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  1. You won't need Patches for any of the rings, but in 4-2 he will kick you into the pit where Saint Urbain is located. I don't know if jumping down the pit by yourself will work or if it's going to kill you. If the latter happens you won't be able to rescue Saint Urbain and because of this you can't buy any miracles from him in that run of course.
  2. I posted this in another topic a few days ago, you can try on the US Gamestop website with VPN if you're outside NA. Maybe someone from the US could check it out if there are still codes available?
  3. You could try on the US Gamestop website here. Unfortunately I can't see if there are any codes available anymore since Gamestop seems to block people outside NA? At least all I get is a "Access denied" message when I try to access the website, it used to work back in the day. Maybe it's a problem on my side, but if not there's still VPN if you want to check it out. Nevertheless you'll need a US PSN account to redeem the code and the US version of the game to be able to play the DLC, of course.
  4. I'm working towards the trophy as well at the moment and also do have all the bugs you describe. From what I can tell is that the host has to start any level after you entered their pod, otherwise it does not count. I don't know if it counts when leaving directly after the host started the level because it happens so rarely that the host starts anything at all (IF you manage to connect to one in the first place) that I don't dare to leave, so I just finish the level to make sure it counts. I don't know what it was like a few years ago when the servers were more crowded, I Imagine this was a lot easier because of the casual gamers playing the story. Nowadays however people just won't let you enter the pod and if they do they are mostly just standing around changing costumes, decorating their pod, doing nothing or kicking you out immediately. So I'm quite glad when that trophy's out of the way.