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  1. I guess it's worth mentioning that I've seen a few speedrunners who springboard/jump/wallrun, open up the map, and reorient themselves in midair by moving the crosshair on the player (on the map) and swiveling it to a desired position. That way, when they exit the map, the player will be facing the desired position. Clearly, this wasn't meant to be used this way. I can't find a video right this second, but it warrants investigation.
  2. The challenges were alright. I used a guys playlist on youtube for all of them. He golds every challenge, and since the AI never changes it's course, you can use them as basically a how-to. I don't think I reset more than 20 times on any given challenge. The worst one was the grenade launcher, but with these videos it became a breeze. Here's an example: BTW Thanks for uploading those MaxXyian2. HUGE help
  3. Next time don't read it. Nobody is forcing you to read any forums
  4. I'm sorry, is this taking up precious forum space? Actually I was going to use this as a way to share the best method of EXP grinding. Coming Soon. It's done. Here's the EXP table I made. Levels 1-16 are estimated based on the chart trend. I didn't start recording them until after that point. The number after the level signifies the amount of exp required for the next level. Level 01 243 Level 26 430 Level 02 247 Level 27 441 Level 03 252 Level 28 452 Level 04 257 Level 29 463 Level 05 262 Level 30 475 Level 06 267 Level 31 486 Level 07 273 Level 32 499 Level 08 279 Level 33 511 Level 09 285 Level 34 524 Level 10 291 Level 35 537 Level 11 299 Level 36 550 Level 12 306 Level 37 564 Level 13 313 Level 38 578 Level 14 320 Level 39 593 Level 15 328 Level 40 608 Level 16 336 Level 41 623 Level 17 344 Level 42 638 Level 18 353 Level 43 654 Level 19 362 Level 44 671 Level 20 371 Level 45 688 Level 21 380 Level 46 705 Level 22 389 Level 47 722 Level 23 399 Level 48 740 Level 24 409 Level 49 759 Level 25 419 Level 50~23,000 EXP Using the following method, you can make ~ 1.2k EXP every 2.5 minutes. To knock out all of the required experience, you'll only need to farm this for less than an hour (After you've completed the training of course, otherwise it doesn't make sense to farm all 50 levels since the Training gives you exp). You'll need two controllers. Go to local play and select the "My first deathmatch" game mode. For the map, pick Ascension. Go to game mode settings and set the Score to win at 50 without a time limit. Go into the Advanced game mode settings and set the respawn delay to 0 seconds. Use default settings for everything else. Also, as a personal recommendation, I'd suggest lowering your sensitivity to something less than 5. This will become clear very soon. Now have the guest (not the account you're trying to earn the trophies on) stand in this corner right next to this plant. (Actually stand next to the plant, I'm just using this picture as a reference) Make sure you have a grenade launcher equipped and stand approximately here. Aim in the small red square outlined in the picture and fire. The grenade launcher will recoil upwards and it's easier to move the reticle back to the square with a lower sensitivity. There will be no respawn delay, so continue to shoot in that area over and over. The guest will continue to respawn in that exact location due to where you are on the map. This is the fastest method of getting kills. You get ~22.5 EXP per kill. It shouldn't take more than 2.5 minutes to get all 50 kills. Therefore, farming 23,000 EXP shouldn't take over an hour. Rinse and repeat. This method is only limited by the time it takes to reload the grenade launcher.
  5. I'm so salty. I tried everything, and I mean everything. The closest I got was using a ps2 controller through PS4 -> PC remote play and 2 ps4 controllers. Looks like I'm gonna have to borrow a controller from a friend. So salty. However, the trophies are fairly easy and grinding for levels is extremely easy if you know where and how to do it. So if you're on the edge about getting this, I'd say go for it. The platinum is easily achievable within 5-10 hours (if you have the controllers)
  6. Like above, Caturday isn't a playstation trophy HOWEVER it is required to unlock all cats which is a playstation trophy. Just for clarification.
  7. Yeah, major issues with syncing with the playstation network. Most of the trophies are popping way after they should. Not sure if it's game related or Ps4 related..
  8. No problem. Although I did highlight the problems, the platinum is definitely obtainable. But like I said, it really isn't worth the cost. I deleted it the second I finished it. I highly doubt the devs will patch anything, this team seems like a release -> next title kind of deal. So nothing will change except the price ( I guarantee it will go down soon).
