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  1. I'm a bit confused with something. They said games before April 2018 could have issues, does this refer to games that you've played or any game in general? I mean if I have a 100% complete on every game, change my name and then play any game before April 2018 after changing my name, Will I get issues?
  2. Was really looking forward to the Stranger Things game too.
  3. I completely understand this, I've never really thought about that with BioShock but I have been thinking about Horizon Zero Dawn. Is it meant to be Horizon: Zero Dawn? Also I know I said I like it when games are in alphabetical order but I wish games with sequels were in order of release, like Kingdom Hearts, that's all over the place with the titles and it's really ugly on the trophy list.
  4. ooooh Spike Chunsoft? sounds like I may give this a go if it goes down in price.
  5. I got friends bugging me to play Persona 5, I might get it now there's an offer and they can be quiet a while 😄
  6. I did it ages ago, it was because the video actually showed encounters out of order, but I had to wait for second playthrough for Beast
  7. I like games in alphabetical order and games that look clean like Alice: Madness Returns Mary Skelter: Nightmares BioShock ...they are all clean titles but then there's some which actually says "trophy" in the title, PSNProfiles cleans it up so I can't give an example but I know the Blazblue collection does it.
  8. Would love to see Bloody Roar return.
  9. Oh, I didn't know they're required to get new licences with HD versions. And yeah.. you don't have to tell me about music in Japan, 2 bands I like: Puffy Ami Yumi and SCANDAL was on Youtube for the UK but now have both removed all of their songs for the UK except for some very specific ones.
  10. Yeah, but usually they have an agreement with what content is used for which title, it's the same as Kingdom Hearts acquiring permission for the Tarzan level, it was for that title, it ran out by Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories so they couldn't show anything about that world, but I'm assuming any HD versions of the game it's safe to use and they don't need permission or anything, so I thought maybe songs would be the same. If you find out, let me know.
  11. That's odd, there were same creators on both, right? just thinking about possible licence disagreements or something.
  12. I know you can change the controls in KH 1 so you can choose which buttons to have cannons and the lasers on but I don't see that option in KH 2? Am I missing it or is that option removed from this game?
  13. Thanks a lot for this! There's also something else I'm wondering. In KH2 can I change the fire buttons for the gummi ship? I want Square for my lasers and X for my cannons, so I can use both at the same time.
  14. So I can't do "Lingering Will" "To Rule Them All" and "Mushroom Master" until I beat the story once, but everything else is possible before the story? I plan on getting the Critical Mode completed as a trophy milestone, probably 4,500 so I just wanna work out the max number of trophies I can get before beating the game.
  15. Just like the title says can I do every single trophy before getting the critical game mode completed trophy? I've seen that people get that trophy before lingering will and the mushrooms etc so I'm just curious do I have the option to beat everything before the main game or does the lingering will and other trophies only appear after I've beaten the game once?