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  1. Before I commit to trophies on this game, I wanna confirm that the DLC is installed and there won’t be any problems right?
  2. I did it earlier today! I know I got the platinum secured now since I already did ultimate story on the PS3 version…. I’m scared for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 and 2 though haha
  3. Hey it’s Blaidd… changed my name haha was getting fed up of the welsh name. Anyway I managed to do UN3!! I’m working on UN6 now.. got close a few times. Just need some luck with Elizabeth and then I think I got it
  4. Yeah, I need to be close to them for the steel on bone though, I think what I need is another super move on the last fight, because I can get to the last fight but a lot of health is gone from me, so I just need a good second/third round and another super at the end to get some health back. I know I'll get it eventually though.
  5. Maaaaan UN3… I’m getting closer and closer but it’s so difficult when I get Izuna dropped
  6. I was about to make a second edit but it seems to be downloading again now but very slow. I'll let it go while I'm charging it. I'll let you know if it's successful
  7. How do I check? Edit: ok I went in content manager and clicked the i and it's version 1.00
  8. Hey guys, I doubt this will stop me getting my platinum trophy but can't be too careful, right? Last night I went in the owner shop and it said it had an update. I started the download but it only reached 18mb. I left it for a bit but nothing happened. I cancelled and retried a few times but the update didn't go through. Is this because I'm not using the same region as the game? If I can't download the update will that stop me getting the platinum or will I be fine?
  9. Thanks!
  10. I was just messing about trying this game out and I can't figure out how to exit to the main menu properly. I pressed the touch pad and R3 but it doesn't close the game, just gets the map up. I gotta close application, so any idea why I can't close it?
  11. Take it the infinite karma scarab glitch doesn't work in this version? I couldn't activate it anyway.
  12. Are the servers currently up? or are they definitely closed? I know that PS3 is scuffed atm because they're closing the stores.
  13. I've been wanting this game for ages, and I was so excited to see it came for consoles, that being said I knew it would have something changed to make it work, that's when I learned about the build limit, I know the older gen is less but I was hoping to build a nice park with a lot of detail, I feel like I might not be able to do that and will have to keep the park very simple and only a few bits of scenery. For those of you that may have experienced the PC version, or other games like this, is the build limit on the PS5 version something to worry about or am I worrying over nothing? if it is bad as I'm thinking, would it be possible for the developers to patch further limit capacity in the future or is this set in stone and something that can't be changed?
  15. Yeah, I finished it a while ago too.