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  1. I've already completed the HK version. I didn't mind the game and I'll probably end up playing this one for the platinum but there's one trophy that really irritated me, I forgot the name but you have to hit the notes perfectly. Is it 120% sync or something?
  2. Alice: Madness Returns is one of my favorite games. I'm in American McGee's live stream from time to time, I really hope this will come true but only time will tell.
  3. That was over a year ago lol
  4. 40.66% if I'm looking at the right thing.
  5. What does CFW mean?
  6. Oh no, well if it's an easy plat and can be played without VR, I'll probably get it.
  7. I've been wanting a theme park game on PS for ages and ages, Xbox has Screamride and Thrillville, even Disneyland Adventures is an exclusive, so when I saw this I almost jumped out of my seat until.. surprise surprise it's a VR game.
  8. What are you talking about? monsters in Under Night in Birth Exe: Late[st]?
  9. Considering I beat the original version of this game, will I have trouble with this one? is there any major differences.
  10. Been looking at this for a while, will just get the EU version instead of HK now
  11. I'll be starting this game shortly, just wondering if there's anything missable I should be on the lookout for? also what's the requirements to get both endings? Thanks
  12. I got it now but it was because one site had 2 fireclaws, the site to the north east did not add to my kill count, it remained at 0, it's possible the errand WANTED me to kill the 2 fireclaws together and the the north east one wasn't part of the quest, maybe that's why I got confused because I went to the north east one first... idk but either way thanks to the site having 2 fireclaws I was able to obtain full completion now
  13. I checked 2 of them before seeing this but I'll check them all now, do you remember which area has 2? I killed the one at the top right without it marking off for me
  14. I already edited saying I found it lol
  15. Hey guys, I completed The Frozen Wilds DLC both quests and feat, the only trophies I have left is killing 6 fireclaws and completing all the quests, when the final mission ended I heard Aratak say there's fireclaws and Aloy saying she can help but I didn't know an errand popped up for it, I looked on the map and saw there's fireclaws out in the wild now, so I killed one without activating the errand, I looked to see what I needed to do for All Quests Completed and found out that's also an errand but when I activated it says 0/5 fireclaws killed and the quest markers are only showing the locations of 4. I waited for a respawn of the bear I killed and it didn't cross it off, and I reloaded from an autosave before I even completed the final section talking to aratak but the game still only shows me 4, any help would be grateful, should I delete the saves from my PS4 aside from the final autosave?