital size with the updates? Need to know to make room in my HDD. 2. Prefer to solo but solo is considered hard but how much hard with current updates? Almost impossible? How does it compare to other hard games like Sekiro, Bloodborne, NiOh, MH ? Harder, on par or easier? If I feel OK with the above examples, how is this game? 3. I'm trophy hunting and want 100% completion but 3 traits need multiplayer. Is the online still active? Or will I stuck trying to find online players? 4. Is there something I really need to know? (important meta-knowledge)
  15. So I played a lot with the BND and concluded that it's not good for the higher difficulties. It has a lot of negatives. It needs 2 shots for a kill and it has limited normal ammo capacity of 15 while SSR and BFG have 25 on default. Gun powder is rare and hard to find for the Explosive shot and Scrap is drained too fast just for ammo crafting. Explosive shot at close range can kill you too. Why bother with poison and stun when BFG just 1-Shots everything or when the SSR carries the double ammo? BND would good for a new file on Normal's early-mid-end game but you get it in NG+ when you have access to better snipers. In the end, BND needs a buff in ammo capacity, reduction of scrap needed and ATK buff to at least 1shot freaks in the day