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  1. Definately not a good week in wrestling Ricochet, Maria kennlis and Nixon Newell Injured... Jim Niedhart passes away... Is there a positive in all this? (Will give my thoughts on raw tomorrow)
  2. Honestly, I highly doubt it. There are rumors that he is going to be added to the creative team ( which would be better for him in my opinion). While Heyman is a phenomenal talker and can deliver awesome promos, I don't think it will work well when paired with Roman (currently). To me, it can only work if Roman was heel and with the whole "The Guy" gimmick. That is unlikely because of Two problems: 1.) A Great Heel requires a Great Face (and vice versa) - If Heyman were to be placed besides Roman, he would just be booed, even as good of a talker he is. As you mentioned, Brock was a fantastic, dispicable Heel on Raw. It helped people boo him and generate heat. Samoa Joe is also a perfect Heel, aggressive taking down fan favorites and delivers great promos. Both Lesnar and Joe had feuded with Roman and both times they were cheered. Why? Because they both had personally and an identity. Roman has "The Guy/The Big Dog" and that's it. He wasn't a credible face to cheer for, because he never gave reason for us to cheer for him. Instead of Roman, Imagine if Bobby Roode or Chad Gable went to feud with Lesnar instead and picture the reactions fans would have for them as opposed to Roman. 2.) WWE doesn't know how to book Babyfaces - It is just that simple. Jason Jorden has been a victim of this, which is a shame considering how talented he is. Made as Kurt angle's son to get him over only to get booed. Most of the faces on their roster seem to have bland personalities and lack charmisa as opposed to the heel wrestlers they feud with. Special footnote would be Vince as he is also the one who who is the center of the malice. I don't really care at this point as I wouldn't be adding anything to Vince that hasn't already been said about him. because at the end of the day, It's his company and he will do what he wants and push who he wants. If WWE is going to push him and make him the top guy, they WILL push him and make him the top guy regardless of public opinion. They have proven this in the past. As for the matches, I agree. But they have done this to SD too. The Usos and The New Day were constantly fighting week after week last year. You could argue that Styles and Nakamura feud also feuded week after week, but that is because the quality of their matches improved after their wrestlemania match. For Rollins/ Ziggler&Mcintyre, Owens/Strowman...Creative doesn't know how to book them properly. It may be a scary thought for NXT call ups. TL;DR - Heyman is more than likely join creative than to be paired with Roman. I agree with the repeat matches, but this is normal, as they done this in the past. Creative needs to step up its game. (Apologizes for the long post )
  3. Raw was meh in my opinion While the main event was good, I felt everything in between wasn't really exciting. Segments felt dull. Even Seth's sheep comments ( I don't think it's wise to joke about private photos, considering Seth himself some photos leaked)
  4. Rest In Peace Vader. one of few wrestlers that had strong passion for the wrestling business. As far as I know, he hasn't been inducted yet. He should though before next Wrestlemania. The question is how they will go about that? As far as the surgery goes, he had two recently on his heart. One in March and the other last month in May.
  5. That what I thought as well. But you also have to take into account....sometimes, wrestlers can kill their own push. Enzo annoyed everyone backstage. So much so that he got kicked off the tour bus. The final nail in the coffin was his silence about the rape allegations. Other examples are RVD, Jeff Hardy, Alex Riley, Dolph Ziggler, Rich Swan, Adam Rose, R-Truth, Chris Masters, Mr Kennedy, Jack Swagger and HHH.
  6. Well, Last night was a bit of a mixed bag. Though I will say, that this PPV definately beats last years MITB. Saw some good quality matches, despite getting some bad outcomes Braun won. That is a moment making cash in. Didnt expect Bliss to win. Not sure how it could play out, but I'm optimistic. Sad Nakamura Didn't win, but the match was overall good. I'm guessing there will be one more match between the two. If it does, it might as well be, " if you lose, you can never challenge me so long as I'm champion" scenario. I would like Nakamura to feud with Danial Bryan some time in the future. Rousey vs Nia was fantastic. I'm hoping Nia gets a better title reign in the future, since she didn't hold it for very long. Asuka vs Carmella....Called it that it would be interfered, but didn't expect Ellsworth. While I have no ill feelings towards the man, I don't know if it was a good call bringing him back. On a side note, Does anyone have an Idea when Dean Ambrose will return? I know he had surgery some time back. Plus, I kinda miss him
  7. Prediction time Bay Bay!! Doing this in order (1 = really looking for to v 10 = Don't care for) 1. WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura - Winner: Shinsuke Nakmura or No Contest I have been looking for to their match at Wrestlemania. It was a pretty awesome and with a surprise heel turn from Nakamura. What baffles me the most is that the quality of their matches has became much better than their Wrestlemania match. I was skeptical with Nakamuras Heel turn (as their music is very catchy, like Sami Zayn for example) , but they managed to make it work. It seems like the general consensus is that Nakamura should win. While I feel the same sentiments, I wouldn't mind if they have one more no contest. The way I see it, it's like two sports team both playing at their best and the score is tied and then suddenly, it's overtime and that is when it's all or nothing. SummerSlam is Overtime in this case. But I'm optimistic and will let things play out. 2. Men's Money in the Bank Laddermatch - Winner: Braun Strowman Well this was difficult. I really like everyone here, but it seems like Braun is going to win. It would be one heck of a moment when ever he cashed in, just to hear the monsterous roar. If Braun doesn't win, then my bet will be on Finn Balor. I am worried for Balor's future though as he has been going for titles only to come up short. Kevin Owens hasn't been in the title picture for a while as well as Bobby Roode. The Miz should be have one more go at a world heavyweight title, even though it's unlikely to happen. Yet out of everyone, Samoa Joe needs to be champion some time this year. Like Strowman, he has been doing very well in the past couple of months. Concerning the new day, I think it will be Xaviar woods or Big E (sorry Kofi). Woods hasn't held a world title and Big E, just like Miz, should have one more go at a world heavyweight title. If one of them wins, then I'm hoping they stick together and cheer their friend on rather than just break up The New Day. 3. Women's Money in the Bank Laddermatch - Winner: Natalya Hart @Jesaya815 brought up a good point. Having her win will definately play a part in the Raw Women's championship match. It makes the most sense, but I'm not sure if creative team will book it right. My other guesses are either Becky Lynch or Alexia Bliss. Since they have been out of the title picture for a while, I believe they will slowly reenter the title picture soon. 4. Danial Bryan vs Big Cass - Winner: Big Cass Cass needs a win. After his rivalry with Enzo, He lost momentum. Lucky for him, Bryan wants to put over talent. But I do wonder how Cass will recover. I don't want to say Cass success is because of Enzo, but when they were together, they were "complimentary" wrestlers; Enzo talked the talk and Big Cass walked the walk. With Enzo gone, Cass seems to be struggling with his promos. The way I see him continuing is that he keeps his promos short, sweet and straight to the point. If Cass loses, I expect him to be gone within a few weeks. 5. Bobby Lashley vs Sami Zayn - Winner: Bobby Lashley I have mixed feelings about this. One hand, the Lashley sister segment and interview was the worst part of their feud. On their other hand, The Obsticle Course segment was done very well. Lashley will win this one unless Sami cheats. Let this feud be a lesson to the creative team: play to the wrestlers strength and hide their weaknesses. 6. WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins vs Elias - Winner: Elias I'm going against the grain here, because Elias has been booked well in my opinion. I have been enjoying their feud the past couple of weeks. Plus, I think it's time for Elias to have a title reign.At the very least give him a chance to run with the belt and see what he can do. 7. Jinder Mahal vs Roman Reigns - Winner: Roman Reigns Well these two men are going to get booed relentlessly. I wonder if they will have more boos than Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg, when both men were going to leave the company. Anyway, I expect Roman to win (sorry Jinder). SummerSlam is coming up and Vince is set on having Lesnar vs Reigns. I'll give this match a chance. 8. Ronda Rousey vs Nia Jax for Raw's Women's championship - Winner: Ronda Rousey? Not sure about this one. The creative team's impatience is really showing here, given how rushed this match is. This feels like a lose-lose situation. If Ronda wins, Nia Jax loses her credibility and a good title reign (which she deserves). If Nia Jax wins, Ronda loses momentum. My best bet is on Ronda Rousey. 9. The Bludgeon Brothers vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson - Winner: Gallows and Anderson Not much to say about this match, but I am willing to bet Gallows and Anderson will win this one (Sorry brothers). I would like to see them feud a bit and work their in ring skills a little more. Still looking for to the match than the last one. 10. Asuka vs Carmella for the SD Women's championship - Winner: Carmella I want to be wrong on this one. I really want do, but I have a gut feeling that she will retain. Either by DQ or outside help (Iconics maybe?). I do hope Asuka wins. I don't hate Carmella as much as everyone, but from listening to her on commentary, I don't think it would be wise keeping her as champion.
  8. First off, Congrats to CM Punk for winning against the defamation lawsuit second, no thoughts on on SD?
  9. Has built quite the reputation (11.5k likes and going)
  10. Xillia
  11. Dragon Age Inquisition
  12. Detroit: Become human
  13. I heard Bo Dallas was a pretty good NXT champion? Didn't watch it back then so I'm not sure. As for Curtis Axel, I would have to agree. Axel always had a problem on the mic and could not really follow from his father. His father's shoes are too big to fill. Still, I think he can do well. If Breezango was able to find their niche, maybe he can as well.
  14. What should I focus on next?


