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  1. SD was definitely good last night AJ Styles and Shinske Nakamura matches have really grown on me. Most of it can be contributed to Nakamura being heel, which in my opinion seems to be working well for him. Nakamura deserves to be champion. I hope they just pull the trigger on that. If I were to guess, MITB may have another no contest and then push for Summer slam. Two little personal nitpicks: 1) Miz's suggestion on breaking the new day (gotta disagree) 2) Sonya Deville's theme (seems out of place)
  2. Missed Raw ill focus on SD then
  3. Raw was good in my opinion
  4. Politics aside, I really hope he does well. he does seem very passionate about it (Video starts at 2:00) I always find it very interesting when WWE superstars give their perspective as to how they came to be. Sure we have books and DVDS but a down to earth story about his life feels genuine.
  5. In other news, I heard about Kane's elections. looks good from what i hear. Hoping that one day, Kane will Choke slam taxes down to hell
  6. Raw for me was the promos As silly as it sounds, Matt hardy segments are getting to me. I mostly happy for bray as he finally getting a push. I'm hoping for better things in the future for them. Samoa Joe's promo keeps killing on the mic. Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler promo was decent as well. I won't say Raw was better tonight. I have to wait until after SD.
  7. So given all that has happened, was this a success?
  8. SD had the matches. Just a couple of things I'll touch on. Big cass and Danial Bryan promos are very well done. Usos won their match, thanks to naomi's assist. What is wrestling now? To be honest, i thought it would be hard to boo Nakamura, but changing his song definitely helped. I will miss the fans singing with the song
  9. quick question: why is there a royal rumble on friday? I thought the next big PPV is SummerSlam
  10. I just have to say this mid show Beginning of the show....beautiful That Jinder Mahal/Chad Gable segment is distasteful
  11. So basically like making them cannon fodder for the veterans? Doesn't WWE (or rather Vince) do that to some of the NXT call ups? (Context: The few things that come to mind are The Ascension, Nakamura (against Jinder mahal experiment) and Samoa Joe (against Brock Lesnar). The Ascension going from Dominating tag team to comedy is the biggest plummet i have seen so far. Nakamura and Joe, both shown that they are main event material, get shot down in favor of Vince's men (Jinder Mahal and Brock Lesnar)).
  12. Bruno Sammartino Passed away I figure i add this here as well. Though he may be gone, he is still one of the greatest. Rest in Peace friend.
  13. Welp time to give my input. SD was better this week. Although i thought the miz would randomly show up and attack bryan. Maybe big cass is going to be Miz's enforcer? Poor AJ. Don't feel good to get hit week after week "down there".
  14. I'll be honest Glad to see Big Cass back, but I don't think he will last long. He'll need to work on those promos quickly. There only so much leg room you can use for your size in your promos. ---- Watching SD so far and I think they got the better deal than Raw did
  15. @itachi-destroyer Very insightful Thanks for telling me Who do you consider Best Face wrestler? Growing up: Rey Mysterio - I seem to have a soft spot for high-flyers and most of them are my favorites. Rey mysterio was unique and probably one of the most underrated faces. Sure we have faces that are like superheros (John Cena and Roman Reigns), Charismatic (The Rock and Chris Jerico), Underdogs( Danial Bryon and Sami Zayn) or just all out rebellous (Dean Ambrose, Stone Cold Steve Austin). Aside of being a high flying luchador, Rey Mysterio was also presented as a father. We don't get those anymore and i feel we should bring some back.. (this was one of my favorite segments with him. Getting his blessings from his daughter - X ) Today: AJ styles - I know I know. I mentioned how i liked him a lot. But if there was ever a pure face of WWE, AJ styles would be on top. Has great matches, brings the best out of other wrestlers, if not puts them over as well and cuts decent promos (minus Kami). Like him or hate him, He is definately one of the best wrestlers of today. Attitude Era: Rob Van Dam - I don't know about anyone here, but i felt like he was one of those wrestlers that was hard to hate. He was one of the many wrestlers that got me into pro-wrestling in the first place. The guy had the ability, attitude, charisma and the crowd, especially when he went up to do his finisher. All time: Undertaker - Watching tv segments where Micheal cole saying "Now look whos playing the mind game" is very cringy for me. The king of mind games definitely goes to The Undertaker and the best examples were his feuds with Randy Ortan and Edge. Of course there some silly things with like the possession of Josh matthews, but creative would go all out with the mind games. A legend that can get a huge amount of pop just by a simple "gong". Who do you consider Best Heel wrestler? Growing up: Eddie Guerrero - Still sad over his death But he was a terrific heel. He was very