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  1. but why i have not intel on the last guy? timer is set to zero
  2. Trophy description is not super clear What's the legit way? Couldn't find much relevant info for today season.
  3. Is it? Or they abandoned H2 entirely for H3 I own H2 and H1 legacy pack If it is how do you access it? Where to find it? Do we have schedule for when they release it?
  4. I own disc copy of HITMAN 1 and and digital copy of HITMAN 2 we got this month in the PS+ so in HITMAN 2 I unlocked the LAGACY PACK to play remastered version of hitman 1 (NOT THE GOTY LEGACY PACK) and my question is, when i'll get HITMAN 3 will i'll get the content of HITMAN 2 and HITMAN 1 LEGACY PACK with it (or does it have to be GOTY LEGACY?) and does progression carries over like challenges (cuz i'm going for 100% and some of them are pretty annoying to repeat) and trophies auto pop?
  5. how is this gonna work do i need to have the HITMAN 1 disc inside the whole time or what? also are you speaking from experience? i'm only asking because someone will come over tonight to sell it for me but if it not gonna work i'll want to cancel before it is too late
  6. to enable hitman 1 stages (in HITMAN 2) do i have to buy the digital copy of hitman 1? or a physical copy of GOTY is good enough? need to know this ASAP please tnx!!
  7. did nothing?? i did do hitman 1 trophies and it's not laziness i do not own the game anymore, why should i l buy the game again? why include trophies from the old game if it's not included and you have to pay for it?? just so people would buy it again, so yeah it's lazy and greedy beside for hitman 3 the trophies for hitman 1 and 2 does auto pop from what i've heard
  8. that's bul*** lazy devs tnx
  9. i had a disc copy of hitman 1 goty (which i dont have anymore) and completed it 100% and now got hitman 2 from the PS+ for free can the trophies from hitman 1 auto pop for me in some way? (i dont have hitman 1 PS+ version)
  10. so quick update Gold Star Success - 100 Assignments (popped at lvl 40 lol) Holding it Down - 30 War Zones Treasure Trove - 50 Cache Savior of the People - 100 AIM prisoners eventually popped, keep on playing solo only waiting for Tentative Peace - 15 Villain Sectors (doing the 2 daily everyday) To the Dark and Back Again - 50 hives (at 26 by my new count) finger cross
  11. Treasure Trove - 50 Cache popped foe me on the very next run no sign for the rest of them tho 😓
  12. this game has so many glitched trophies it is so frustrating I understand that playing online (which is mostly what I did) may have screwed me over cuz the next trophies wont unlock for me Tentative Peace - 15 Villain Sectors (done more for sure) Gold Star Success - 100 Assignments (I'm lvl 35 with each faction and no trophy) To the Dark and Back Again - 50 hives ( didn't count but done a lot of them) Holding it Down - 30 War Zones (done more for sure) Treasure Trove - 50 Cache Savior of the People - 100 AIM prisoners I've completed Days of the Remains so many times now, getting 2 cache and 3 prisoner's each time I've done 18 solo runs of Days of the Remains in "Avengers Initiative" (36 chests and 54 prisoners) and 25 runs solo on campaign some said it help them (50 chests and 65 prisoners) Those are just the runs I actually counted (at least 10 more runs uncounted ) Not including all my online matches and vaults I did Or even story content where went out of my way to get everything what else can i do? does resetting campaign and play offline helped anyone? dont know if it has something to do with anything but my campaign stuck on 92% competition playing on latest patch as of today 1.47 (War for Wakanda DLC)