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  1. I haven't been on because of online classes and i missed RAW. Gleaning fro the responses, i take it people are not pleased? 


    only watched bits and pieces of SD. It's alright match wise. Creative is a bit sluggish.

    (Although Nakamura and Balor feud should be interesting)


  2. On 6/12/2019 at 0:36 AM, skidmarkgn said:


    I wonder what dictates the "business" being hot or cold?  I mean, right now, WWE pretty much is the business.  There's various other companies out there but none of them are on the same level as McMahon's company.  So is it "hot" when the WWE's on point?  If that's the case then the confusing, inconsistent, incoherent nonsense that WWE's putting out week after week is why the business is cold right?  Seems like in our current environment the opposite is kind of true, the business is "cold" because the WWE (and specifically Vince) can do no right.


    The way I interpret the quote is a warning for businesses that don't strive for long term success.

    (since I brought up the quote, I'll briefly mention some context) 


    Around its time, WCW has probably one of the biggest and boneheaded decisions ever made in the pro wrestling business, yet these were made at the time where WCW was making so much of a killing, WWF (and Vince) were getting their butt kicked with a steel toe boot. WCW, even with the ire of the fans, could afford to make mistakes and with the help of NWO, they could milk as much money as they wanted. In this case, "When the business is hot , you can do no wrong" means that mistakes were doable for the company because of they were successful and still able rake in huge amount cash from their fans. At the time, nothing could hurt them.


    However, this would be would not be for so long. With financial success, they had no means to change and why would they? If it's not broken, don't fix it right? This is where the business for the WCW would turn cold. Because of long term fan resentment (as well as other factors), WCW suffered lost ticket sales and low television viewership rations. WWF would soon rise again and the writing would be on the wall for WCW. There wasn't nothing they could do to turn it around. In this case, "When the business is cold, you can do no right" means that because were unable to address the long term problem, they couldn't get their fans to stay with them and inevitably, they were finished.  


    I brought the quote up in regards to AEW. While I believe its good to have competition, it still worries me to see a company throw down with an iconic pro wrestling business such as WWE. Lest we forget, TNA grew way to quickly and lost its momentum as soon as it started to directly competed with them.


    You are correct that "WWE is the business", but i would argue that it isn't the business it once was. There have been some good improvements over years (NXT, acquiring more indie talent to WWE, Women matches getting better quality matches, to the point where they are in the main event of some shows), But their have been many MANY bad decisions over the years (Ruining the Nexus, Bringing back older talent to bury new talent, Backstage politics, NXT used briefly and then made into cannon fodder, "Baylay, This is your life" Segment, Vince's decisions and favoritism, etc). That is just to name a few and no doubt, we could make a list of WWE's short comings and it would take up the entire page of this thread.


    Do I want WWE to fail? and I don't want AEW to fail either. As the saying goes, those who do not learn from their history are doomed to repeat it. Since its recent conception, AEW is ready to charge into battle. Whether this is sheer confidence or bitterness, the company has gained a lot of support from the fans. I'm hoping it does well, but i am concerned how they will go from here.


    TL:DR - Business can be hot/cold in terms of financial gain. If Vince is still getting a ton of money with bad decision, then it would be considered hot. However, the other companies are getting hot as well, with AEW being the as hot as the Lut Desert. The way i see it, It is Vince's short-sightedness and out of touch demeanor that keeps it that way. The muscle bound hero that always wins, like Hulk Hogan, John Cena and Roman reigns (when he was heavily booed) has been done and fans are tired of it. Yet, Vince still presses the idea regardless as it is his guy. Thus, wrestlers are stuck under a ceiling made of plexiglass. Keep in mind, when i say that the business is cold for WWE, this is the result of many many poor decisions and the refusal to change or adapt for the long term.


    [As a side note: If anyone is interested in The Death of WCW Book, I recommend it. there is so much detail in the book I haven't really touched upon. Give it a read, you wont be disappointed.]


  3. To quote a page from the book The Death of WCW:

    "When the business is hot, You can do no wrong. When the business is cold, you can do no right."


    I mentioned this before in previous posts and i believe this applies in today's situation. 


  4. 11 hours ago, Dr_Mayus said:

    I found the new host to be very annoying so I couldn't really get in to it :(

    I understand.


    As a side note, AEW is almost set with a TV deal. Here is where the competition begins (AEW Deal at 10:15)



  5. On 5/7/2019 at 3:33 PM, Dr_Mayus said:

    Well it was hosted by WWE Hall of Famer Drew Carey so you know it was quality :P


    Seriously though I love WLiiA and also the reboted series Improvaganza 


    Same, I've been a fan of the stuff they did.