entertaining. Didn't get to see his early matches. But now, looking back, he was devious, he was smart and he never played by the rules. He was a down to earth guy back stage, but one screen, he knew how to rile the crowd. Today: Samoa Joe - In terms of character, Miz is at the top of the mountain in that department. When it comes to crossing the line, I say it is Joe. aside from injury, Joe has done pretty well and has this badass aggressiveness. "I'll do what I want, when I want, screw everyone else". I might not remember well, but Joe is the only heel wrestler I know that hasn't had a comeuppance. He does what he wants and leaves without a care. Attitude Era: Chris Jericho - this one was tough but I have to say Jericho when he gave up the savor gimmick (I was sad when that happened ). But when you look at his promos and the way he spoke, that was a man of disgust. He interactions with the crowd really cemented his bad guy status. Interactions with the crowd is a big thing in the Pro wrestling business. For example, Faces can hold up the fan's signs while Heels can rip them up. Jericho had good interaction with the crowd (face and heel), but i think his heel interactions really shined compared to his face interactions. All Time: Edge - The Rated R superstar. My goodness, this was a wrestle that hated but also loved watching in the ring. Much like Eddie, He was very entertaining and in my opinion, had one of the best Spears in WWE (the other two were Goldberg for power and Batista for simplicity). Edge's Spear had the build up and the crowd going insane. you knew this was like the finishing blow. Who do you consider the Worst Face wrestler? Growing up: Big Show - This is mostly because he flipped and turned so many times, I don't know whether to cheer or hate him. To his credit, he did get a pop when he did chokeslams.As a face, he wasn't very memorable. Today: Kalisto - While a great high flyer, his mic skills are very wooden. This i feel was the downfall of his career -> Goddamn it WOO All Time: Ultimate Warrior - He was definately Iconic thats for sure. Wrestling wise though he wasn't as good. He kinda felt generic superheroish wrestler. Given his history with the company as well, I wouldn't want to hire him if he isn't going to show up for events. Who do you consider the Worst Heel wrestler? These ones are mostly geared towards who they are behind the scenes JBL: There is a difference between being a heel and being a complete jerk. They guy managed to be both. The guy was able be a good heat magnet, but also a huge bully. Harassing and verbally abusing coworkers to the point when they must leave. Having that around the company is bad for business, scares away new talent and makes WWE look like a prison. Glad he's retired, but still hate him to this day. Yoshiko (Stardom): While there are some wrestlers that get unnecessary heat and boos, this wrestler deserves all of them. She had a match against Yasukawa. During half way through the match, Yoshiko went against booking and started bludgeoning Yasukawa, attacking her eye. As a result, Yasukawa ended up retiring, while Yoshiko continued to get work. How she isn't blacklisted is beyond me. Imagine Jinder Mahal intentionally destroying Finn balor on the night his return, instead of concussing him. That man would be booed out of the building and them some. Yoshiko is the kind of wrestler i don't want to see in any wrestling production and people who follow in her footsteps should be blacklisted permanently. Her Match with with Yasukawa is one of the most heartbreaking matches I have ever watched ----> Starcade Incident Point is that wrestlers (inside and outside the ring) that Physically or Verbally hurt others they work with boils my blood. Best match you ever saw and why? On TV, it is no doubt the seven-man gauntlet match in February. Seth rollins beating John Cena and Roman Reigns for an hour. Elias showed his strengths during that match. Finn and Miz had an intense match, and of course Braun Strowman stealing the show. It was one of the matches where everyone did very well and wrestled their heart out. Definitely a good night on Raw Worst match you ever saw and why? Jinder Mahal vs El torito. Probably one of the weirdest and worst match i ever saw. Stuff like this put him into a depression. In your opinion or words, What is Pro wrestling? (Good matches? Good characters? Good Storylines? Good Segments? Good Booking? Good Promos?) Watching pro-wrestling from an early age, there was a lot to tackle. What made Pro wrestling? You have talented wrestlers, a diverse set of characters, memorable segments, storylines and promos. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what makes it entertaining. To me, Pro wrestling when they get fans invested. Not like when a dream match is coming up, but when all of these things i mentioned come together and gives us a resounding emotion. Its when wrestlers are let loose and run things creatively (Matt vs wyatt deletion). It's when build up to a moment of sadness (Ric flair vs Shawn michaels), shock (Brock lesnar vs Undertaker) or joy (Danial Bryon vs Bastista vs Randy Ortan). I wouldn't say they are moments, but i want to say like your part of the moment.