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  1. Today there should be a special login bonus for the "Golden Week". But i can't say for now what type of bonus is given as i'm not at home to figure it out. Edit: Today's bonus (28th April) is 100k Zeni.
  2. Is that login bonus a single one, or should i really become everday a zeni login bonus? Cause i got yesterday 1 million zeni (but i messed up to disconnect to recollect it again) and today i got nothing.
  3. Oh ok, sorry just started the game and didn't know that. Thank you
  4. Just tried it now, was too late to disconect and received the 1million Zeni. Did i messed it up to get the 20 million easily. Or do i get another bonus tomorrow?
  5. Is there still a log in bonus as of today (April 8th) ?
  6. Ok, i just gave that method another try. Played on my PS5 and invited my second account at my gf's PS5 into my game. At the door i hold square to start the activity. After that i pressed the left d-pad button to accept the start of the activity at the 2nd account. Immediately after that i hold R3 to bring up the text menu and press (and hold) the X button on W until no more letters can be displayed. So basically i doing whats in the video and whats been written but somehow it won't work.
  7. Oh wow, really thank you I'll try it as soon i'm have access to my ps4.
  8. Im so so clueless.. tried this again for about two hours with different timings to press R3. Im in with a second console, so no splitscreen. Starting to feel really stupid.. As everyone seems to got this to work so easily.
  9. Thank you ! Will try that for sure. I really enjoyed the 2nd game but this one isn't that good as their prequels. As you said missing content.
  10. @Diegofr12 No you have to invite a 2nd player Can someone clarify when to open the text menu ? Got it to work one time at first try but now i tried for hours and it wont count anymore again. Do i have to press R3 right after i start the activity, before 2nd player accepts or after that? Or in the short loading screen after 2nd Player accepts or before/after that? Im so clueless why this doesnt work anymore.
  11. You can download data in both directions. I've played the PS4 version first, transferred my save to PS5 and continued on the PS5. Every now and then i load up the PS4 version with my current PS5 save to auto pop some earned trophies. It's definitely working in both ways. Only trophies that are not auto pop are these where you have to do something special in a certain mission.
  12. Alright, thank you for the clarification.
  13. Hello, firstly i wanna say thank you for what you're doing here. Such features i always missed on this site. But i do have a question as i'm using psnp more frequently on my smartphone via chrome. Is it possible to use + also on mobile? Downloaded the dropbox one but i didnt got a install prompt. Am I doing something wrong?
  14. I do have ps plus but bought Maneater last month and just got a message from Sony on my ps5 that i'll get a refund for the game as it is part of ps plus for january. I was wondering cause i mostly own all the games ps plus includes the last months as i bought them before and never got such a message. I'll look up the days if i really got a refund.
  15. Yeah, that's fixed.