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  1. As the title says the trophy for Lord of the Birds is not unlocking, I’ve done the trial twice without dying by restarting checkpoint 15 but it’s not unlocking the trophy. I thought I’d get it after the chapter trophy like the previous trials but it’s not the case. This happen for anyone else?
  2. I'm wondering something about the CG's are they permanently unlocked on the game when you earn them? so for example I have a save file at chapter 4 where it presents me with the ending routes, I'm currently going through the rivals ending, when I finish that and unlock all CG's can I then reload chapter 4 and continue with Fujimoto to unlock his on a seperate save file or does the ending wipe all current saves and I'm forced to start over, thanks.
  3. Did you try getting fans through promotion or a cd release or whatever because I’m sure I had 1000 through promotion before and it didn’t unlock but through a story part where it gave me 500 fans it did, so maybe you need to release another song or tv show or something like that, if that’s how you went over the one million mark in the first place then I don’t know
  4. A lot of this is trial and error, say I’m having a bad run, how do I just end my story and restart? I can’t start a new story from the menu, the only option I’ve found is to delete my save but I’m probably just missing something
  5. this killed me lmao
  6. I got Paladin from doing these bosses on regular mode Root Pack Goopy Cagney Ribby and Croaks Von Bon Bon Beppi Sally Stageplay
  7. Any tips on Cooked to Perfection? I’m trying the gnome guy with Chalice, I can do phase 1 and 3 without damage but 2 is a nightmare, also I used chaser and it seems my time isn’t that great, I got a B+ on expert. Time was bad and I got damaged 3 times. I think it’s ok if I get hit once right because I have 4 health with her?
  8. Proud to say I got the plat for both of those DOA’s and Skullgirls 2nd Encore, however Blazblue I tried years ago and just couldn’t figure the game out
  9. they won't reopen this, they are considering remastering it though, probably without online features but who knows.
  10. No lie, as soon as I made this post, I retried and I got it, I felt like I did the same thing 30 times and this time it seemed to work this platinum is as good as mine now
  11. I have 1 combo left for Gen Fu, I’ve done all other characters and even the Difficulty level 6 for Gen Fu, the one I’m having trouble with is his Advance: Juggle (Difficulty 5) I’ve tried fast and the last doesn’t connect, I’ve also delayed the second hit and I can’t seem to get the last hit no matter what I do And this combo is either DOA5 vanilla or DOA5+ exclusive and I can’t find any combo challenge YouTube videos for it, can anyone help me or send me a video of the combo challenge?
  12. Well I tried this method and I could get it to come out quite regularly it was never consistent, I tried the method for one of Mitsurugi’s move in Soulcalibur, i bound H to either Square or Cross and then K would be on Circle or Triangle depending on what I set H on, then I just quickly dragged my finger across those face buttons and it comes out more often than not. I just hope that’s the hardest stuff out of the way for me now
  13. will the western release have Japanese voice with English subs option?
  14. So I just watched every character lose on verses and the trophy didn’t pop? Ok, so for some reason it didn’t unlock the first time around but it did the second
  15. On the original DOA5 it had a patch that each 50 wins you unlock the swimsuits for Christie, Tina and Lisa, is it the same on the vita version? Thanks Edit: I was having trouble doing arcade and time attack legend on the PS3 version, but vita seemed easier so I did it the normal way, sorry for inconvenience of asking before trying.