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  1. Thanks! Looking forward to it. I think this will be my first roguelike RPG and a introduction to the genre.
  2. 200-Hit Combo Hit after hit after hit after hit after hit! You lay it on so thick and fast, the enemy doesn't stand a chance! Chase Link Ace Come on! Just one more second! And another! And another! Your unflappable perserverance has finally paid off! Victory over Creed Finished the story for the first time and an unforgettable experience. A great, memorable and one of the best Tales of game in the series imo.
  3. Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God Digital
  4. Nice avatarūüĎć u must be final fantasy fan. Have a great day

    1. fantrig99


      Thanks Shylent! Have a great day as well!:)

  5. Nier Automata. I'm looking forward to this game when I get a PS4 someday.
  6. No problem! Which playthrough are you on at the moment? Don't worry about the fusion of items and equipment as it is best left for the 2nd playthrough. The best skill is to stack the Lindwer skill as the final boss is weak to dragon and by stacking this skill it helps to defeat it easier. Congrats!
  7. Tales of Hearts R renew my hope for the Tales of series after playing Tales of Zestiria which wasn't that enjoyable imo. 

    1. ShyLent


      I have that game tales of zestiria. But haven't started yet. I might skip that one then..

    2. fantrig99


      Hi Shylent! Its a pretty decent Tales of RPG though I think the way they present the story can be a little bland. Battles take place on the map screen and camera angle a little confusing though nice battle system, music and graphics. There is an anime called Tales of Zestiria the X which is based on the game and it covers the story but with some differences. I enjoyed the anime more than the game!:)

    3. ShyLent


      I see, I haven't seen the anime but I'll add that in my next list. Thank uūüĎć

  8. Hi in Zestiria a stack 6 bonus (having any of the same skill 6 times) on the equipment can prevent petrification. Unfortunately Panacea bottles doesn't cure petrification in the game. As for the boss fight try to sidestep around them and a good supply of life bottles for reviving. If Rose gets petrified you can armatize with a seraph to cure the petrification. In order to fuse skills onto the equipment they need to be of the same type. Battle enemies on higher difficulties can yield better drops of abilities in the equipment. Both of these are great trophy guides for the game:
  9. Hi can I make a list? Tops 1. The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel II 2. Persona 5 3. Red Dead Redemption 4. Bioshock 5. Bioshock Infinite 6. Mirror's Edge 7. The Last of Us 8. Uncharted 2 Among Thieves 9. Tales of Xillia 2 10. Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots Flops 1. Alpha Protocol 2. Assassin's Creed 3. Prototype 4. Grand Theft Auto IV 5. God of War Ascension
  10. Currently playing Tales of Hearts R at the moment on the Vita and the touchscreen can be insensitive to activate cross chase with another character when its flashing. Maybe I need to work on the timing?  

  11. 1. Diablo III - January 2 2. Atelier Rorona Plus The Alchemist of Arland - January 28 3. Alpha Protocol - February 7 4. Battlefield 3 - February 26 5. Max Payne 3 - March 25 6. Atelier Totori The Adventurer of Arland- April 8 7. Atelier Meruru:The Apprentice of Arland - April 28 8. The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel - May 22 9. Persona 5 - July 12 10. The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel II - July 18 11. Tales of Zestiria - August 13 12. Nier - August 31 13. Uncharted Golden Abyss - September 9 14. Persona 4 Golden - October 15 15. Ys Memories of Celceta - October 29 16. Toukiden The Age of Demons - December 31 A decent year and a bit of a turning point as I planned to play more RPGs being my favorite genre of games. Part of the best gaming experience was getting the Vita and be able to enjoy more portable RPG games. Gonna continue the trend for this year with more RPGs and more stories to look forward to.
  12. Thanks for the follow, buddy :D 

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      Thanks for the following back!‚ėļÔłŹ Nice profile and gives me a sense of determination! Sorry I ran out of likes today.

    2. Temmie


      *psh* Happens to me almost all the time.  Think nothing of it :D 

  13. A quite decent list but some games here can be included or in higher rankings imo: The World Ends With You should be higher as it was such a great game on the DS. Maybe someday a possible sequel? Persona 3, 4 and 5 should all be in the top 10, Final Fantasy VII and X can be higher on the list. I fully agree with The Legend of Heroes series games, Ys series games and more Tales of games to be included on the list. Not sure if Zelda is considered an RPG I think its a high fantasy action adventure series.
  14. Thanks for doing this. The post just reach 100 likes and good luck to all participants!