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  1. Im give trine 2 a shot . let me know how you go. like what your doing with your profile . have a happy happy joy joy 2019..

  2. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen True Conqueror Defeated Daimon in his true form. All that's left for the Platinum is Hard Mode and Speedrun.
  3. I was talking about the cursed weapons, I would have to purify them myself but they can be traded, that's what I read anyway. oh trust me I hired his pawn for the PS3 version lol
  4. Hey guys, so I'm working on Bitterblack Isle, making my way to the second boss, I play ranger and if I use blast arrow and throwblast I'm destroying but using my bow alone I'm hardly damaging the harder enemies like the cursed dragon etc, I use a bow that I got from using a moonbeam gem, it was an upgrade from what I already had but still not damaging unless I'm using blast arrow. I REALLY want the revenant wail bow that comes from the bitterblack weapon lvl 3 so I'm wondering if someone can spare any for my pawn to make my life a little easier please. If not then can someone tell me a bitter place to get an upgrade that doesn't require going into the dungeon more.
  5. doing it for 5 is painful, I'd love Shao Kahn's laughing victory but I'm not grinding anymore after I got the trophy.Hopefully a patch will make it a little easier like include online too.
  6. Let the AI do it, I did like 70 finishers with Shao Kahn and didn't get it but the AI did roughly around 50
  7. Do you have Shao Kahn? he's pretty good 2, 1, amplified shoulder, foward 2, 1, amplified scum grab is a pretty basic but good combo, also his hammer throw is pretty useful.
  8. I know some can be found in the krypt and some can be found in the towers, the character customization tells you which ones. What I'm wondering is the character specific tower more likely to give it or something else, and in the krypt are they found with koins, souls or hearts, I mean is there a specific shao kahn chest which gives a intro or victory? This will be good to know when we get a bunch of currency.
  9. If you look at the character is customization it will tell you which ones are found in krypt and watch are in tower of time, the only thing I'm wondering are if these are koin, soul or heart based rewards.
  10. I like the 10 wins in a row and hidden fighters and stuff like that, the gain mastery of all fighters on MK9 was bullshit but I would have preferred it the same difficulty as MK10 at least
  11. For Trine 1 my friend was the host and about 7 levels we had to redo, this included the first level without any enemies, and the last level with the boss, some levels counted and others didn't, we just re-did the 7 levels while I was the host and it unlocked. I don't know what was required and how some unlocked and some didn't. This could happen with Trine 2
  12. I didn't say everything, I said a lot.
  13. Lets be honest, for trophy hunters a lot of games are an endurance test 😅
  14. Well, when I did Trine, some levels worked and some didn't, we just replayed the ones that didn't unlock for me. We will just go through all the levels again if we need to.
  15. Yeah, I'll be doing them all with a friend, I remember on one of the levels there was a boss that charges you as soon as you drop down, I could have shot it to death but my friend pushed him off the edge with wizard created objects... he wasn't even appearing on screen but he died haha