  9. Oh man. So for any of you who played World Hunter, you're in for another wonderful ride /s First off, I just want to say this platinum is easily obtainable, just at the expense of putting yourself through mind numbing and headache inducing frustration. I just want to list a few problems for those of you who are thinking about purchasing the game. It'll give you an idea of what to expect. What they fixed/Implimented -We can now use the left analog stick for movement, so no more Dpad. -Aiming got a little bit better (however collision is still an issue, look at the problems section for more info) -A platinum with many gold trophies. Probably the only reason why people will buy it. All of them are obtainable. -No more confusing lobby. Just a standard main menu. -Starting points for levels never change, that gives the game some consistency. -Added in a health system to bring some sustenance to the game. -Animals no longer explode on impact. They fall over and bleedout. What they didn't fix/problems -NOTHING IS EXPLAINED. Not the shooting delay, not the best place to shoot, no tutorial. The best you get is a brief explanation of the controls. That's it. -It's 10 USD. Really? If I didn't get the game for free, I'd be upset. -There is no pausing the game. What? How is that not included? -What's with the trophy text/images? It's like they were half finished, and just stopped. Grammar mistakes, generic trophy images,etc -Audio in the game is terrible. Low audio cues for nearby game. Everything sounds muffled too. -The FOV is so bad. It's like you're constantly zoomed in. This causes the game to feel like you're moving forward very slowly, while strafing seems to be faster. -There's a glitch that happens frequently when your view moves either all the way up or down. Haven't found a fix other than resetting the game. -However, the speed is still another problem. You move at a crawl, and there isn't an option for running. -That compass has got to be the most useless thing in the game. You're better off keeping a memory map of where you walked. Same with the flashlight. There is absolutely no need for it, I never used it. -No Mini-map. This is huge, because everything in a level looks the same. You could easily spend an hour walking in a circle. -Choice of 2 weapons, and the shotgun is completely useless for progression. So choice of 1 weapon. -My biggest gripe, and only because I brought it up with the devs after playing World Hunter, and yet they still didn't fix it: You still cannot shoot through leaves. The models have collision on them so you're constantly bumping into leaves which feel like invisible walls. This becomes increasingly agitating in the final level where you have to shoot a buck on uneven terrain multiple times. He's going to run away, a lot. -There are no clearly marked boundaries. You walk one way and... smack into an invisible wall. Oh no, the buck you just killed on the other side of that wall is now unobtainable, what a waste of ammo. -There are too many medkits and not enough rations. Not once during my platinum run did I use a medkit. However, I constantly found myself looking for rations. -The AI placement system sucks. I probably saw less than 20 deer during my playthrough. I only used kills to progress on two of the four levels required. I waited the others out. -There is no in game clock for the day/night cycle. It gets way too dark when switching from one to the other as well. -In the final level, you wouldn't know the legendary buck was legendary. There is no discernible features to it. I mean, the whole plot to this game was supposed to be surrounding this one buck. And yet it looks like the rest. Saves on modeling, I guess. That's all I can think of right now, I'm sure others will have an input, so feel free to put it below. I wouldn't recommend spending money on this platinum. I'd honestly wait for a sale. But if you're a hunter and you want an easy (albeit frustrating) platinum, feel free. I did warn you though.