    Have you watched the new version of Whose line? While its not like the old whose line, it has a lot of great moments


  6. SD was weird, but I'm happy that Balor and Kairi Sane are on it now. I have a good vibes for them. Also, Buddy Murphy is on SD. Might have more matches with Ali.

    KO being a part of the new day might be interesting. Lets go Big O.....Wait.

    Image result for big o


    So AJ styles and Roman Reigns swapped brands. Not bad, but very perplexing. AJ is has always been a SD brand while Roman is always on RAW Brand. Truth be told, I thought Styles and Roman would feud, but i guess not. Whether this is good or bad, i'll leave it up to you.


  7. I'm going to have nightmares, after seeing this lady at Wrestlemainia get to see John cena in the front row. (still, it was nice to see him use the gimmick)




    Aside from that, I'll say that Wrestlemania is mostly moments. Miz/Shane, Daniel/ Kofi, HHH/Batista and AJ Styles/Randy Ortan were my favorite matches. The other Matches ranges from meh to complete confusion.


  8. 5 hours ago, Jesaya815 said:


    Welcome back, Bread ;)


    Well, Charlotte won the Smackdown Women's Championship from Asuka two weeks before WrestleMania, which caused a shitstorm on social media. A lot of the female workers are upset right now as well.


    John Oliver has done a great job addressing such a topic in a funny, yet informative and serious manner at the same time. I doubt it will change anything though, as long as no one is confronting Vince with these issues on a regular basis or let's say the wrestlers go on strike until they get health care. The McMahons didn't listen to Jesse Ventura, so why should they start listening to the fans and the host of a popular late show?



    Glad to be back :)


    My goodness, how did it play out? was it a long match or a squash match?

    I'm just sad for Asuka :( Ended the year of 2018 as the SD champion and then taken away. I'm not sure why they would do that to her. So two champions are in the main event.and only Ronda is defending her title. Very bone headed decision (To be honest, I'm starting to think the triple threat in mania is an insurance clause in case one individual gets injured. Still, it hurts Asuka in the process).


    In my opinion, Oliver does well to bring up topics and awareness to the public, even though he isn't a journalist. But your are right. It would take a lot of coaxing to vince to even make that happen. Realistically, the only way the company will change is if Vince steps down and Hunter takes over, making amendments to their policies to guarantee health care . Or if AEW boasts about having a good health care for their employees, to which it would force them to do the same. 


    2 hours ago, SelectiveGamer said:


    Aww I was going to post that. Too late. lol. Oh well.


    Honestly I really have nothing to say in support or opposition of this. Everyone else can feel free to do so though. 😐


    Sorry about that. XP

    Well, If I may ask, what are your general thoughts on the subject? (I'm won't judge, just interested in other perspectives and want to know the why). I'll give mine just to start


    My thoughts: It is important to treat your workers right. Coming from a family that has a very strict,but good work ethic where you earn what you put in, it's crucial to treat your workers well. Even the AAA video game industry has a problem with treating it workers well (Activision and EA laying off workers after boasting about their success, Konami (JPN) making their workplace like a prison and going out of their way to ruin their ex employee's lives, etc). At some point, something must change. Workplaces like WWE and the ones i mention can only think short term for so long that it can end up hurting in the long run.


  9. 3 hours ago, itachi-destroyer said:

    And here we are, 2 months after the McMahon family's bullshit speach, Smackdown is beginning to suffer from their presence. 

    Vince just needs to quit this business as soon as possible because he is just making bad decisions after bad decisions. I don't know if it's his age or he is just lazy to build a good storyline but why would he do to Kofi Kingston the exact same thing he did to Becky Lynch less than one month ago ? I wouldn't even be surprised if he replaced Rollins with Reigns at Wrestlemania since he is apparently not able to think rationally. 


    The road to wrestlemania is quite disappoiting this year, it's one of the first time I'm not even looking forward to Wrestlemania. There is absolutely no hype about the show and even the good matches that are going to be on the card are built terribly.


    1 minute ago, Jesaya815 said:


    I agree, it's uncreative and lame to replace Kofi this way. Sort of a rinse and repeat by Vince. He is doing whatever he wants, handing out spots, while Triple H, Stephanie, and Shane look like damn fools.


    This has to be part of a bigger picture. If not, then he is just successfully destroying his own product. Every time a superstar is really over, Vince has to intervene or somehow put his stamp on it. I wouldn't be surprised if Becky and Kofi lose momentum because of that.


