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  1. Granted but the first person you write in it will have to be somebody close to you I wish I can climb Mt. Everest
  2. 185 cm
  3. teen titans scooby doo spiderman johnny bravo pokemon yugioh dbz foster home for imaginary friends
  4. Nope Sonic Riders?
  5. Eternal Sonata
  6. Granted. Now now trophies will ever unlock again I wish I could be more in touch with the mysteries of the universe.
  7. fantasizing
  8. One Piece Pirate Warriors
  9. because pancakes are
  10. Persona 5 Naruto UNS4 DMC 4 Need For Speed IA VT Ghost Recon:Wildlands
  11. nope heard of it but never checked it out uchuu kyoudai?
  12. Nope I was hanging out with my friends all day. Wouldn't want to change that for anything in the world. If you had 1 day left to live what would you do?