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  1. Nope. Moments?
  2. Yes! how are we all today? Maybe Andy will return next?
  3. Yes. How is did you guess it would be me 😆 Moments to come back again maybe?
  4. Nope. He must still be in hiding. erm Starcrunch?
  5. No. And no he can’t Moments?
  6. Nope. Anyone who comes near my whiskey gets a hammering. Or shot. Take your chance. Although a drunk owl is a funny owl. I will I’ll make my own sodding cake then... 😂 Moments can you give me a hand?
  7. Yes DID I MISS THE CAKE?! 😱 Moments cut me a slice please?
  8. No. Someone who wants cake?
  9. No moments?
  10. Yes! Starcrunch?
  11. Nope. hmmm maybe kyuu will be next?
  12. YES!! 🤪 Andy?
  13. Yes kale?
  14. Nope. moments?
  15. Haha. Well how can I answer that politely... OH LOOK A SQUIREL aaaannnnyyy whooo... jemmie?