  10. Overview First off, I'd like to say this is one of the worst games I've ever played. However, I refuse to have it incomplete on my trophy list. So out of desperation, I spent a decent amount of time figuring out where to get bits, and the fastest/most efficient way to farm said bits. I've experimented with certain battles to get the most bits out of each battle. I'm on track to get this platinum in less than 90 hours (30-60 hours less than the estimated time to platinum) and I'd like to share this information with other people to save them from the grueling mind-numbingly boring routine that would take up so much more time than it should. This might seem like a lot of information, but realistically, it's not. This guide will set you up to complete a run in less than 40 minutes, and net you a good amount of Bits. So without further ado, let's begin. This guide assumes that you've completed collecting all other cards besides the one's you need to farm for. If you haven't, you might find a card in the chests I call "card chests". Otherwise, this guide will still be useful if you decide to take a break from resetting for cards. For this guide, we will be using Shoutmon with his normal Digivolution. The cards you choose don't really matter because they only activate once or twice in game. I would still recommend using Blastmon if you have it, it'll help out in some of the battles. Shoutmon is chosen because he is overall the best character, and he's decently fast. If you're able to complete it faster and better with a different character, use them. I will be providing a guide through each level, explaining what containers have what predetermined amount of bits, what to avoid, and how to navigate the level in the quickest fashion. If you attempt to do it my way and are uncomfortable with something, or a way you've developed works better, than by all means: use it. However this game is pretty linear, so the diversity of gameplay is extremely limited. At the end of each level, I will total the amount of bits guaranteed during the playthrough if you follow the guide and break everything I tell you to. These totals do not cover the Bits dropped by enemies, because that is completely RNG. Consider them bonuses! Whenever I state how much they drop, they will always have the possibility of dropping SP or health instead. Keep that in mind. The only way to get the most bits out of your time is to do this as quickly as possible, no lollygagging! This should only take you <40 minutes. Before you decide to not use this guide, look at the section "Reasoning" near the end. Lets Begin! Level 1: Digital Plains The first five barrels and crates at the start of the level contain 10 Bits a piece. Once you collect them, defeat the waves of ShellNumemon (they will only ever drop 10 Bits at most) and a chest will appear that will always contain 100 Bits. Ignore the two Shellnumemon on the stairs and break open the barrel at the top for another 10 Bits. Flip the switch and drop down to the platform where a crate and barrel are sitting. Each contain 10 Bits. Head over to where Tentomon is sitting and there is a crate and a barrel on each side of him. Break them for 10 Bits each. Tentomon Battle : It doesn't matter what you do during this battle, because the amount of bits you get from winning never changes. All you have to do is win. Total bits obtained from breakables: 200 Bits Total bits obtained from battle: 200 Bits Minimum bits obtained from Digital Plains: 400 Bits *Notes on Digital Plains* The reason why we ignore the two ShellNumemon on the stairs leading to the switch is because they rarely ever drop bits, and it's just a waste of time. It's much more efficient to ignore them. Level 2: Proton Shrine Turn Around! There is a crate that always contains 20 Bits right behind you! (I didn't figure this out until very recently). Now head up and defeat the three ShellNumemon, and break open the (first) middle crate for 10 Bits. The others will always contain nothing. Move on, and defeat the two ShellNumemon and Apemon (They can drop up to 100 Bits). After this a chest will appear that always contains 100 Bits. There's a crate up next to the switch that will contain 10 Bits. After that, head to the Biyomon Battle. Biyomon Battle: In order to get the most out of this battle, you can't lose a life. It's somewhat easy to do, just hold off on digivolving until Biyomon does, and use L1 to counter when she starts going on a rampage. You'll get 300 Bits for winning without losing a life, and 200 Bits if you lose a life or two. Total bits obtained from breakables: 140 Bits Total bits obtained from battle: 300 Bits Minimum bits obtained from Proton Shrine: 440 Bits Level 3: Factory Town On the right, break the upper crate for 10 bits. The other two contain nothing. Head through the gate and open the Card Chest for 100 Bits. In the next area, beat all the Goblimon (they drop 10 bits max) and head to the next area with the chest. This chest