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  1. No lie, as soon as I made this post, I retried and I got it, I felt like I did the same thing 30 times and this time it seemed to work this platinum is as good as mine now
  2. I have 1 combo left for Gen Fu, I’ve done all other characters and even the Difficulty level 6 for Gen Fu, the one I’m having trouble with is his Advance: Juggle (Difficulty 5) I’ve tried fast and the last doesn’t connect, I’ve also delayed the second hit and I can’t seem to get the last hit no matter what I do And this combo is either DOA5 vanilla or DOA5+ exclusive and I can’t find any combo challenge YouTube videos for it, can anyone help me or send me a video of the combo challenge?
  3. Well I tried this method and I could get it to come out quite regularly it was never consistent, I tried the method for one of Mitsurugi’s move in Soulcalibur, i bound H to either Square or Cross and then K would be on Circle or Triangle depending on what I set H on, then I just quickly dragged my finger across those face buttons and it comes out more often than not. I just hope that’s the hardest stuff out of the way for me now
  4. will the western release have Japanese voice with English subs option?
  5. So I just watched every character lose on verses and the trophy didn’t pop? Ok, so for some reason it didn’t unlock the first time around but it did the second
  6. On the original DOA5 it had a patch that each 50 wins you unlock the swimsuits for Christie, Tina and Lisa, is it the same on the vita version? Thanks Edit: I was having trouble doing arcade and time attack legend on the PS3 version, but vita seemed easier so I did it the normal way, sorry for inconvenience of asking before trying.
  7. I think that was just normal matchmaking in verses, ive got DOA5 and DOA5 Plus, PS3 and PS Vita, I’ll test soon but I don’t think im gonna be able to do it…
  8. So I’ll need another vita for adhoc? I can’t use ps3?
  9. i'm aiming to have 100% on all my games, and I know the online of this game is troublesome. 1 - You can play and find yourself from PS3 and PS Vita right? (had to use 2 ps3's for vanilla doa5) 2 - are ranked, verses and adhoc all still available? if so how does adhoc work? 3 - anything else i should know before installing this? I know some would rather just forget about it but it's another nice ultra rare platinum for me, and I want to do all of the DOA related games on my account, thanks.
  10. So I was trying to do 6-1 online and the map wouldn’t load so I just assumed it was the connection, I’ve done the rest of 6 but not 6-1..I’m trying to do it in the story and it’s not loading there either. Obviously I need it to progress but I’ve turned off my vita a couple of times and it’s still not loading If I back up my data, delete and re-download Will I be ok?
  11. I can do boss 1-3 without losing lives but a snatcher I can get like 4 or 5 hits on but before I can hit him again he kills me so fast
  12. So I did 27 Death Wishes legit and then with the mafia boss I read you can use the Peace and Tranquility to make things easier so I used that and played the mission and then I notice my objectives were no longer showing but I went up to 30. So does this mode auto clear all objectives as long as you’ve cleared the main one? and if this is the case could I just abuse this mode to complete most of them if I wanted to apart from the specific ones you mentioned? Am I understanding that correctly?
  13. Before I commit to trophies on this game, I wanna confirm that the DLC is installed and there won’t be any problems right?
  14. I did it earlier today! I know I got the platinum secured now since I already did ultimate story on the PS3 version…. I’m scared for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 and 2 though haha