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  1. Definitely saw some good matches this week. Smackdown had some moments, but Raw was the better show. Could you blame him? If anyone did that for an hour, I think they would be on the floor, gasping for air. I know I would. Seth definitely deserves a raise
  2. Didn't know Braun Strowman could sing The more you know....
  3. This is just me waking up
  4. Dammit i missed the code for that mobile game Decent Raw tonight I must say, I like what they are doing with Braun Strowman. Though i wonder what will happen if he runs out of things to flip. Asuka and Sasha had an interesting match. I swear there was a botch in the match. Sahsa tried a Suicide dive and she fell head first on the concrete. Kinda worried for her as that might be a concussion. Hardy and Wyatt's feud continue. I'm ok with that for now, as long as it leads to something. Quick question: why are the selfie vlogs continuing? It can be forgivable with the royal rumble, as you can't have an interview with everyone in a short amount of time. Everyone get a chance to show off their mic skills in a short amount of time. I ask this because of Finn Balor's promo. Wasn't bad, but just curious why they couldn't do an interview? (If he specifically ask it, fine) In my opinion, I do think Vlogs do have a place in wrestling (if executed correctly). Wrestlers can show of their promo skills and perhaps even be creative with them. Mostly, I see them as a means to promote a new wrestler or to have a wrestler get hired for a wrestling company. To see Cena and Balor do them doesn't make sense. I feel like they are trying to fill some sort of promo quota.
  5. Just saw the video. I feel like he is trying to sell the idea to himself than to his audience. But hey, if it does well, good for him. also, good predictions
  6. Considering the circumstances, this is probably for the best. The locker room and the fans that got irritated by him can breathe a sigh of relief. Especially Corey Graves.
  7. Hey guys So i have a lot of college work on my hands, so i will be on less often. I'll peak in every now and then. I'm just going to give my predictions for the Royal rumble early. Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman vs Kane for WWE Universal Championship - Winner: Braun Strowman This is one of the main matches I'm looking forward too. Three giants fighting each other seems like a real winner. But given that Kane is running for mayor in Knox County (I wish him best of luck) and Brock is, more or less, away from raw until the ppv comes up, I think Braun might have this one. Looking over the past few weeks on Raw, Braun has been on a hot streak, booked well and being built up as a ridiculously strong monster. I'm surprised he hasn't been made champion earlier. I hope he wins and has a good title reign AJ styles vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Winner: AJ Styles I seem to be very biased when it comes to anyone going against AJ styles But aside from the royal rumbles, I think this might be match of the night. Daniel Bryan and Shane Mcmahon will most likely intervene near the end. Last PPV, Shane revealed he had a bias against Kevin and Sami, but Daniel Bryan did a fast count and Kevin and Sami won. At the Royal Rumble, Daniel Bryan completely sides with Kevin and Sami. Although, I believe Shane will stop them from being champion (perhaps some rule calling or vacating the title). Either way, I expect great things from this. The Usos vs Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin for WWE Smackdown Tag Team Titles - Winner: Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin In my opinion, Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin have been improving their in ring abilities during 2017. You could tell by looking at their matches. I believe they should have a title runs and see where it takes them. The Usos have been great, but after the arrest of Jey Uso, i don't think they will walked out champs. WWE doesn't like its talents when they get in the news, in a bad way. While I don't think Jey will get fired, I dont think the usos will retain. Enzo Amore vs Cedric Alexander for the WWE Cruiser-weight Division - Winner: Enzo Amore Like him or hate him, Enzo seems to be the biggest character on 205 live. Key word here is "character". While good on the mic and bad in the ring, there is a strong personality to him. He's cocky, arrogant, loud and always in your face about it. So how do you describe the other wrestling talents? Athletic and strong could be a start, but what about them personally? it is an understatement to say that WWE has a babyface problem or even a face problem. The only other character on 205 live was Neville and I don't know what has happened to him since he's been of TV for