will either drop 20 or 100 Bits. Beat the Goblimon that appear in the next area and head up the spring boards to the switch. The nearby crate will always have 10 bits. Once you flip the switch, head to the area with the Tortomon. Beat the Goblimon and break the barrel in the upper right that contains 20 Bits. On the left hand side of this area, there are two crates. Break the bottom one for 10 bits. After you beat the Goblimon, a Tortomon will appear (They can drop 100, 20, or 10 bits). After you beat him, break open the Card Chest that appears for 100 Bits. Head back to Dorulumon. Behind the phone booth next to him is a barrel that contains 10 Bits. Now fight Dorulumon. Dorulumon Battle: My general advice for this battle is to rack up 20k on Dorulumon while he damages you for 10k or less. This will guarantee you 600 Bits for the win. I would recommend getting 15k damage and running away for the remainder of the fight. This ensures he doesn't have enough EP to digivolve. Near the end of the match, do the remaining 5k damage as you're digivolved. Use the conveyor belts at the bottom to put him into a stunned state. Total bits obtained from breakables: 280 Bits Total bits obtained from battle: 600 Bits Minimum bits obtained from Factory Town: 880 Bits Level 4: Digital Station Break the barrel at the top of the start, it contains 10 Bits. Going down the conveyor, ignore the area to the left. That chest only contains health, and the three Goblimon are hardly worth the time. Head on to the next area and defeat the four Goblimon and Cyclonemon. Open the Card Chest that is unlocked for 100 Bits. Flip the switch to the left and open the next area. To the left of Guilmon, open the two breakables for 10 and 20 bits. Ignore the chest above him, there's nothing in it. Battle Guilmon. Guilmon Battle: If you're able to beat Guilmon without losing a life (detonating your own bomb), you'll get 600 bits from the fight, however, It's kind of hard to do. So to be more accurate with our overall totals, we're going to assume at least one life is lost. In this case of only losing one life (the more realistic outcome), you'll get 400 bits. That's it, not much to this fight. Total bits obtained from breakables: 140 Bits Total bits obtained form battle: 400 Bits Minimum bits obtained from Digital Station: 540 Bits Level 5: Native Forest Battle the Mushroomon (They can drop up to 20 bits) and Apemon. After the Apemon fight, go to the alcove on the left and open the chest, this can either have 20 bits or 100 bits. After you flip the switch, next to the springboard is a barrel that contains 10 bits. After you fight the five ShellNumemon and two Apemon, open the chest to the right for 100 Bits and break the upper crate to the left of the area for 20 bits. The other crate has nothing. Teleport to the next area and fight the three Mushroomon and SkullMammothmon (they can drop up to 100 Bits). After the fight, a Card Chest will appear that contains 100 Bits. Ignore the chest to the upper left of this area, because it only contains health. To the left of Gomamon are two breakables. Break them for 20 and 10 Bits. Proceed to fight Gomamon. Gomamon Battle: This one is easy, just don't lose a life, win, and you'll get 1000 Bits. (You might still get 1000 bits if you lose a life as long as you win, but I've never lost a life in this fight, so I can only speculate) Total bits obtained from breakables: 280 Bits Total bits obtained from battle: 1000 Bits Minimum bits obtained from Digital Station: 1280 Bits Level 6: King's Castle Ignore the four Goblimon at the beginning of the level, they rarely ever pay out. Go to the right, flip the switch, go further up right and break the crate on the left for 10 bits. Flip the switch further up and head back down to the Boltmon fight. Once you beat Boltmon, a Card Chest will appear that contains 100 Bits. Go to the left, beat the four Goblimon and two Apemon. Break open the bottom crate on the left for 10 Bits. The other one contains nothing. Head up to the next platform and break open a chest that contains either 20 Bits or 100 Bits. On the platform before Agumon, there's a barrel that contains 20 Bits. To the right of Agumon there is a crate that contains 100 Bits. Proceed to the Augumon Battle. Agumon Battle: Use the exploit on this level to make short work of it. Make sure Agumon doesn't get over 10k points and you'll get 1200 bits. Total bits obtained from breakables: 260 Bits Total bits obtained from battle: 1200 Bits Minimum bits obtained from King's Castle: 1460 Bits Level 7: Coela Beach Ignore the empty barrel at the beginning. Beat the five Goblimon, and head up to the next level via springboard. Open the chest for either 20 or 100 Bits. Beat the three Tortomon, and open the barrel above the warp for 20 Bits. Warp through to the next area, ignore the empty barrel on the ledge, beat the three Goblimon and Ebemon (drops 100 Bits max). A Card Chest will spawn that has 100 Bits inside. Jump up to the battle