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  1. #105 FINAL FANTASY VII Gaia's Guardian Obtain all trophies On that day, Some years ago. Remembering the time when I was addicted to playing Pokemon back in high school. That day, some friends were conversing about memorable gaming heroes and villains. I joined in the conversation and they mentioned things like Fantasy, 7, Cloud, Sephiroth. They praised how the game was presented like 3D graphics, memorable story with twists and turns, character development and having some of the best gaming music. I was very intrigued by it and for the first time I knew about the Final Fantasy series. A good friend of mine let me borrowed his 3 disc version of the PS version. And so I decided to purchase a Playstation by borrowing some money from my parents to play it on. After finishing the story for the first time it had a profound impact on me. I thought about life is like a journey. A person sets goals in life and the Promised Land is like achieving a goal. The game made me appreciate the RPG genre even more. From then on, every RPG gaming journey have been enjoyable and special in many ways. With the ingame boosters and cheats the trophies are made easier. Breeding the Gold Chocobo can be tedious and quite RNG based with the steps and process to get the right gender and outcome. Getting the amount of required gil is a grind and other missable trophies are good by following the trophy guide. Defeating the superbosses requires some preparation in RPG style even with boosters. After over 20 years since its release, FF7 was, is and will always be a special game for me. Definitely awaiting to see what they will do in the Remake and the legacy continues. Difficulty: 3 Enjoyment: 10 Time: Around 35 hours
  2. Hitman and For Honor seems interesting. Have played MGS4 and a good final PS3 game offered. I guess its goodbye for PS3 and Vita PS plus games.
  3. FFXV, nice 100%
  4. #104 Fallen Legion Flames of Rebellion Hero of the People Congratulations! You obtained all of the trophies Fallen Legion Flames of Rebellion is an action single player RPG as part of a two title series (the other Sins of an Empire) developed by YummyYummyTummy. This side of the story follows the character Legatus Laendur, a renowned general in the Fenumian empire. Due to an unexpected encounter and having doubts with its circumstances, Laendur decides to fight and overthrow the empire. The game is available on both the PS4 and the PS Vita. Both versions shares the same trophy list though the PS Vita version is noted by some players to have crashing issues. The PS4 version runs more stable though there are rare occurances of very few crashes. It is highly recommended to backup the game saves often when playing through their respective versions of the game. The trophies in this game requires completing the story multiple times, guard break bosses, and making key choices between battles in stages that can shift some events happening elsewhere which leads to different outcomes within the game world while getting its own trophies. Based on these choices, the summoned warriors (Exemplars) can evolve to their Order or Chaos forms and have their own achievements. Battle stages have rankings with S rank being the highest. There is a One Life Mode requiring to complete the game without the main character dying though there are ways to work around this by backing up the save and makes it easier. With a quite interesting story that raises some questionable motives behind the battle struggle, and a fast paced action battles with fights after fights while making quick decisions along the way has been quite an enjoyable experience overall. I might play the other side of the story in this series and get a better picture of the overarching conflict later in the future. Difficulty: 5 Enjoyment: 7 Time: 30+ hours
  5. #103 DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Champion of Champions Obtained all trophies The Dissidia series are Final Fantasy character based fighting games first appeared on the PSP. Back in the day, I was enthralled by these games where the heroes and villains from their respective numbered series getting to fight each other was something I always hoped for as a Final Fantasy fan. With the variety of character customizations and addictive action based gameplay, I spent many hours in these games and eagerly awaited for a possible next entry. After years later, the latest reboot entry was released to arcades in Japan. It later got ported to the PS4, renamed as Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and considered as the 3rd game in the Dissidia series. There were several different changes like adding new FF characters up to the fifteenth FF installment whilst not including some others (Other characters might later release as DLCs). Gameplays were similar using Bravery to build up damage values and using HP attacks to defeat opponents though with less customizations from previous entries. The quite significant change was the absence of 1 versus 1 battles and only 3 versus 3 gameplay more competitive in nature similar to its arcade counterpart. Additionally, the original arcade version had no storymode and was later incorporated into the PS4 port. Seeing all the different FF heroes and villains interactions were some of the highlights of the story for me though it kinda felt short and wish it could be longer. Online portion took a major role in this game and players can select their characters to compete with others in 3v3 battles and raising their own character ranks range from Bronze to Crystal. The trophies in this game involves offline story based ones, extra postgame story battles, acquiring different numbers of treasures, and the most tedious being the online trophies. There are some exploits that allows an easier time with the online requirements using the MTU trick though it varies with different connectivity of players. Offline is quite a grind with the levels to get 300 treasures and summon battles are a challenge for me on hard difficulty. Despite the differences, I highly enjoyed this new Dissidia HD installment and the action packed based gameplay with the memorable characters of heroes and villains in the FF series. After experiencing this game and seeing these characters once again, the fantasy continues. Difficulty: 6 Enjoyment: 9 Time: Around 150 hours
  6. Irozoku Sekai no Ashita Kara - 13 Episodes
  7. It will be great if it is the original game plus additional scenarios. A good name maybe Persona 5 Rebirth, just taking a guess.
