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  1. Hi all, I’m not having luck getting in a match of Ghost war. I was wondering how many people does it need for a standard match to start, I know it won’t pop in private games, but I’ve had almost 0 luck getting into a game of Ghost war. So I figured if I search a standard match with a boosting partner we may be able to play a round together. Anyone know how many are needed for the round to start?
  2. Hi all I’m wondering about using quick play. I just started nightmare and I’m getting into levels further in the chapter. If I get sent towards the end of a chapter without finishing any levels beforehand will I get the trophy for completing that chapter? Or do I need to actually play through each level individually?
  3. Was looking to create a boosting session for kl2 but for some reason can’t find the game when trying to create one. Could I make one here in the forums?
  4. Hey all just seeing if the online for this was still running?
  5. @neospoon appreciate it!
  6. For those who’ve Platinumed the game. Do I need the UFO artifact for any trophy like completing the artifact list? I sold it to Howard and right after realized I should have checked if I needed it first. If I do need it is there a way for me to get it back? Thank you in advanced.
  7. I’ve tried that and they never activate the alarm. Just stand there looking around. Tried staying near them, tried running away but staying in the base.
  8. It’s honestly a very easy game to do. I had really bad game breaking glitches but I did my plat run on release. Not sure how those glitches are now.
  9. Killing 500 AI enemies as the Predator Hey all, was wondering if there was a decent farming method for these kills? When I play as a FT member in private I encounter loads of AI enemies, but when playing as the predator I only encounter a few. Last game there was only 12 in the match. Anyone know if maybe there’s a better way to farm these?
  10. Does anyone know if rematch’s count towards it or do they have to be reset? I’ve got 2 Ps4s and 2 copies so I figured I could just re match the same fight over and over but I’d rather check before wasting time. Thanks.
  11. I’m using an actual ps controller
  12. I’ve reinstalled twice, disc is absolutely spotless. I just tried going offline and same issue so I guess I’ll try getting a new disc. Shit I’ve had people tell me that before but still have the desire to play lmao
  13. I’d like to play through this game but apparently I’m unable to lmao. Every time I get to the screen where I can start a solo game I’m not able to do anything, not even go back to the previous screen. My ps3 isn’t freezing as I can back out to the ps menu. I’m able to get past selecting my difficulty and once I try and start the campaign I’m unable to do anything. Any ideas if there’s a fix?
  14. Hey all, I’m doing the challenges and the final chapter I need is 10. Any advice as I get to the final challenge (6 explosion kills in 35 seconds) but I seem to be only getting 1 kill. I’m getting annoyed as it shouldn’t be this difficult to blow up cars and get the necessary kills. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
  15. Okay that’s what I figured. I wanted to be positive grinds weren’t somehow being counted even though they literally say single player.