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  1. Can someone explain how the pvp lore challenges works with 2 Players?
  2. Hey, i could need Maduin too. Will trade back once i got the entry for the trophy. This minigame drives me crazy. Tried it so much times. Psn ID: Dragonxlave
  3. Do i have to be at the leaderboards? Or should every event count towards the 20?
  4. Do trophies pop with this method?
  5. Got it too. So Happy right now !!
  6. If i reach the 116.0 m then my diamond cup are safe? (If Ubi doesnt have problems with the server) Cause im rank 40 at this moment with my 116.0 m and at the leaderboard it shows only a silver Cup. But at the screen where i choose the 4 challenges it says diamond.
  7. Trophy popped for me too. Search a map that has a beatable time and get there the best time. tap at "Post Time" Just tap at "No" if the game asks you to upload your time. You will recive "your time submitted.." tap Ok. Then Exit and go to the share station and there to Mod Explorer accept the licenses and wait some seconds until the loading screen finished. The trophy will pop!
  8. Someone can teil me if the trophies support multiple languages? The game itself should, but can only see the english trophies.
  9. Hey, Im still looking for a veteran item. I will trade it back, right after the trophy pops.
  10. Hi, i could need a item for both trophies. Will trade back after trophy pops. Pm me on psn pls
  11. Thx for your replies
  12. Can you tell me a easy way to do this? I'm not that bad at that game series (Platinum in all games) but every time around 24 or 24 fights i'm done..