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  1. I got this trophy from kill my friend over and over we were getting 104 caps each time and when he was low on caps I traded them back to him then continued until it popped seemed like the quickest way to get the trophy done
  2. This game was made by one guy so I would expect something Grade A but not bad for a one person indie game studio. I'm looking forward to the JRPG he's in the middle of making light fairytale
  3. Is this ment to be the screenshot of the theme?
  4. You got some screenshots of the theme ??
  5. Hmm interesting I got the Bloodborne platinum theme would be nice to get this one
  6. I have the EU PS4 version of the game and wouldn't mine some help beating the game before the new one
  7. Sign me up I'm a good fan of the Lego series I have pretty much all of then on PS3/PS4 disc the only one I has from the giveaway is the Lego Hobbit on Ps Vita
  8. Yeah It's the grenade launcher seems to work best
  9. here's a video on how I did the Ailen King boss I was the second person on ps4 to beat him