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  1. ^ And what would you do if you were in his shoes? Cancel or continue?
  2. Missed SD I'm afraid Was it good?
  3. Raw last night was the night of heel turns. Not a bad show in my opinion. Also, If SuperShowDown was the last time they wrestled together, why are they going again at Crown jewel? I feel like its Cena vs Rock "Once in a lifetime" all over again.
  4. My goodness, Seattle booing Elias for 6 whole about drawing heat
  5. Not even sure if she will, given her status in the company. Worst case scenario is that she might be given a different move set, if not take away the Brie kicks. Keep in mind, "The Yes Kicks" from Danial Bryan were a part of strong style. At least in the sense of co-operation. Who ever is the one getting these kicks, it is important to do two things: Chin up and Chest out. If done right (and sold right), you give the impression that you being kicked through. The only thing is the one who is giving the kicks must give their opponent time to prepare and protect themselves. Thing is, while Liv Morgan had her chest in and chin down (most likely still selling the kick), Brie speeded up the kicks too early. Compare this to Bryan's kicks, his opponents always looked at him, cuing him for another kick. Brie should've waited a little bit for Liv to give her a cue. I'm not defending Brie, but shouldn't the ref given the 'X' or is that by a case by case scenario? Usually that means something is wrong, cut to commercial, tag out and continue the match with a different wrestler. (Liv gets hit in the temple around :13-:14. You may need to reduce speed to X.25 to see it)
  6. So what happens to the games? You can't purchase them?
  7. Hard to believe, but if anyone deserves to retire, It's Matt hardy.
  8. It should be known that there is always a fine line between entertainment and reality and the people who can't recognize that can be dangerous. I swear that the posts/tweets like can turn into harassment. Stuff like this can lead to tragedy like suicide. Hopefully (and knock on wood), this won't happen to her. In the Pro-wrestling Business, If you want to be successful, you need to have a great deal of thick skin (And I mean thick skin like that of a water buffalo). We all liked to be cheered, but if the crowd isn't with you, don't take it personally. It's the mindset every pro wrestler must have in order to keep doing their job effectively. I can't speak for either Roman or Charlotte, but if I were to speculate how they move on day in and day out getting booed, it would most certainly be thick skin.
  9. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll make the correction right away
  10. Seriously? People can take pro wrestling WAY too far. It should be noted that whether you like them, dislike them or dislike how they are being booked by the creative team. these wrestlers are human at the end of the day and none of them deserve to have death wished upon them. Its a job they have to do. Small mention of Jason Jordan....He won't be returning to the ring anytime soon [3:09]. Taken from America alpha, made as Kurt son and then Neck injury. Ok...Prediction time Danial Bryan and Brie Bella vs The Miz and Maryze - Winner: Danial Bryan and Brie Bella Watching Danial Bryan come up short made me sad, but it also made me realize both Bryan and Miz are amazing at their jobs. I've been really happy with what SD is doing with this feud. I say Bryan will win only because you can only keep a face down so long until they have a "shining moment". The only example i can think off the top of my head is Rey Mysterio, considering he had a lot of underdog moment WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe for the WWE World Heavyweight Title - Winner: Samoa Joe I've been an AJ fan for a while. Like the Bryan/Miz feud, I really invested in the feud because both AJ and Joe are great at what they do. I do feel though that in order for the feud to continue, Samoa Joe would have to win. I would to see him run with the title for a bit, considering the promos he has done over the past few weeks. Rusev Day vs SD Tag Team Champions The New Day for the SD Tag Team Titles - Winner: Rusev Day I must say it has been a while since Rusev held a title. If the New day loses, I'm hoping they stay together and go for single titles rather than splitting up. It would be nice to see them cheer for each other while one of them tries to get the US title or dare i say, WWE world heavyweight title. I know that they might get a world title match, but I can dream can I? Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman for the WWE Universal Title - Winner: Braun Strowman Braun Strowman is good as a Face and he's good as a Heel. The man has been used properly up to this point. I have been confused these past couple of weeks. You have Strowman announce his Money in the Bank cash in, Sheild comes out and attacks Strowman. Sounds like the Sheild is a heel now. Next week, Braun and Roman team up against Ziiggler and Mcyintyre, Braun is tagged but doesn't do anything and beats up on Roman, Ambrose and Rollins. Okay, sounds like they got even, but He is officially made a Heel turn. Next week after that, They try to get Strowman booed along with Ziggler and Mcintyre. My head is trying to wrap around all that happened with logic, but the only thing that comes to mind is Patience problem. I'm going against the grain and say Strowman comes out on top. What is going on with creative? Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mcintryre for the RAW Tag Team Titles - Winner: Ziggler and Mcintyre I can predict that the losing team is going to have a betrayal happen. Ambrose Heel turn is what i would like to see. That or McIntyre turn on Ziggler. I'll bet Ziggler and Mcintyre will retain a little while longer. Either way, the result will be interesting. Ronda Rousey vs Alexia Bliss for the RAW Women's Championship - Winner: Ronda Rousey I don't have much to say in this match other than she will retain. Unless Alexia is able to get more back up, She is unlikely to win. Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch for the SD Women's Championship - Winner: Becky Lynch I always felt like Heels were always the ones that could only be champions, especially in the case of Becky Lynch. It becomes painful to see your favorite wrestler come up short on a title opportunity (looking at Finn balor ) and the only hope for them to ever become champion is to turn Heel. While she turned Heel, she got a massive pop from the crowd. I feel she should win, because logical and storywise, if she doesn't, she turned on her best friend for nothing. On the bright side, they might make a great feud erupt. Jeff Hardy vs Randy Ortan - Winner: Randy Orton Again, not to say on this match. As much as i like Jeff hardy, Randy orton is walking away victorious.(Unless he is called out on the backstage investigation for being a "Handyman")
  11. I'm just Baffled at what I'm watching this week. Ok bullet points for RAW (+) Bobby Roode and Chad Gable's match was good. an odd dynamic, but I'm glad to see Gable back on TV. It might lead Roode to go into a Heel turn later on. (+) Nice to see Dean Ambrose's segments haven't changed. "I'll call you next time i'm in jail." Let me be clear, Scary Ambrose is good right now, just having small quip/comedic bits. Reminds me of some chris jericho moments. (-) Unsure of AoP at the moment. I feel it could only work if Rockstar Spud/Dave Maverick was more cowardly. If anything, I think they should've been with Baron Corbin, as enforcers of the constable. (-) Mick foley is back.... I guess. Him being a guest referee felt like a spur of the moment. Not a bad choice, but my feelings about it are meh. Bullet points for SD (+) Becky vs Charlotte Flair and Danial Bryon + Brie Bella vs Miz and Maryze i think was done well. These two fueds are what im looking forward to this sunday. (-) Carmella and R-truth...I know they were just jobbing to Cien Alamaz, but why? I'm so confused. (+) AJ and Joe's Promos were really good (+-) Bar lost, but Rusev Day won. not sure how to feel about it. In my opinion, Shemaus and Cesario should've won. But I like both teams so I'll let it play out.
  12. Finally moved into my dorm room

