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  1. Yeah, that's fixed.
  2. A new tamer will be added with the upcoming patch. Should be located at the Drake Isles. He might be needed for the 2 trophies to complete after the patch is live.
  3. If you go to your "storage box" in a healing center you have the option to rename your nexomon. This way i got the trophy.
  4. Most of the trophies shouldn't be missable as you can travel to each area all the time you visited before. Also the side quests are always open to complete them. Idk whats up with the tyrants/dragons at the late/post game. It could be the case you're get only one chance to catch them (like in pkmn when you beat a legendary by mistake and had no save before). So the trophies affected to that could be eventually missable.
  5. Prior to the patch this could happen, yes. I think around 10 mons were affected. The latest patch fixed that as well.
  6. In Nexomon they're so called Cosmics. Its the games version of shinies. Currently there is no online part in the game but the devs planing to work on it if the game does well or if this feature gets requested by enough ppl.
  7. Yes, i would say so. I do love the pkmn games but nexomon does so much things right what pkmn didn't the last time/s. Especially in terms of difficulty and story. Even talking/interacting with npcs can be very very funny at times (you'll know when youre going through the game). I do also like the style of the gen 4/5 just with better graphics. Theres 381 nexomon to catch and IMO a lot of them are so damn nice and cool. Played now 40 hrs and i'm maybe half through the story. (with some hrs lv grinding). The devs are also very close to the community on discord and reacting really fast to bugs.. even they're listening to further improvements that is wished by a lot of ppl. So what i can say is I LOVE IT! Hope the devs/publisher do have success with this title to produce someday a sequel of it.
  8. v1.03 is live. Fixed a lot of bugs and that frame rate drops/freezes. Also the "A dozen down" trophy popped right after i started the game after the patch.
  9. There's a patch coming early next week. According to the devs this should fix this and other bugs like frame rate drops / freezes.
  10. Had the same problem. Vanity Issues unlocked as i am nicknamed a nexomon at the "nexo box" inside a healing station. There you have a chance to nicknane any nexomon you have. Full Team unlocked as i caught the "7th" nexomon who get's automatically transfered to the box. (As you have a full team) So i wouldn't say the trophies are really bugged.
  11. I was looking at the Psn store to pre order the game but i can't find it by now. Does someone saw it at the EU store?
  12. Is the exploit still usable at version 1.09? Started today and was wondering if it' s still working.
  13. Are the trophies for 200 kills with each char doable in pve? Or only pvp?
  14. I had the hope after the patch today it will work, but no way.. Since last tuesday i can't get into the game.
  15. Got the same problem for 2 days now. No chance to get into the game. I played for around an hour before i got disconnected. Tried it so many times. Reinstalled the game, restarted my console.. nothing works. My connection is fine, tried it also with LAN.