area with Veemon. To the left of Veemon are two crates that contain 100 Bits and 20 Bits. Fight Veemon. Veemon Battle: Don't lose a life and you'll get 1050 bits. If you lose a life you'll only get 700. This fight is easy. When Veemon Digivolves, just alternate jumping on the ledges to avoid him until he goes back to Veemon. Make sure you get to the items first. Total bits obtained by breakables: 260 Bits Total bits obtained from battle: 1050 Bits Minimum bits obtained from Coela Beach: 1310 Bits SAVE AT THE PHONE BOOTH AND QUIT TO THE MAIN MENU. WE ARE NOT GOING TO PLAY LAVA PIT. The reason why we don't play the Lava Pit is because it is extremely inefficient. The bit per minute ratio is awful. THE BARE MINIMUM BITS OBTAINED FROM PLAYING THROUGH STORY MODE: 6,310 Bits Reasoning By following this method, you're guaranteed at minimum 6,310 bits per playthrough. Each playthrough takes me only 36 minutes. Including the bits obtained by enemy drops, I usually average 7,100 bits per playthrough. The most I've ever gotten was around 7,500 Bits. So on average, lets say 7,050 (to be conservative) divided by 36 minutes = 196 Bits per minute. In comparison, I have seen and talked to people who farmed the first part of chapter 1 (without the battle) over and over, thinking it was the most efficient way of farming. Unfortunately for them, it is extremely inefficient. It takes ~ 2 minutes to farm 200 Bits which is only 100 bits per minute. They doubled the time they needed to farm. Assuming you've collected all the cards, you should have ~ 300k Bits by the end of it (judging by the number of playthroughs you've had to collect cards by resetting). That means you'd need ~ 450k Bits more to buy out all of the cards. 450,000 Bits divided by 7,050 bits per run ~ 64 playthroughs. Each playthrough takes 36 minutes give or take so that equals 2,304 minutes = 38.4 hours of Bit Grinding. This is much better than the 45 minute playthrough (including lava pit) that would have netted you approximately the same amount of bits without this guide. Ending Thoughts The more you play, the faster you'll become. In the end, I'm saving myself tens of hours spent on a tedious, boring game. I hope I've helped. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or PM me directly! - CyToSiNe
  11. Estimated time from start to finish using this method: 8-10 hours based on some luck. Other guides have you taking anywhere from 15-25 hours. I spent more time preparing for the Iutycyr Tower and getting used to the setup than I actually spent playing through it. For those of you who feel like this is just awful and way too different than FF, and you feel it's stopping you from achieving that platinum, hopefully I can change that right now. The way I played through it made it stupidly easy. This information is already out there somewhere, but I'm just going to post it all in one place so you don't have to dig too deep to find it. This might seem like a lot of information, but it really isn't. First things first, go through the tutorial prior to entering the tower to figure out how to play this game. Once you're ready enter the tower and pick Yuna. The reason I HIGHLY recommend Yuna is because she has the Dig ability when using the Trainer Dressphere. THIS IS CRUCIAL!! With the Dig ability, you'll be able to dig up to 5 times for items (sometimes extremely rare items) for the low cost of 4mp. Things to do before getting to level 10: Get these dresspheres as soon as possible (Use Dressmaker Folios if needed) Gunner (you start off with it as Yuna) Dark Knight Trainer Songstress Psychic Thief Samurai Mascot Black Mage White Mage Gun Mage As soon as you get the Dark Knight Dressphere, wear it as your primary. You will be solely leveling this dressphere up until it is lvl99 and nothing else. Make sure you're wearing the gunner dressphere as a secondary, you'll get the Confuseproof autoability. THIS IS ESSENTIAL! After you defeat enough enemies to make the Accessory, get rid of the Gunner Dressphere (Its just taking up inventory space). Keep this accessory until the end of the game. Get the Doomproof Accessory by combining Dark Knight + Samurai + Trainer. This will be extremely useful in the later levels and Tonberry treasure room. As soon as you get the accessory, get rid of Samurai to make room in your inventory. Get the Stealth Cloak accessory by combining Psychic + Songstress + Thief. WEAR THIS AT ALL TIMES UNTIL THE FINAL BOSS FIGHT. This will make life a million times easier. Traps are no longer a problem. As soon as you get the Stealth Cloak, get rid of psychic and songstress. Keep Thief so you can get the Triple Tiara on floor 44 by stealing it from the Founder. The second you get the Trainer Dressphere, use it on each level five times to search for rare Items. What you're looking for are: Evolutionary Water, Growth Tonic, Enhancing Potion (Levels up Yuna 3,2, and 1 level), Dress Fusion Secrets, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Save