    It doesn't help a returning Kevin Owens either. He is supposed to be a babyface now, but if you get hand-picked by the old man, you get heat. It's that simple. At least they have the chance to build up Kofi a bit more until WrestleMania, if that is the plan behind this chaotic booking...




    I agree wholeheartedly. It feels like Zack Ryder all over again. "He/She is over, When I say they're over."

    As much I like Kevin Owens, this was a bad move on their part. if they wanted to make Kevin owens babyface, they should've had him intervene where Danial Bryan and Eric Rowan end up ganging up on Kofi.But @Jesaya815 said, if your hand picked by vince, you will get ire from the fans. 


    I would like to remain optimistic. I'm hoping Vince's decisions in the storyline are a building block for HHH/Shane/Stephanie putting Becky and Kofi in WrestleMania, just to spite him. 


  10. On 2/23/2019 at 3:31 PM, jackmadrox said:

    Vince is absolutely insane. This has the whole wrestling world questioning whether or not Reigns was actually ill with leukemia., that it was all a work AGAIN, to get sympathy for Roman and get him over. Un-fucking-believable. I can't wait for AEW.

     Take what you saw with a grain of salt.

    Leukemia is a serious matter and is something you don't want to make light of. As far as the tweet goes, they could just have him stand in the ring and have him talk about his progress. Waiting until raw to see how it plays out.


    But I would share the same sentiment if this is a work. Vince would have Roman booed all the way until death. the audience, along with the wrestlers, will flock elsewhere (most likely New Japan, Ring of Honor and of course All Elite Wrestling). 




    In truth, I've just been burned out with WWE. Braun Strowman's momentum killed. Finn Balor never getting another world title shot. Becky Lynch getting her face cracked by Nia and stripped of an awesome survivor series match. Tye Dillenger is gone. Things don't seem good

    Sure we have new NXT call ups, but at some point i fear they will hit a glass ceiling as well. But I don't want to be pessimistic. IT might lead to great things going forward.


    I'm just at the point where i can't really look forward to or be excited for any of the matches without fear that somehow the booking will destroy them.


  11. 4 hours ago, ee28max said:

    I feel like Johnny Gargano should've held onto that title and should've had a longer reign than to drop it to Velveteen Dream so sooner. I mean yeah sure Dream won the Worlds Collide tournament and a championship opportunity, but that should've been booked for at least TakeOver New York in April (Johnny retains) and feud with him again for the next months in a different stipulation and then drop it. That kinda made Johnny look weak in front of Tommaso by saying he didn't need him by his corner and I still didn't understand why he acted like he didn't trust him when they were a full #DIY team on RAW and SmackDown during their debuts. 


    Roman Reigns returning to RAW to give an update on his battle with leukemia is alright, but I still feel like Vince is taking advantage of that to keep increasing the RAW ratings. Just this past Monday they needed help from NXT using 4 superstars to debut. Next week we already have Ric Flair's 70th birthday celebration (which I'm convinced that Becky Lynch will crash and thus get her match at Fastlane) and then Roman's return. Of course the fans will tune in and see. Roman just recently updated his fans on social media about the battle when he was also announcing his character and appearance in the new Fast & Furious spin-off "Hobbs & Shaw" movie. He deserves enough time to fully recover other than to come back before WrestleMania 35 according to some new reports by Vince.    


    This confirms what I have said in the past. Vince has a Patience problem!

    Aside for that, I don't think its a good idea to bring roman back into the light again. As you mentioned, Roman reigns (or if you prefer Joe) needs to recover. If memory serves me correctly, he relinquished the title in October 22nd last year. Considering that he may have CML, that kind of treatment takes 4 months - 2 years to get under control. Now I am aware that we are at the 4 month mark, but remember: He said that his leukemia was remission for 11 years. For it to come back, this tells me that he needs to extend his treatment or therapy services. Plus, depending on the kind of treatment he is receiving, I don't think he is healthy enough to wrestle. I don't think Roman is frail, but stuff like Chemotherapy and Radiation can certainly affect the body. 




  12. Well, after watching SD, I'm going to compare their matches between Raw and SD


    Aleister Black: Looking back, it seems SD had the better match, with the crowd cheers. However, I think Elias was the better seller of Black's moves.