months. I'm not sure what to think on the situation. I like Cedric Alexander and his wrestling ability, but unless he can develop a strong charisma or reaction from the crowd, I think Enzo is walking away champion. Jason Jordan and Seth Rollans vs Shemas and Cesaro for WWE Raw Tag Team Titles - Winner: Jason Jorden and Seth Rollins They just won the tag titles a few weeks back. it would be silly to strip them away so quickly. I don't have any favorites nor qualms with any of the wrestlers here. This might be where it can be the match that is disappointing, as the shield against the bar has been going on for some time. Still, I'll give the benefit of the doubt that these guys may put on a decent match. I still shocked over Cesaro getting his teeth smashed and yet continued to put on an amazing match. If that happened to me, I would've wept like a baby. Aside from that, i heard rumors that Dean Ambrose may be turning heel. Would be interesting if he cost them the titles then and there. WWE Men's Royal Rumble match (So for this one, I am just going to name a couple of wrestlers who I think are more likely to win and add a quick explaination) Finn Balor - I believe he is long over due for a world title shot. Winning the rumble and having the club behind him would mean huge story line potential. Shinsuke Nakamura - Having him win the royal rumble and then go after AJ styles (if he wins) for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania would be one heck of a match, if not main event. Plus, it would be cool to see the first wrestler from japan to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Baron Corbin - Not a good year for Corbin in 2017. Still, Winning this would be on heck of a comeback. I believe he has a potential of being a future main eventer. Elias - When booked right, Elias can put on one heck of a show. Like Corbin, I think he can be future main eventer. WWE Women's Royal Rumble match Asuka - feels like a too easy answer, but it would be remiss of me not to have this as my first answer. Aside from the winning streak, she has put on good matches. Sonya Daville/Mandy Rose - If it wasn't for the neck injury, Paige would've been my second guess. However, I feel she can still contribute to helping them win the royal rumble. Nia Jax - While I'm aware of the Enzo love story, I wouldn't disqualify her from potentially winning. Like Braun, she was built up to be like a monster for the women's division. Becky Lynch - It has definitely been a while since she has challenged for a title shot. I feel she is one to deserve to win the royal rumble. Bayley - I feel very bad for her as 2017 wasn't her year. "This is your life segment" killed her character. However, If winning the rumble will bring her back, i believe she could also potentially win. -------- EDIT with Breaking News Just found out about Enzo. Cedric Alexander is walking away champion at the royal rumble. Very angry about this. >:[ Rich Swan and Enzo Amore are suspended. I'm hoping they get released. (im aware they are still investigating. But if the allegations are true, then Enzo career is definitely over)
  8. #69 - Dishonored This was a stealth game that really started to grow on me. With the Empress murdered and her daughter, Emily,kidnapped and taken away, you play as Corvo, former royal bodyguard, betrayed and framed as the empress killer. You must get your revenge, save Emily and clear your name. High points were alternatives to kills, powers and path ways. I like having the option not to kill my target, if given the chance. In one mission, you can posion your target's drink or brand him a "heretic", which would mean complete isolation. In another mission, you would have to kill your targets in a steam room or get a code to a safe and give it to LockJaw, who would get rid of your targets for you without killing them. Getting even without shedding blood seems more rewarding to me in my opinion. Powers were unique. Rats chewing on corpses, pausing time and teleporting at ease. I must say they are very creative. The only problem i have with is with regard of adrediline. Please put up a bar or meter. Pathway i found to be excellent. So many ways to approach your target and leave without being detected. Low points were bugs and detection. The game wasn't that bad, but some bits made it hard to play. After one mission, the game just held me at sea while samuel sailed away to where i needed to be. Of course this was fixable by reload my last save, but man it felt frustrating. Being detected by the enemy seems very powerful at times, like each guard somehow has spider sense. In conclusion, I had a fun time and think it is one of the best stealth games around. Haven't played the sequel, but i do hope we have more games like Dishonored in the future (minus the bugs).
