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  1. Just did it and yes smaller but Holy Shit it did take us 4+ hours to clear. It will throw every BS in the book and you all need Mics.
  2. Oh excuse me for buying Tsushima without expecting such requirements despite what the game was advertised as. Totally my fault it doesn't have build-in chat. That's only a band-aid and you know it. Instead of needing band-aids, Raids could simply be made to be less about mics. You are deliberating trying to ignore games that do it better while also hiding behind "PC =/= Console" argument which only helps to make the issue bigger. Yeah, let's keep treating MP console ports as shit in 202X+ because ... PC. are just shilling the game now. Sure, but if there are only 50~100k Trophy Hunters worldwide, it's not small number either. I mean, you see them increasing costs by 10$ to "cover" expenses.
  3. Because they follow the souls formula of temporary connections on a very simplified stage without need for communication. Which brings us to Tsushima: Your argument would stand if the whole content was made like this. But Raids prove otherwise. That's where it shows how faulty is the system. You don't make a game like this without the groundwork. And don't bring up Destiny because Destiny was very clear from start about what it was going to be. Tsushima withhold crucial info for way too long. Also your next argument brings some of the issues with this design. So since I have no mic, will you buy me 1 and mail it too because I have to drive 20mins to get one? No? Sounds dumb? Maybe such requirement is dumb in the first place? In Tsushima of all things? And not just the mic. What about language barrier? I speak 4 languages so I'm fine. Others that are not from US and ENG? You are telling them to search in their niche communities for someone to have Tsushima, play Legends, and play hardcore Legends. Many reasons online trophies get a bad rap. Yes you posted very core issues for Legends about all its aspects but still praise it. How can I take you seriously now? Don't take gameplay so lightly when you only know about Destiny. Yes retreat to your bubble. This helps the game.
  4. Tools work differently and activate differently. Ultis. Shrine Blessings. Completely different skill tree. Where's Ghost Mode? Katana Stance limitation base on sword. Different calculations for DGM on everything, slashes, assassinations, headshots, tools, all. Horse? lol I can go on but keep saying it's the same because you press the same button to move and attack. lol And from mic expressions I can say the opposite is happening. Because people that didn't like it simply won't bother to go the platforms to say it. They just drop it. You used those "heavy" words lol not me. Don't backpedal now. And since TLOU2 will win most of them, it means that's the better game amiright? And you've done nothing but d*** ride it while comparing to Destiny. Much credibility. And what minority? Only 1/5 barely even touched Legends mode when 1/2 finished the game. Please get your facts straight and look beyond circlejerks.
  5. I'll take you back in PS3 days with White Knight Chronicles which was a SP game with all these things including for online. Why isn't MH counting? It straight has MP missions and Raids. More recent? god Eater Games. 1~3. It only lacked guilds-Clans. But we are talking about Raids here... What's next? Hooking up your phones to the console to communicate because devs are too lazy to implement a system?
  6. Kite them before they reach the circles (Bow, Bombs, Darts with Hysteria) Their AI has priority to run towards the circles if you are a bit away from them. Like I said, smoke them, Stun them, Flash Bomb them (Ronin) or Ulti them. The crystal carrier should only stop and drop the crystal only to smoke bomb near a door. That unit should never stop moving.
  7. I would pay money to have all these resources put into a proper story SP DLC instead of a watered down Destiny clone. Tsushima's campaign was good and promising. Legends is a bad joke. MH:W and Iceborne are criticized for their poor matchmaking systems compared to past titles but it's light years ahead of Legends. Chat, Rooms, Voice, Room Titles, Room Objectives, Proper Lobbies with activities, Guilds etc etc. PS3 MP games had these stuff. It's not PC exclusive or something. I don't. I like them. Hence this is the first time I so vehemently complained about it. Tsushima's bad matchmaking, poor execution, terrible time waste to form a group all of that on a mission that suddenly remembers to take itself too seriously just leave a bad taste in the end. This is a big lie or over-exaggeration. Jin plays nothing like the Ghosts in Legends. Damn, even the control scheme is different. Yes that circlejerk is always positive. Nothing new here. To even post a criticism you need to firstly write a paragraph about how much of a big fan you are lol. And you take this too personally. "Bend the knee to a minority". Lol. What do you think this is all about? Nation politics?
  8. If you want to boil it down to only that argument sure I can also say that making it separate without trophy urges would be even more easy for everyone, including the devs. It's not difficult. As a bonus, they would also get feedback only from Destiny fans since that's what they have in mind.
  9. Shhh, raid is easier than Destiny's. (as if this makes any sense) 1 Assassin should always escort the Crystal carrier with smoke and by opening the doors. Just run and don't fight anything on the way. The defending points could be done by anyone but High CC to buy as much time as possible or High DPS are recommended. As for the last Crystal, the 2 guys going for it need to be fast as fuck. There's only so much time the others can buy when solo ganged by 1 purple Oni brute, 2 purple warping spear Onis and multiple Black Class Generals all within a small circle area. Ghost Weapon 2: Smokebomb is a game changer. It pushes enemies outside the circle.
  10. I mean, sure anyone is eligible to like whatever they want. Some swear by Fallout 77 and Anthem so... The point is me and others didn't ask for this, the devs could make this stand alone or trophy-less, not to mention that it's barebones compared to any other games of the genre. It doesn't even have rooms, list of lobbies, clans, guilds and proper chat for these activities. Everything is so up in the air. But sure, my fault I didn't like how half-assed it was.
  11. Yes, Legends is as shit as Destiny. Amazing benchmark. Of all the routes Tsushima could have taken, they chose Destiny.
  12. Not fun at all. They are the type of BS "challenges" you find in amateur ragefest mods for various games. Cryptic and badly designed expecting you to fail over and over without prior knowledge masking it as "Trial and Error" but they are just terribly made for the sake of it with awful checkpoints. No wonder it was "Free". Imagine actually paying for it lol. By the end of Raid 2, everyone in the team was so disgusted by the game no one wanted to play it anymore. As for the loot? Lol, we got 1 Lv110 purple and a tons of 104 purples and blues despite finding all oni chests. Devs can shove the raid up their asses.
  13. They can take this design mentality and shove it up their ass. I'm done with SP after this BS. If you want to make an MMO, say so from the beginning. We aren't your free beta testers for your future projects.
  14. Ok... so I just booted up my game and the values are still 50 Honor for reroll and 100 reforge and blessing costs are still 3... So apparently, it's only the US players that are screwed by this or just the EU ones that are spared.
  15. Certainly not cause yesterday I was savescumming some charms with the old prices (50 / 100 Honor). This is new.