    Tommaro Ciampia / Johnny Gargano: Personally, Revival was better, because of the fluidity. SD did a better job introducing them. However, the middle of the match, Ciampa tried to powerbomb Sheamus, and ultimate had him land on his knee. they did win the match, but dear god.....that could've ended badly. (as someone who had injured their knees in sport, I can say they freakin hurt)


    Riccochet: I've made my point that he had a good match but a less then good interview on Raw. SD was just slightly better. Crowd and Eric Young young is a good worker.


    Kofi is now going to Wrestlemania. This might be interesting.


  13. What a dead crowd for such exciting debuts of NXT Superstars.


    Personally, my favorites were Revival vs Ciampa and Gargano and Elias vs Aleistar Black. Top quality wrestling in my book.

    Aleister Black Makes WWE RAW Debut Tonight (Photos, Video)


    Ricochet had the whole match, although i wish the interview went better.


    Main event was good, Table match was alright. Lucha house vs Hawkins and Ryder was sadly, forgettable


  14. So....Chyna is being considered for the WWE hall of Fame


    While some people will be happy about it, I feel like something is off....:hmm:


    6 hours ago, jackmadrox said:

    Braun Strowman is no longer the unstoppable monster he once was. WWE should have pulled the trigger on him at last year's Elimination Chamber, buuuuuuuuut....they gave that to Roman. When you think back on the last 5 years, and remember how much WWE sacrificed in the name of Roman Reigns.


    It's a crying shame. Last year, he was red hot. Personally, I would've like it if he won it at Hell in a cell. But, Brock returned and killed that idea.


    I wonder if they if Vince knew about the leukemia.

    If that were the case, then the wrestle mania events would've made sense. But as you said, too much was sacrificed for him, in the hopes for him to be accepted. (Shame that cancer had to be the only thing to get him cheered).


  15. A month ago:

    Vince: You are the WWE Universe, and we want to give you what you want!


    Last nights Raw:

    Vince: Screw your desires, you're getting Charlotte vs Ronda Rousey.


    Honestly, I think its just part of a storyline. But man, way to change your tune so quickly


  16. 18 hours ago, SelectiveGamer said:

    Well... um...


    If Dean Ambrose wasn't leaving before he's definitely leaving now. They just had him lose to an NXT guy. 1f60f.png (although admittedly he deserved that for what he did to Seth Rollins)


    Seriously though... if Ambrose thinks AEW will be any different and will be a legitimate competitor for WWE. Well... all I have to say to that is... ROTFLMFAO. NO.


    I'll relish LMFAO when AEW crumbles in a short amount of time and everyone that runs there BEGS to come back to WWE. 1f602.png

    I think everyone has already made their thoughts known

    I would suggest reading up Howard Moskowitz and his involvement with Prego sauce. 


    I'll give you a quick synopsis.

    In 1986, He was hired by Campbell soup company to help them make the best pasta sauce, as Ragu was the top pasta sauce. Nevermind that Prego was healthier, Ragu was just the bigger and drew more customers to them. Earlier, Howard was hired to help make the perfect pepsi cola, but to his discovery, he found out there was no perfect Pepsi soda, only perfect Pepsi sodas. back to prego, he whipped up 45 different sauces for people to try out (sauces with galic, spicy sauces, sweeter sauces, Thick/Thin sauces, etc) and then tested it on people and have them rate them. With a bunch of data at hand, he looked not for the perfect pasta sauce, but the perfect pasta sauces. As a result, he saw that some people like the sauces plain, some people like them spicy and some like them chunky. The chunky sauce was interesting, because neither Prego nor Ragu even thought to provide it. Customers didnt asked for it, because they hadn't even considered even wanting it. 1/3 of people wanted something no one was providing. Prego provide chunky sauce and they received an almost instant boom. Ragu then panicked and then decide to make more different sauces of their own. Next time you enter in the supermarket, go to the spaghetti isle and check what kinds of pasta sauce you find. Most likely, it will be a mutlitude of different sauce, because as Howard Moskowitz discovered, there is not perfect pasta sauce, but perfect pasta sauces.


    You can apply this to video games as well, but i think this can definitely apply to wrestling. WWE is Ragu and there have been other promotions as well, but WWE has been the "top sauce" if you will. There have been some that tried to copy the winning sauce (ie. TNA/Impact Wrestling, Global Force Wreslting), but WWE was still successful. Still, there had been other wrestling promtions that were being made or rather gaining popularity. ROH, NJPW, Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, Pro Wreslting Noah, All Star Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling, and so much more.  


    Now I won't say that AEW will be a success. That remains to be seen (Lest we forget WCW). But given the circumstance how there are more wrestling companies and more fans hungry for entertainment, it seems like AEW is Extra chunky sauce.