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  1. One more - Billy Strings
  2. I had a room mate that would frequently be saying something like " that guy is a Joey Bag o Doughnuts". And he would do his best to use some kind of accent from the east coast. I had really no idea what it was about. It always made me laugh. I happened to think of it while I was trying to pick one. Natt5kift, was my XBOX username, and really suits me better. I did spend some time in Philly, its probably all connected.
  3. Sparkle Motion!!!
  4. Find and shoot another rabbit?
  5. Yup, always check for missables first. I used to not care about first playthru. My backlog is enormous now. So I also try to knock out trophies on the way. There is not enough time for everthing unfortunately.
  6. Read the leaks. Not buying, renting. I played the crap out of the first game. Want to see how much of a Train Wreck this may be.
  7. I played Chapter 5-3 on PS4 hard (Last boss with the Red and Blue bogies), and died once. I just played PS3 version, which I have had for years. Died countless times. Not going to say how many, it was a lot. But finally beat it I played this after PS4 version. I gave up on hard mode, chapter 5-3 on PS3, years ago. When this came out on PS4 I thought, OK, take another crack at it. In my opinion last fight is insanely more difficult on PS3.
  8. The Last of Us. You almost have all the multiplayer. The rest is just grinding it out.
  9. Demon's Souls X 3
  10. Glutton for punishment
  11. No way I would do it. Waste time time on a stranger I don't know? I've been working on this Plat for a while. I will get it done. I love RDR2, Play multiplayer everyday. Its a personal thing, individual thing. He should save that 50 dollars, he is gonna need it.
  12. Not easy trophies, clunky control... still a great game. Can rent on Gamefly or buy online.