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  1. Anyone else have Ps5 Hard Crashes? While playing Elden Ring I've had 3 Hard Crashes. First time I got set back a gooood chunk and had to fight Margaret again, second time was as bad since I started regularly uploading to the cloud. Third time I was making my way through the castle got a good chunk done but 🙃 gotta do that section again since I didn't upload in a couple hours.
  2. I was able to fix the Uncharted Lost Legacy not popping. I booted up the Ps4 version played Chapter 9 again and the bit where you jump from the train and hang I saved the game. Then booted up the Ps5 and imported my save and a good load of trophies popped 😁 glad that worked now I can do clean up without having to get collectables
  3. I just got the game and transferred my saves started with Uncharted lost legacy and nothing popped but was able to get Crushing trophy from play last level again. But kinda annoying how I have all collectables in my stats but they didn't pop not sure what to do there hmm 🤔 I did try chapter select but no luck. Loaded up Uncharted 4 and got all the difficulties trophies, the speedrun and accuracy. Plus all collectables popped. Strange how uncharted 4 popped trophies but Lost Legacy didn't.
  4. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. I got the award for 100 wins today April 10th for some reason it saying 1 Oct 2020 and my Ps5 is stuck at 99% for the trophy. I loaded up the Ps4 version and got the trophy for All I do is Win but ps5 version is a computer says no stuck at 99% Anyone else having the same problem or is it just me?
  6. The size of the download for a little fix 🤔 doesn't make sense to me.
  7. Thanks for the Video. I tried what he suggested but after a few hours of playing the Stick drift came back. It's really annoying it's gone when I first boot up but then it slowly creeps back. 😑 I really want to play the game but The Drifting is really off putting.
  8. Anyone getting stick drift on cyberpunk 2077?? I'm on the PS5 playing the game which runs pretty good compared to what I've been hearing. Only had issues with the HDR which I kinda fixed (looks good enough to play) & I seem to have Stick Drift my character seems to over move or the camera decides to wandering when I'm stood still talking to a NPC, in the menus when trying to select things it sometimes like nope imma go over this way. I've Google this issue and it looks like I'm not on my own. Hopefully they fix this soon I'm enjoying what I've played so far.
  9. I've quite a bit of Avengers before the PS5 came out got Iron-man to Power Level 150 so I should have had Wanting for Nothing by now 🤔. Plus I played the game on Challenge level 3 whenever ever I could on a level but no luck. I've definitely played more that 30 levels on challenge level 3 and higher.
  10. So this hole Next Gen is going well. I've had my Ps5 randomly turn off (Spiderman miles morales) Games refusing to update (Borderlands 3) I'm in the middle of redownloading so in a good few hours I'll let people know what happens. And now this 👇 I'm using my phone so can't embed photo properly Edit I just redownload and got passed where it would crash will keep updated if anything else happens with the game.
  11. thanks just need to go back on the story done everything else just story left for platinum
  12. Would it be safe to boot the game offline to do the story?? Or would it crash the system?
  13. One week later and still no online 🤔
  14. I bought this game to play online co-op with a friend but the online seems to be missing hmm 🤔
  15. I had help with getting trophy From Borac90 the method he use in his video works pretty much 99% of the time plus all three of us went over because of it