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  1. Update Got 2 more plats to go up to the rank of disciple Had ac2 and unity Now got brotherhood and liberation
  2. Best 1. Uncharted 3 2. Uncharted 2 3. Bioshock 4. The last of us 5. Dark souls 6. Batman arkham asylum 7. Assassin's creed 2 8. Red dead redemption 9. Batman arkham city 10. Far cry 3 Would have put some kingdom hearts, jak and daxter and ratchet games here but decided to only include games originally released on ps3 Worst 1. Sonic 06 2. Wwe 2k14 3. Star wars the force unleashed II 4. Modnation racers 5. White knight chronicles
  3. Just got my first souls plat that being dark souls 1! Sign me up for Warrior of Sunlight.
  4. Took some time but finally got my second plat from unity
  5. From the main games i have played 7. Ac 1 6. Revelations 5. Unity 4. Black flag 3. Brotherhood 2. Ac 3 1. Ac 2
  6. 1. Early 3D games were revolutionary but most of them haven't aged well at all. Many people aren't ready to admit that. 2. Call of duty is not the worst series ever. 3. I don't like buying digital games that have physical copies available because i love looking at my collection 4. I think people who don't play new games because they want to prove a point are missing out. Same thing for people who only play new games. 5. Some gamers are extremely obnoxious and can't seem to make their own opinions hating on some games just because others do that too without playing them. Not sure if this is an opinion though
  7. Mega man! Mega man 1-6 on nes are true classics. The X series is also great.
  8. I only have AC2 plat but I'd like to join Gonna get some more soon hopefully
  9. PS3: AC 3 PS4: Infamous second son
  10. Ratchet & Clank HD Collection Oh the memories... It has been over ten years already
  11. I don't have it I only have the first episode but I'm planning to buy the rest
  12. I'd say Bioshock