    Wished today wasn't so hot. Need to crank up the  good ol AC

    1. Skarlet-The-Doll


      Exciting news. Stay cool in your room, don't want to melt. :P hehe 

  13. Preparing to head back to college

    why can't packing be easy?

    1. ee28max


      I'm preparing for final exams. Will be back in October.

      Good luck to you :) 

  14. Phew...I would've been angry if they didn't With regards to the shield reuniting, I'm aware that not too long ago that they did reform and then everyone got sick or injured, right about the time they were going to face the Miztourage. With everyone 100%, I'm guessing this is just one of those moments where they try again. As for their Face/Heel dynamic, If the commentators are not reacting to them, then it's a toss up. If Michael Cole isn't condemning him or Corey Graves not commending him, Romans is still a [Baby]Face. I know this isn't always the case but usually there are small tells. Truth be told, I'm not sure if that will help Roman. Don't get me wrong, Roman turning heel would help a little bit (because the dude is dressed like a super Villian and is instead presented as a super hero) and the crowd boos are there, but it won't solve their problem completely. There will always be anomosity towards him (until the day he retires). Im a firm believer that a Good Face must goes against a Good Heel. As you have said, Braun Strowman is a Fan Favorite. After KO, Who's next to face Strowman? Most of the Heels are already tied in another feud or injured. AoP is feuding Titus WorldWide, Mojo Rowley is feuding with Bobby Roode. Sami Zayn is injuried. Brock Lesnar left. it just seems there is very little room for opposition for Strowman. Because of that, a Face needs to turn Heel. The only example I can recall is JBL turning Heel in order to feud with Eddie Guerrero. (I just remembered Drew McIntyre but I think his feud with Ziggler is inbound) I could be playing devils advocate here, but Roman could be a good heel. But Vince has a patience problem. I wouldn't be surprised if he decides to drop the angle altogether after three weeks.
  15. It appears I am late to the party. I apologize for that but I will also let you know what my thoughts are overall Summer slam wasn't too bad, but NXT PPV was better. The Becky heel turn was in my opinion, a textbook example how to do friendship betrayal right. Compare this to the Sasha/Bayley feud. As for Raw, it is a mixed bag. it was nice to see Dean wrestle again. The main event was a bit confusing. The match was fine, but afterwards was where things get confusing. Braun cashes in and the shield come out and interfere. Did Braun lose his briefcase or does he get a mulligan?