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  1. I confirm you don't need a WBplay account to achieve Repaid in Blood. I have got the trophy on 10/15/2019.
  2. Because there were a lot of bugs in the beginning and of the four players level.
  3. The club i'm in is open and beayond level 10. I need help with Contender, And So It Begins! and Unbeatable. I read that i need to send five challenges a someone need to lose them. My psn ID is the same i use here. 😄
  4. I missed the four Dlc outside of the season pass. I hoped in a flash sale this weekend and at least I were going to buy the 4 dlc tomorrow in the morning. They delisted all pretty early, here in Italy the time limit was set at 1 september 00:59 am. I
  5. Thanks!!! I'll add you, same name me too. 😄
  6. I'm using this old topic because i need help for"Now I'm Feeling A Little Motivated" trophy. There is/are people that can send easy challenges on network 0?
  7. Sorry, i didnt knew it. I dont own any dlcs. I need only Menz in the Hood. I hoped to find someone that owned the two weapons and let me gain the trophies.
  8. I like first to achieve mp trophies so after I can play without worries. I gained the other two mp trophies so i played some mp matches
  9. Hello, I want to ask for someone who could help me to achieve the trophy. I haven't much time to play and I would really like to get the plat.
  10. You can try to set diffculty on easy to gain S rank