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  1. ROCKET LEAGUE Heartbreaker Win a game against All-Star Bots with a Decal equipped Certifiable Earn Veteran status for your Certified Item
  2. ROCKET LEAGUE Trade Secret Trade In five items of the same quality to receive an item of the next-highest quality
  3. Until now I got: Noelle 3 Fischl Xiangling 2 Barbara 3 four star weapons
  4. GENSHIN IMPACT 漫长旅途的开端 完成蒙德的魔神任务。
  5. ROCKET LEAGUE One Better Increase the level of a Certified Item
  6. ROCKET LEAGUE Join the Club! Create or Join a Rocket League Club New Challenger Join and complete an Online Tournament match Together is Better Play and complete an Online match with one or more Clubmates Best of the Bunch Earn the MVP award in any Online Tournament match People Person Play and complete 10 Online matches with one or more Clubmates
  7. ROCKET LEAGUE Swap Meet Trade and receive one or more items with another player in a single transaction
  8. Hi, I'm looking for someone willing to help with the "Swap Meet" trophy
  9. Thank you. Only some challenges were a bit hard, like always perserverance get you anywhere😀 Thank you. It's a bit grindy and it requires a bit of planning.😀 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  10. ROCKET LEAGUE Squad Goals Score a Goal while in a Club Match (Online Matchmaking only)
  11. Most fun platinums: Saints Row The Third Saints Row IV Puppeteer Most grindy platinums: Bleach Soul Resurrection One Piece Unlimited World Red One Piece: Pirate Warriors Highest skill based platinums: Dishonored Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's cut Sleeping Dogs Most boring / tedious platinums I earned: Assassin's Creed III Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Assassin's Creed Unity Platinums that I did not achieve, but wanted: Gran Turismo 5 Medal of Honor Killzone 2
  12. I really like it and finally trophies tracking system😀
  13. ROCKET LEAGUE Budding Artist Collect a Painted Item
  14. GENSHIN IMPACT 逐风的寻宝者 在蒙德开启200个宝箱。