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  1. Merry Christmas everyone unfortunately, I didn't see much of RAW so I have no opinion of it
  2. OH NO! The ending botch! I just saw Mustafa Ali landed his knee on Danial's throat 😱
  3. I'll list mine HIGH Points: - AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura feud (After wrestlemania) - Their matches were some of the best - Samoa Joe - Since traded from Raw to SD, Joe has been on a roll. Although he doesn't have a championship belt around his waist, his promos and his matches have been spot on. a good example is his feud with AJ styles. - Asuka - as @ee28max mentioned, Asuka had won the royal rumble at the beginning of the year and won the SD women's championship at the end of the year. - Ambrose return and New look - Now this is just personal opinion. I like Dean Ambrose and was happy to see him back in the ring. New look and a new move set, he went from a funny comedic lunatic to a harden brawler. Now with the heel turn, he has a chance to develop. (not to say Faces don't have personality. They do, but Heels can be compelling and you can get a perspective as to why they are what they are). Low Points: - "This is your life, Baylay" segment - By far, the worst segment of the year by a country mile. - Roman Reigns (Joe Anoa'i) vs leukemia - I didn't expect to hear this, let alone see it. The man who is booed day in and day out, only gets cheered when his health is in danger. Hoping the best for him and if he is lucky, he might get cheered when he returns.(I've mentioned this before but look up Kenta Kaboshi - Pro wrestler and cancer survivor - X). - Nia Jax punching Becky -I don't know about everyone, but I liked Heel Becky lynch (although i liked becky regardless). It saddened me when just before Survivor series, Becky couldn't compete and the fantastic match between Becky and Ronda was no more. - Paige Retiring - talk about a star rising up out of a dark place to make a comeback, only to be cut short. Now I have stated before that I'm hopeful for Paige's future (and I still am). But at the time, from the nasty relationship of Alberto del Rio/El patron, drugs and the sex tapes, it is nothing but depressing. - WWE Crown Jewel Controversy
  4. Forgot about TLC Need to find the results as to what happened. Well Raw is tonight and Vince is on his way over. I'm hoping they don't do "we know RAW has the lowest ratings ever". There is a difference between self-awareness and stating the obvious and it often feels like they state the obvious just to wash away their faults. Lest we forget the "This is your life, Bayley" Segment happened. And in a way, it cursed both Baylay and Alexa bliss. Baylay's character is weak and Alexa barely wrestles anymore (though it isn't her fault). So, aside for my skeptical view on the matter, It has been a weird and fun year. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah and a happy new year. Just for conversation sake, What do you guys consider the high points and the low points of 2018? (doesn't have to be just one) Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised XP I still remember the video of XFL and just how it sounds like he's trying to convince himself
  5. Vince will be returning to Monday Night Raw Just saw that today. Take away what you will from this news. I think it means Corbin is going to be fired. : I
  6. Well, in my opinion, it would have to be McIntyre. I feel like in the past he has been booked very well and has a lot of momentum, despite some current match loses. His promos have been good and his matches have increased in quality. My other picks are listed: 1) Finn Balor - I have long given up on him ever reclaiming the title It's a shame. I thought once he returned from injury, he would at least win the title and have a proper title reign, but it didn't happen and since Vince doesn't see him over with the fans, it is going to be like that for a while. But if by some miracle he is given another shot at the title, he should definitely win it. 2) Samoa Joe - I'm aware these two have already feuded so it is nothing new. But, the build to their match was pure gold. Two credible monsters ready to tear each other limb from limb. The promos and interviews were stellar. I know he is on SD, but he would make for one heck of a champion. Strowman, while i like him, needs to stay away from the title picture for a while. After losing title matches to Brock, he has lost a ton of momentum. If he is ever going to be in the title picture again, he will need some time to be built up again.
  7. 2018: the death of legends
  8. Thoughts on Raw? (to those who watched it)
  9. Have you considered watching Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Impact Wrestling or Lucha Underground? There are a few other independent shows, but these would be a few to start off with. If I may ask, What do you watch pro wrestling for or rather what pulls you in? Story lines? Matches? Characters? Gimmicks? Promos?
  10. Now I have a new fear: ASMR Advertizing. I like the USOS and all, but I feel like they giving me bed talk @[email protected]; I will say I like how they made Charlotte flair owning up to her arrogance. Still will root for becky, but in my opinion, i think this move makes Charlotte a little bit better. I doubt this will make her a heel though. Joe/Jeff segment was good. Sadly, Joe had a point. Knowing Jeff's history with *cough*Drugs.*cough*, it scares me about his safety (dare i mention victory road) and makes me wonder how he is able to continue. To quote what culture: Despite this, Its a miracle that Jeff hardy has been able to keep performing with WWE. Some time next year, The hardy boyz will get into the hall of fame either the next year or the year after. Rey/Randy Ortan segment was alright. The Usos vs Shemus and Cesaro was meh. Nothing bad, but nothing to big. Women battle royal went very well. Asuka won and back in the title picture, but I'm going to make a prediction. Whether she wins or loses at TLC, Asuka is going to turn heel. Having her as a monster would definitely shake up
  11. Batman Arkham City I believe in you. All you need is patience
  12. Have you Tried Until dawn?
  13. Final Fantasy 13 Treasure hunter and 5 star in the final boss is all i need
  14. #75 - God of War: Ghost of Sparta So heres my story: I want to play this and Chain of olympus. I went to buy a 5 in one god of war saga, they were missing. I ended up downloading both of them seperately. Anyway, I was curious about these two games. Both were good, but I like Ghost of sparta more so here are my high points and low points. High points are Story, Combat and items. You would think that people would realize that pissing off Kratos would just end in chaos. WELP, choas ensued, and boy was it fun to see him execute his enemies in pure rage. Combat was nostalgic but the unique items really delivered. The horn and the item scourge of Erinys were my favorite. Low parts were Erinys boss battle and Temple of Zeus. Fighting Erinys felt broken on hard mode and blocking/parrying her attacks impossible. Temple of Zeus gave good content, but boy was it expensive. While there was an easy way to farm orbs, it was time consuming. Not sure how i would ranked these game so far. I only have two more god of war games to play: Ascension and God of War 4. I definately had fun with this game and if anyone wanted to play it, I would recommend it.