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  1. This one is self-explanatory. Game on!
  2. What was your first thought when you saw the member above you for the first time? It'd be interesting to see what's going on the other side of our posts! For example, let's say Person Number One's username is... Cadbury123. Then Person Number Two says, "Your username reminds me of chocolate." Or "I read your intro and thought you sounded cool" You get the idea. Okaaay... Let's start this.
  3. No anyone? This thread seems pretty dead now so I’m throwing it open to anyone on psnp lol
  4. Hi everyone. I was on here a few years ago and made lots of friends. Due to life changes, I took a break from gaming and forums. Now I’m back and look forward to talking to you all again. Psn LadyBlack007. Game franchises I enjoy the most are AC, MK and Batman (as if you can’t guess) lol. I have always been a game lover. My first game was mk 1 on Super Nintendo. Played all sorts throughout my life. Anyway... Message me if you want to know anything else. For all all those people I never spoke to years ago. Hi x
  5. Nope. Moments?
  6. Yes! how are we all today? Maybe Andy will return next?
  7. Yes. How is did you guess it would be me 😆 Moments to come back again maybe?
  8. Nope. He must still be in hiding. erm Starcrunch?
  9. No. And no he can’t Moments?
  10. Nope. Anyone who comes near my whiskey gets a hammering. Or shot. Take your chance. Although a drunk owl is a funny owl. I will I’ll make my own sodding cake then... 😂 Moments can you give me a hand?
  11. Yes DID I MISS THE CAKE?! 😱 Moments cut me a slice please?
  12. No. Someone who wants cake?
  13. No moments?
  14. Yes! Starcrunch?
  15. Nope. hmmm maybe kyuu will be next?
  16. YES!! 🤪 Andy?
  17. Yes kale?
  18. Nope. moments?
  19. Haha. Well how can I answer that politely... OH LOOK A SQUIREL aaaannnnyyy whooo... jemmie?
  20. No Moments?
  21. Yes kale?
  22. Yes. Ive got to go now. Enjoy the whiskey! Kale
  23. Yes. Shall we stick to the whiskey kale? I will get some from my cellar. Some of the finest whiskey in there. Kale?
  24. Yes. Well I’ll glad I could cheer you up Kale. Want some chocolate kale?
  25. Yes. whats up kale?