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  1. Thanks a lot for this, can you tell me a little bit about the trading system in the game, I gave Geisha Noodles to Coco and she was like wow these are awesome, but something else she's like uhh.. thanks? 🙄 So I gave all the stuff at the time to her but kept everything else to trade to others, like how do I know who will like the camera and stuff I pick up. And another thing, I've read that after each major boss it's good to go back through the old levels and see if you can do some quests, so far I've only seen 2 people, one is for Shang that wanted an item I think. Then I saw that one dude that wanted you to kill someone blocking his way in the park ruins and then Shang again to defeat the lost invasion. Also had to kill a big guy for someone in the same location as Shang at the end of the first stage but can't remember if that was him the first time. My point is, will I see new NPC's on the map or only the ones I've spoke to. Thanks a lot again.
  2. Are you sure you can't upload your save and reload before doing the endings? some people here have all the endings within a few hours, i can't imagine getting the next two endings within a matter of 4 hours? Do you have your blood codes and weapons etc, do you have your mistles already discovered for fast teleports etc?
  3. I'd like to know this too.
  4. I'm so jealous about your MK9 vita plat, anyway check out my trophy cabinet, it might give you some inspiration. I think injustice is only hard because of a few battle modes, but with Solomon Grundy's chain throws and careful spacing and timing I think Injustice is fairly easy but grindy, still one of my proudest though.
  5. Is it actually a decent story to play through normal?
  6. damn that's a lot of words
  7. I had to boost 1000 online matches on DOA5 with two consoles, I tried with friends and it wouldn't connect, that was agony. Respect points are nothing.
  8. Eight PS3's?? I'm guessing there's different variations or something and purely collectible?
  9. There's a trophy for completing all social links, if I'm missing one or two and do them second playthrough will I get the trophy or will I have to max them out all in one?
  10. I mean about knowledge and stuff, will it carry over in NG+?
  11. I've been playing this game and kinda following a guide here and there, I've got all social links so far but I couldn't access the scene with Margeret where she's alone in the velvet room. I know I'll still have stuff to do in second playthrough so if all else fails I could just do it there, but how will I know I'll have enough knowledge or whatever else I'll need for future social links? Also is it possible to get the good ending on the first playthrough? and if so how much time at the end do I have to max out any unfinished social links? I'm still a bit confused how it works.
  12. This game never appealed to me but I was looking forward to Mary Skelter 2, it was released on PS4 in Japan and hit with some censorship IIRC, the West gets it exclusively for Switch, I'm unsure if the censorship affected it not coming to the West on PS4 but it's more likely to be the reason. More and more games are being exclusive to Switch now all for showing skin. The only reason I'm sticking on PS4 is the trophies. If Nintendo and Microsoft teamed up and you could earn achievements on Nintendo games I'd change instantly. Pokemon with achievements? jeez I'd be loving life.
  13. On the Xbox 360 I could NOT get Survival Master on Dead or Alive 5, I managed it here though.
  14. "I prefer dick" "Find Dildo" and the "Busted" design was not what I was expecting from Sony, not with all this censorship lately.
  15. I'll probably play this eventually but man I'm so gutted that Mary Skelter 2 is only coming to the Switch for the West. I was really looking forward to that.