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  1. This game was made by one guy so I would expect something Grade A but not bad for a one person indie game studio. I'm looking forward to the JRPG he's in the middle of making light fairytale http://neko.works/
  2. Is this ment to be the screenshot of the theme?
  3. You got some screenshots of the theme ??
  4. Hmm interesting I got the Bloodborne platinum theme would be nice to get this one
  5. I have the EU PS4 version of the game and wouldn't mine some help beating the game before the new one
  6. Sign me up I'm a good fan of the Lego series I have pretty much all of then on PS3/PS4 disc the only one I has from the giveaway is the Lego Hobbit on Ps Vita
  7. Yeah It's the grenade launcher seems to work best
  8. here's a video on how I did the Ailen King boss I was the second person on ps4 to beat him