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  1. Yeah it's fine, you can always just upload your save before specific routes or whatever to your account and re download it after you've cleared one route to move on to another. As long as you're not breaking the game to get the trophies it's fine.
  2. This one too:
  3. Mortal Kombat 11, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Dead or Alive 6..... hopefully
  4. I'm happy Scorpion gets his air throw again.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys(that was my old acc).. I have a Vita and Sorcery Saga.. I will eventually be trying it but first I need to focus on Kingdom Hearts, need to finish what I have left before January. May the Gods be with me.
  6. "All trophys unlocked" uh oh
  7. Alice: Madness Returns can be done easily within 2 days considering you'll use a collectible guide straight away.
  8. Eternal Sonata and Soulcalibur 4 would be cool with the trophies.
  9. Well, guess its officially time for me to learn Japanese with all the censoring lately 😝
  10. I stuck with Mitsurugi from the first mission and I did a bunch of side quests but I was level 37 when I had the option to fight an ancient katana master. I beat it at my level but the ancient was level 72. It can appear anywhere on the map.
  11. did that get an uncensored asian release with subtitles?
  12. I'm a bit confused with something. They said games before April 2018 could have issues, does this refer to games that you've played or any game in general? I mean if I have a 100% complete on every game, change my name and then play any game before April 2018 after changing my name, Will I get issues?
  13. Was really looking forward to the Stranger Things game too.
  14. I completely understand this, I've never really thought about that with BioShock but I have been thinking about Horizon Zero Dawn. Is it meant to be Horizon: Zero Dawn? Also I know I said I like it when games are in alphabetical order but I wish games with sequels were in order of release, like Kingdom Hearts, that's all over the place with the titles and it's really ugly on the trophy list.
  15. ooooh Spike Chunsoft? sounds like I may give this a go if it goes down in price.