Memos, Copy Techniques, and Restart Guides. The whole point of this is to set yourself up so you're already overpowered when you start. Hopefully you'll find Copy Techniques, multiple copies of Dark Knight, Save Memos and Restart Guides. Using Dress Fusion Secrets, level up your dark knight. Let's say you have a level 5 dark knight, use a copy technique and copy that sphere. You'll have 2 level 5's and you can make a level 10. Do the same thing to make a 20, 40, 80, and eventually a 99. If you find a restart guide using dig, utilize it before you get to level 10. This will ensure that you can still set up your build before the tower gets harder. You'll be able to retain everything you've done so far. Once you've leveled up your Black Knight to 99, start working on Gun Mage. Even though it's in a passive slot, you still benefit from having it leveled. If you've completed all of the accessories above, Have your main setup look like this: Dark Knight (active) Gun Mage (passive) White Mage (passive) Black Mage (passive) Mascot (passive) The Dark Knight is so OP in this tower, and this setup will make you pretty much unstoppable. By utilizing this setup you will: Regenerate MP every few turns, so you'll have very limited need for ethers or elixers, freeing up your inventory. Occasionally inflict darkness on your enemies, making it hard for them to hit you. Ability to utilize Curaga for 5MP, and with the MP regeneration it's basically free HP, freeing up your inventory. Ability to utilize Ensuna for 4MP, same as above (no need to carry around Status potions) Ability to utilize black magic, which is useful in some cases. Ability to utilize Mini-Demi, which is awesome against the final boss. And best of all: Ability to utilize Black Sky (Major damage to the entire room) that costs 80HP from base character to use. This would be bad, but you can use curaga right afterward for 5mp and just regenerate that back. It clears rooms extremely easily. The Black Knight is so tanked, that the highest damage that was done to me in the course of the game was only 8HP. At level 99, I had 800HP. I rarely had to heal my Dark Knight Dressphere. Make sure you steal the Triple Tiara from Founder on level 44. Once you get this, get rid of the thief dressphere. You won't need it anymore. Make sure you use Dig on every level ( I stopped when my gun mage was 99, At that point my character was pretty much invincible). Since you can regenerate MP by taking steps, there's no reason why you shouldn't be doing this. Make sure you have 3 Secret Room Folios (got mine from digging) and at least 2 Save Memo Folios before getting to level 61. Once you're there follow a tonberry treasure room guide. HOWEVER, Don't stay too long on any one level (the reason why I said get Restart Guides, so you can farm the first 10 levels two or three times if need be) because the Founder will come and kick you out of the tower. I haven't had it happened to me, so I'm not sure if you get to keep your level/items. So I'd play it safe and just use restart guides if you have them. The only downside to this build is that your physical attack isn't very high. However as long as you use Black Sky in the later levels, and Mini-Demi on the final boss, you should have no problem whatsoever. You won't really need Gil. You'll have a lot of it by the time you're done. I had 100k. Utilize the guides on Gamefaqs to figure out what levels you need to use your Confuseproof accessory or Doomproof accessory (you'll never have to use both at once, so ALWAYS have your Stealth Cloak on Except for the final boss) and to figure out what the unlock requirements are for every elevator. For the final boss use the Triple Tiara and Confuseproof. It took me 2 hours to setup my character for the build (using restart guides) It took me 8 hours to complete the tower. Hopefully this helps out some of you who are having doubts or issues with this tower. It's extremely easy, just a little time consuming. It would be more time consuming without these tips, honestly.
  12. Heres what you do, get water to 100, and defense to ~150. Have ~ 30 food and ~15 settlers. Now force 3 of them to work on food, and then force the rest to work in clinics, resteraunts, and clothing. Don't have a beacon or else your happiness will go down when more settlers arrive. Stay in town and wait, your happiness will steadily rise. Make sure those 3 are always working on food and you should be fine. Took me about 8 hours to go from 85% to 100% with 11 maxed out clinics/bars/clothing.
  13. That's your problem mate. Even if you can play those other games, it seems GHTV requires more than that. Be glad you can play those few songs before it kicks you out, I guess. Right now there isn't an option to turn off the video (and probably won't be in the future due to licensing issues), so I'd either recommend sticking with Live or getting a better connection. Other than that there's nothing you can do to increase your online performance.