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  1. Its in the riddler stats tab in the game i think. I checked i had like 140 of 440 done and unlocked all maps.
  2. You have to do the riddler challenges again but not all of them. There is a screen in the game where you can see how many challenges you have to complete for unlocking the challenge maps.
  3. End of the month (last weekend). 3xp in the new coop mode. Until then every wednesday is 2xp active.
  4. I had the same problem in my playtrough. The suggested solution didnt work for me and deleting the patch means basiclly starting over because the save games are not compatible. After several attempts on the mission with freezes at different times ( before and after mission ), i was able to finish it after i disabled my internet connection on the ps3, disabled the music, subtitles and hints. I also disabled the red brick for infinite torpedos. Dont know which option fixed it but i was able to finish the mission with the patch installed.
  5. They recently released an update for the progression system to raise the max level for each class to 1000. After level 70 for a trooper you wont get anything besides jumping one level. Before that you got 1000 credits for each level if you had all cards maxed out.
  6. This will be happen every wednesday this month. Also 3XP is active this weekend and on the last weekend. First post is updated.
  7. Calender for may was released today. Only one xp event this month. I updated the first post.
  8. For may the 4th is a special event running at the moment. You can get a special leia skin if you login to the game until 6th of may and the community passed a certain challenge.
  9. New calendar is released. I updated the first post accordingly.
  10. Calendar for april is not availabe yet but 2XP in all modes is active this weekend.
  11. Found some kind of official response to this from a community manager. https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsBattlefront/comments/b8kg48/the_target_system_from_heroes_vs_villains_is/ejzfhea
  12. Just a heads up, according to the latest roadmap, DICE will remove the target system in the heros vs. villain mode. This would mean the "Choose your Path" trophy cant be achieved anymore. https://www.ea.com/games/starwars/battlefront/battlefront-2/roadmap If thats really the case is not 100% sure yet. Maybe they will remove the trophy or add another way to do it. Until more information are available, you should try to get the trophy asap.
  13. Just got the trophy. I used the vpn method. Since my router is not really vpn compatible, i used a raspberry pi to use a openvpn connection from one of the japanese hosts on https://www.vpngate.net. I used https://gist.github.com/superjamie/ac55b6d2c080582a3e64 as tutorial for setting up the pi. Then i setup my ps4 to use the pi as gateway and connected to the mulitplayer part of the game. It took a moment to find a match but trophy popped right after the first match ( wasnt even a win ). Pretty emberassing for the developers that they cant fix this bug.
  14. The new march community calender is relased ( 3 XP events scheduled ). I updated the first post with the relevant information.