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  1. Just wanted to update that I finally got around to setting up a turbo controller to go for BFF & the 400 song trophy. They popped about as I would expect it would if I had started the game recently (last 4 months). I know I had played the PS3 XMB version a good bit when they first released it about 4 years ago, then hadn't touched it in ages. My theory is that one of the major Singstar patches since release may have reset my song counts. At any rate, I'm glad to be done with this!
  2. I'm not sure if I understand what you did, and if I would want to do that too. I understand how to create a new user on PS3, but I don't know how to link it to my PSN account since you can't link two users to the same email address, and you can't sync online with logging into PSN.
  3. I seem to have the same problem with BFF & 400 song trophies not unlocking. I see you got the plat a few days after posting your original post. What worked for you?
  4. I did this solo a couple of nights ago. Just play on normal & quickly check the train cars for ingredients. If none are found, simpiy restart. Once you find the ingredients, play through the heist until you get to the part where you're on the ship looking for the bomb. To make it less complicated, I did this in stealth. Once you find the meth lab on one of the containers, the trophy will pop.
  5. That's too bad. This edition blows the PS3 version out of the water. I'm loving the new heists. By the way, leveling up is much faster in the Crimewave edition so there's no need or want to have to import saves from PS3.
  6. Hey Rowdi, Wanna finish off the 145+ heists sometime? I still need 3 of them myself (heat street, green bridge, & panic room). I just stumbled across this website tonight. Didnt realize that there are only 317 with the platinum; that's pretty exclusive company! mgrantz