  9. Truth be told, I had forgotten about that.
  10. Only Braun Strowman can create havoc, terrorize (and injure) employees and get rewarded for it (To be fair, Raw's ratings are dominating because of him) Also, as a side note, if an angry Braun heads your way, just stand still and have chocolate cake at the ready ------ (Edit: forgot to respond to your first post.) Personally, I'm hoping for the same for Paige. Not like they name a day after him, but to quote the old saying "When life gives your lemons, you make lemonade". For example, It was tragic to see Corey Graves retire from wrestling, due to his concussions, but he is doing awesome as a commentator. Just because its the end of their in-ring career doesn't it is the end of them. I'm okay if she just becomes a manager from now on. If they ever do a female commentary (Which i think they should do for the first ever women's royal rumble), she should give it a try, along with renee young and maybe Lita? Point is, it can better for her to reinvent with her head held high and embrace new changes than to go through denial. (Edit #2: I may have spoken too soon on that last statement)
  11. Just got word on Paige (man I am living under a rock) This just reminds me of another old news story. Travis Roy, young kid who wanted to play hockey. He was playing for Boston University at Walter Brown Arena. It was a big moment in his life. He was on the ice for 11 seconds until....Bam! Went head first and broke fourth and fifth vertebra. Here is an arcticle of him 20 years later if anyone is interested ( The situation is similar to me with Paige. Young wrestler, Back in ring on the rise, with the new first women royal rumble and........Bam! got a neck injury that will end her career. At least, Paige had some great matches.I don't know what this will mean for absolution, whether they will continue or just split.
  12. Fair point. If it wasn't for surprises, Wrestlers like Edge, AJ Styles, RVD and Goldust wouldn't receive the pop they did when they went into the royal rumble. But let me play devil's advocate for a bit. Anticipation isn't always a bad thing. As I said earlier, there isn't a problem with knowing who's going to be in the royal rumble. Knowing that a fan favorite is coming makes it sweet. Imagine if you will if people found out that Ricochet, Dalton Castle, Will Ospray, Marty Scurall and Kenny Omega were confirmed to WWE and top it off, all of them said they were guaranteed to be in the Royal rumble this month. Lets also say that these wrestlers have not revealed their numbers, except Omega who said he is #30. People would be excited and waiting for them to show up. Of course, this is wishful thinking as Vince wouldn't allow it, as you mentioned in a previous post that he hates wrestlers that are not 'his creation'. but if that happened, I'm willing to bet people would lose their minds and get their money's worth. I guess what I want to say is it's not always bad to know who is coming up. Overall, my main and personal problem with the Royal Rumble is the lack of matches to qualify to the PPV. From my perspective, The PPV is like a giant tournament for a guarantee title shot and spot for Wresltlemania, a PPV that feels like a huge main event with big and memorable matches (with some exceptions *cough* shampoo match *cough*). I'm fine if they don't wrestle for specific numbers, but couldn't they at least wrestle to have a chance to participate in the royal rumble? The idea of just announcing yourself in is loathsome. Imagine if they did that with Wresltlemania. I mean it's one thing to win a match or rumble that will guarantee you a spot at Wresltlemania and then say it, that's fine. But to just announce it because [insert wrestler's name here] says so, in my opinion, could devalue the PPV. What was the point of having a Royal Rumble if everyone else was going to be there? I may be looking too hard into the small things of pro wrestling. Sometimes, WWE does things that's doesn't make an ounce of sense and it baffles me.
  13. Well merry Christmas everyone i know its late but still. so which do you think is better this week? Raw or SD? im quite happy with the US title getting a tournament. Feels like there is more weight and value to the title. With that being said, why isn't the RR being treated like this? This may be a personal thing, but I felt they should've have matches to fight for a number. For example, let's say Matt hardy is #3 and Bray Wyatt is #15. If Matt defeats Bray, they switch numbers. They keep doing this until the week of the royal rumble. I prefer this than "I'm in the Royal Rumble". No problem with that as its good to know who is in, I just think that it should be a PPV where you earn the right to go in, as opposed to anyone can join.