  8. Pretty interested in ZOE, Fallen Legion and Portal Knights. I wonder what their final PS Plus PS3 and Vita games are before they no longer include them from March onwards.
  9. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Up to the Challenge Completed the Basic Trial in gauntlet mode
  10. Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai (13 Episodes)
  11. The character design artwork reminds me of Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne. Looks very promising and looking forward to another exciting and epic RPG adventure with Adol.
  12. Final Fantasy X is one of the best FF game in the series in my opinion. It was my first ever game on the original PS2. The story, characters, music and the beautiful graphics drew me in as the journey went on. I played the sequel a little right after and found it to be quite good though never imagined it needed a sequel. After the quite recent release of the FFX and FFX-2 HD remaster up until now, FFX has become a series of itself. The timeline of the story I think goes like: 1. Final Fantasy X - The first game that started the journey 2. FFX Eternal Calm - A short movie that comes with the release of the HD remaster focus on one of the main protagonists and it leads to FFX-2 3. Mobius FF FFX collaboration - From the developers they say this is canon to the overall story. It details what happened after FFX of the main protagonist. I still haven't played this yet and hope they might release it on console someday. 4. Final Fantasy X-2 - The sequel 5. Final Fantasy X-2 The Last Mission - Takes place after FFX-2. It was originally release in Japan and now included in the remastered version. After this, they included the controversial literature sequel that takes place after FFX-2 in the good ending of the game. It ends just before the perfect ending in FFX-2. Then the audio drama takes place that was included in the HD remaster of the game. If they do decide to go for a sequel I think they can add more story to the previous pilgrimage that happened 10 years ago before FFX. That can be a way to expand the FFX world and parts can be connected to FFX-3. In the end, I'm still not too sure whether they should continue the story as it ended in a satisfying way in my opinion. Maybe with this the story will end as "every story must have an ending."