    1) Shadow of the colossus

    2) Vanquish

    3) God of War: Ghost of Sparta/Origins

    4) MGS: Legacy collection

    5) Final Fantasy X/X-2

    6) Ace Combat Infinity

    7) Catherine

    8) XCOM Enemy Unknown

    9) Dragon Dogma

    10) L.A. Noire

    11) Borderlands 2

    12) Dragon Age: Inquisition

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    2. WhiteDragonAura


      SotC cuz it's a classic and you listed it first. lol

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      Because you're looking for a challenge *mind trick*

    4. Jesaya815


      So many great games! I would pick L.A. Noire :)

  15. #70-72: Ratchet and Clank Trilogy Like Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank was a series I never got to play during the PS2 era. I had played demos in Walmart, but never could buy the whole game. Once I bought the trilogy pack, I was excited to get right in. High point was the characters, the jokes and the weapons. Aside from Ratchet and Clanks hilarious banter, the games were filled with such personality, I wonder if the developers had fun with this. Weapons were always a treat. Flamethrower, Bouncer , Chicken gun, RYNO and Rift Ripper were my favorite to use. Low point was the farming for bolts. Looking at the cost of bolt to upgrade a better version was ridiculous. The trophies to get 1 million to 10 million felt like ages. Despite this, I liked the game. Like Sly cooper, I'm not sure whether to play the other games or find a brand new one. Either way, I'm hoping this series builds up to something greater.