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  1. I've been wanting this game for ages, and I was so excited to see it came for consoles, that being said I knew it would have something changed to make it work, that's when I learned about the build limit, I know the older gen is less but I was hoping to build a nice park with a lot of detail, I feel like I might not be able to do that and will have to keep the park very simple and only a few bits of scenery. For those of you that may have experienced the PC version, or other games like this, is the build limit on the PS5 version something to worry about or am I worrying over nothing? if it is bad as I'm thinking, would it be possible for the developers to patch further limit capacity in the future or is this set in stone and something that can't be changed?
  3. Yeah, I finished it a while ago too.
  4. Use the Hong Kong account, if you specifically need the CN one it's harder and trickier, I had a friend that set mine up for me
  5. Hey guys so I just started this game on my Vita and for some reason my character will only turn left or down. I can't turn right or up effectively. Is there something wrong with my Vita or am I missing something?
  6. Guys why they gotta show the list this early, I can't wait.
  7. same here! most of my first wins was on hexagone and now it's become fall mountain
  8. think the beginning of season 2 will reset everything so we could have a possible chance?
  9. I can see you got the Infallible now, congrats! what changed? or did you do it legit?
  10. Thank you, think I was on a potential 4 streak and walked off of rollout hahahahahaha
  11. Can you turn the game off/game crash and continue? Will it still work then?
  12. I had it yesterday in a hoops game
  13. Trailers on Youtube
  14. Yeah I already unlocked all the stances by now. I too have been taking my sweet time with all the other tales before doing the main story stuff. I just got the grapple hook.
  15. Thanks for replying, I just wanted to be sure i didn't miss anything. This game is amazing.