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  1. You got this!
  2. I love fairytale type stuff, is VR required for this game do you know? Because that's all I can see online.
  3. It's too much hassle to make a new account on a vita. And it's not like she earned any trophies. She just did some puzzles
  4. Yeah she is! when I was younger I'd spend weeks there like it was my own house until I'd decide I wanted to go home and then I'd be back and forth. Always a meal there for me if I need it, she's been there for me since I was born.
  5. If going for this trophy be sure to use the characters in tag practice because you'll have time for them both
  6. She's in her 60's, she has no idea what she's doing she just wants to play some wordsearch. She has the books but she said it isn't the same as when she played the Powgi one I had. She has no idea what trophies are.
  7. My aunt likes word searches, I let her do some from the Powgi one, she was gutted when I finished them all, so I'll get this one eventually so she can play it.
  8. Hi guys, what the title says. Planet Coaster is due out in the Summer if no delays. How likely are the trophies gonna be the same as the steam achievements? Does anyone know if a game got the same trophies as the steam achievements before. Thanks
  9. Unless someone can confirm otherwise I think it's region only so EU, NA etc. the only people I found when playing was same region.
  10. I know this isn't what you mean. But when I played Kingdom Hearts 2. Listening to the Twilight Town music, playing as Roxas I remembered when I first played the game, at my aunts house when I had a bedroom there. Also the boss, the first time around I called my friend that was playing the same time because I didn't know how to deflect the projectiles properly. Playing it again just made me relive a really good and simple time in my life.
  11. I've been wanting this since 2016, been on countless forums and stuff.. only saw the trailer recently and squealed like a fangirl, I can't wait. Hopefully it'll have a way to see others creations like the steam workshop.
  12. Thanks guys, I can do the timing pretty good now but I do the first hoop thing, then turn and I can let go of up as long as I got the perfect turn and the beetle will stay in the air? that's good to know thanks. So far I've S ranked all levels up to 6-19. I've done all parts fine, but because it's a long level it's taking some time. I'm using the "blank account" method to get the platinum before I install it on my profile.
  13. Hey guys, I managed to get the S rank eventually using the hold up and slam down but there was a bit that first presented itself in level 5-6 I had no idea how to do. if you look at this video at 25/26 seconds it has up turn and then hold up but by the time I turn the wings go down and they won't go back up, but this video clearly shows they can but I've tried holding up and turning and pressing up again after the turn but they lag and wont go up in time so what am I doing wrong? Also there's trophies for completing the levels on S rank, does that mean I have to S rank all sections or can I get away with like 3 A's too? thanks.
  14. This year I plan to re-do my bedroom, along with buying a 4K TV. If I do all that and still have money to spare without Christmas then I'll probably get it depending on the games with it. I waited a bit before getting the PS4.
  15. i find it easiest with the long whip thing. I did both games except this one using that.