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  1. I think for Sarah and Katarina endings you'll have to start a playthrough with them as MC.
  2. The bike challenges were bad. The game simply wasn't made to be a racer game. Also the bike challenges were the least completed ones according to the statistics the devs released around 2 weeks ago.
  3. Game is in a weird spot now. While I too wish to delete the game because of the massive space it takes the game still needs patching and the devs have gone silent about future plans. Are the updates over? Is there going to be more DLC (paid or free)? They aren't saying.
  4. Seems today someone went and deleted more than half of the info in this >_< Can someone inform the creator of this?
  5. 1. What's the current digital size with the updates? Need to know to make room in my HDD. 2. Prefer to solo but solo is considered hard but how much hard with current updates? Almost impossible? How does it compare to other hard games like Sekiro, Bloodborne, NiOh, MH ? Harder, on par or easier? If I feel OK with the above examples, how is this game? 3. I'm trophy hunting and want 100% completion but 3 traits need multiplayer. Is the online still active? Or will I stuck trying to find online players? 4. Is there something I really need to know? (important meta-knowledge)
  6. So I played a lot with the BND and concluded that it's not good for the higher difficulties. It has a lot of negatives. It needs 2 shots for a kill and it has limited normal ammo capacity of 15 while SSR and BFG have 25 on default. Gun powder is rare and hard to find for the Explosive shot and Scrap is drained too fast just for ammo crafting. Explosive shot at close range can kill you too. Why bother with poison and stun when BFG just 1-Shots everything or when the SSR carries the double ammo? BND would good for a new file on Normal's early-mid-end game but you get it in NG+ when you have access to better snipers. In the end, BND needs a buff in ammo capacity, reduction of scrap needed and ATK buff to at least 1shot freaks in the day
  7. I admit it was underwhelming. Too much effort for just a silver trophy.
  8. So I tested the Sniper DMG on the Breaker boss by hitting his chest since the HP bar visible and you can see the amount of DMG. BFG has about 90% more DMG, Stagger and Penetration in each shot compared to BND but BND's explosive bullet deals 300% more DMG compared to a normal bullet or 50% more DMG compared to BFG's shots. Sniper ammo can't be crafted but Explosive ones can be crafted which can mean +30Explosive ammo (with max scrap and gun powder) However, it takes 2Scrap + 1Gun powder for 3 ammo and Gun Powders are kinda rare to find, Scrap is already heavy in use elsewhere and searching for supplies is boring (while bullet purchase is convenient).
  9. I got the "Day Gone in 60 seconds" from Survival1 pack while doing a Survival2 run. IF anyone is still wondering, just skip Survival1 and got Survival2 straight away. Does poison have to kill the enemy? Or do you just poison them and them finish them off before poison expires? Also how do you get a kill with the stun ammo? AFAIK it doesn't kill the target.
  10. I know which one you mean. No, this was at least since 1.40 (when I started). Might have been there earlier.
  11. Anyone knows if there's a clip size upgrade for the new sniper? How do you get the Logan's Shadow trophy? When I use the Poison ammo, enemies quickly recover-heal poison and don't die. When i use the Paralyze ammo, it doesn't kill enemies. Also do you unlock new ammo types beyond the starting ones?
  12. Stat wise it's a slightly improved C8 rife (up until now 3rd best) making the new one the new 3rd best rifle (behind USSR and BFG). However, this NG+ sniper also has access to the X-bow bolts (poison, explosion etc etc). It carries 15 sniper ammo and 5 of each other bolt type. Bolts need 2Scrap + 1material depending on type. As someone that hates X-bows and praises snipers, I currently find it "quite good". At the beginning of NG+ Survival2 it works well and 1~2-shots things but enemies have boosted HP and overall take around 50% more DMG to die. That means that this rifle might have issues in the 4th and 5th area with the Breakers, Ragers and Reachers, forcing you to go back to the BFG.
  13. It's finally over. Now just a Survivor2 run.
  14. !!! Before starting NG+ sell all your hoarded meat and ears !!! !!! ICPA tech doesn't carry over, so make that post-game stun gun before NG+ !!! What transfers over from a story completed game save Skills Bike Skins and Parts Unlocks after acquiring the bike from Manny in “Drifters Up On the Mountain” Weapons Encampment Trust and Credits Health/Stamina/Focus upgrades Trophy progress Collectibles NERO Injectors What does not transfer over to New Game+ IPCA Tech Crafted items Materials/crafting items Freaker Ears Animal Meat 3 trophies: Gold - One more ride Clear in NG+ (any mode) Silver - 2 Days 2 Done Clear in NG+ in Hard2 or Survival2 modes Bronze - Logan's shadow Kill an enemy with every type of ammo from the new NG+ weapon
  15. Come take a look and laugh at the dumb "proposals" of Survival-NG+ Every idea of making the game drag as much as possible rather than being harder is here. That's why they aren't devs.