  13. Table Tennis Pro Smash the ball three times in one match
  14. In melee stage 10, for Sera final boss fight I can suggest using Rush style at the beginning to hit one of the normal enemies a few times and build up the heat action gauge. When ready for use, run and evade the enemy on the left then go to the back of the garden and change to Beast or Brawler style. Grab one of the lanterns and wait for Sera to approach then use heat action to do damage. Go back to Rush style to quickly evade Sera then run up to one of the two enemies and hit them a few times to build up the heat action gauge. Go to the back once again near a lantern. Change to Beast or Brawler style then grab another lantern and wait for Sera. Perform another heat action and repeat. Btw congrats on the plat kanzenchaos
  15. #102 KIWAMI Obtained all trophies Yakuza Kiwami is a remake of the first game in the long running Yakuza series developed by Sega. An action adventure game with RPG elements, the game focuses on Kazuma Kiryu of his trials and life stories in the world of the yakuza. The game takes place in the city of Kamurocho, a fictional district based on somewhere in Tokyo. Gameplay involves exploring the city with mainly street brawling, going to places like restaurants, and playing different minigames in this open world setting. The trophies requires completing the story, getting through the minigames, fulfilling requests for the people in the city, and completing trials being climax battles. When it comes to minigames, Mahjong comes to mind that it has quite a learning curve but it gets interesting after a while. Bowling is quite fun though I struggled with aiming, pool is quite skill based and fun to play, Karaoke have some pretty good music and other activities available. Climax battles are post game challenges to give additional battle scenario for gameplay and they get pretty difficult with some restricted requirements. I enjoyed this game and the tale of trust and betrayal in this underground syndicate world of yakuza. Looking forward to other games from the series and experience more stories and the path of Kazuma Kiryu in the future. Difficulty: 7 Enjoyment: 9 Time: Around 120 hours
  16. For Proving grounds 7, I can suggest following the video above and spam shoot using R1+Triangle throughout most of the mission. For the last part, the method in the video is a bit risky. The way I tried is, as I start shooting using Triangle, I used the left analog stick to move Kiryu away to cover on the left and slowly pick the targets. When it comes to the boss, I spam shoot as I slowly walk forward as the time is getting short. When I see the boss is about to attack, I dodge roll and side walk a bit then resume the attack. Repeat and dodge when you have to reload midway or about to sense its attack. The mission time is also quite tight in this one.
  17. The gambling part of the cp completion is very RNG based. Even with cheat items the most tedious one I think are baccarat and Mahjong. The good part is that it doesn't require consecutive wins and can exit each game to save the progress unlike the Haruka requests where it needs to win x amount in a row. Some of the quite tedious weapons that requires winning ranked matches in Mahjong, many wins in shogi, and many gambling wins around 99,999 chips for exchanging prizes can be skipped for the requirement of 100 weapons. Getting around at least 11 million for the two highly priced weapons and other purchases can be the alternative for the weapon completion. Best way recommended by other players to acquire cash is to grind at the coliseum and pick the last match using Tiger drop to complete it.
  18. Clannad
  19. Yes The Witcher 3?
  20. Monster Hunter World
  21. SECTION 1: 1: What is your favourite game that you played and was released in 2018? I haven't played any games released this year. 2: What is your favourite game that you played and was released before 2018? The Witcher 3. Very enjoyable RPG with really good story and gameplay. 3: What is your favourite PlayStation Plus game of 2018? Yakuza Kiwami. I have heard about the Yakuza series previously and been quite interested ever since. Decide to start with this one and it is a good game. 4: What is your proudest Platinum that you earned in 2018? Star Ocean 4. I got addicted to this game and played for quite a while. 5: Which game do you consider to be the most over rated game that released in 2018? Probably Battlefield V. 6: Which platinum trophy pushed you the hardest this year? Star Ocean 4 on all the battle trophies. 7: Which trophy (excluding platinums) was your most frustrating trophy this year? The recent Yakuza Kiwami post game content minigames. Games like Mahjong have quite a learning curve. Some others like pool requires skill and some luck to get shots in and bowling is quite hard as I struggle at aiming. 8: What is your most anticipated PlayStation game for 2019? Kingdom Hearts 3 and Tales of Vesperia remaster. 9: What is the last game you bought for: PS4: Final Fantasy IX. PS3: Record of the Agarest War PSV: World of Final Fantasy PSVR: None 10: What would be your Top 10 recommended games that you've played this year (they must be PlayStation games and they can have been released at any time, as long as you played it in 2018) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Tales of Hearts R Yakuza Kiwami Grand Kingdom Star Ocean 4 Star Ocean 3 Star Ocean 5 A King's Tale FFXV Sorcery Saga SECTION 2: I don't have an opinion in this section. Apologies as I have been an inactive participant in this comp. Thank you @adam1984123 for running the comp and @damage_6-9 for the prize in one of the monthly give away. Congrats to all the winners!