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  1. Only save at campfire? Thats reminds me of dark souls lol
  2. Tried for 2 hours this evening. No chance to connect to the servers. Just frustrating.
  3. Hey, since rayman legends are free this month for ps plus i decided to start the game a 3rd time. My idea was to begin as early as possible with daily/weekly challenges but i mostly cant connect with the servers. (My Internet connection works fine) Someone else got the same problem ? Are the servers that bad?
  4. Is it possible to become the abilities who normaly gained per char lv up in boxes or drop? I have some low lv chars and wonder if the abilities can drop or only gained per lv up
  5. Do abilities randomly drop in endless tower?
  6. I tried this last night but again no trophy. Thats somehow frustrating.
  7. I got the same glitch on 'New Recruits'. Cant find any solution.
  8. Hey, anyone here who's still playing this Game? I could need some good +Gold armor like the goldskin for my demonhunter. I dont think i have something good to offer so if someone wanna lean me a armor or want to duplicate something i would be very Happy:)
  9. That would be great, if you do so.
  10. Anyone here who's got a lv 49 char for helping me with that glitch?
  11. Can someone explain how the pvp lore challenges works with 2 Players?
  12. Hey, i could need Maduin too. Will trade back once i got the entry for the trophy. This minigame drives me crazy. Tried it so much times. Psn ID: Dragonxlave
  13. Do i have to be at the leaderboards? Or should every event count towards the 20?
  14. Do trophies pop with this method?
  15. Got it too. So Happy right now !!