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  1. When I finished it, I had killed 58 people. Including the witch in the cell and the civilian that sends you to look for her fella. I ended the level with 96% kill ratio and 1% KO - which was Cordoza. Pretty much cleared the level room by room, floor by floor. Pain in the arse, but easily doable.
  2. They key for the restricted area is on the top right side of the painting that is hanging next to the restricted area door on the left. But there aren't any enemies in that room, just a bone charm if I remember correctly! Hope that helps
  3. I'm happy with the trophies. They're fun to achieve and I love the ones that require you to not be detected throughout. It adds a bit more too a game knowing you can't just go guns blazing for an easy plat. Just finished my first playthrough now, time to do the non lethal playthrough and clean up