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  1. A triumphant and hopeful song that will lift your spirit higher.
  2. Would you ride to the sunset with me?
  3. Frank is raging endlessly for loud youth. Nurture
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  5. Archaic
  6. First part of historical fiction series set in ancient Rome. Follows the story of a new recruit Cato and battle hardened Centurion Macro serving in the Second Legion. So far this book has been promising. The setting, battles, characters and politics behind the scenes have kept me interested to follow what's going to happen next. Bonus points for the author keeping the worldview of the characters authentic to the time period. They are not "modern" people in ancient times.
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  9. Is the greatest Hyperdimension Neptunia (and Iris Heart) fan around here.
  10. Is that something you should be concerned about?
  11. Ghost in the Shell has some quite nice songs. Here is one of them.
  12. Coffee is just a beansoup.
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  14. Astoundingly powerful pun elevated audience's laughter. Lucid