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  1. Yes, its def a little more difficult than re1
  2. @Letenko22
  3. NVM

    i need 2 bgms for the plat #49 and #59. How do i unlock these as im unable to purchase from the shop and have already done all of dads scores. Any clue?
  4. Awesome thanks!!
  5. I have a run with no neuromods installed. Im at the level before dahl comes. I was wondering if i can load up that save and use my neuromods to get the trophies related to finishing the game with typhon mods, and the run through with human mods? I know they have to be separate so i was curious if i can load from there and do them?
  6. So i had wwz on release and solid it, i recently just bought it again. I had all episodes besides tokyo finished. I started up the game and saw that i didn't even have tokyo as an option, i assumed its because my games not fully installed. Well, i replayed the last level of moscow and died in the beginning of it and i got the trophy for finishing all episodes. Is this a glitch or did they update the game or something? It just randomly popped after i died so im a little confused lmao.
  7. @Letenko22 thanks! Whatvanout missed collectibles? Do i have to finish a stage for it to register or getting it autosaves it?
  8. I have a question regarding this mode? I have a playthrough currently im doing collectibles on, its on hard. If i were to switch to normal and do ranking mode would i screw up my hard collectibles run or would i still be okay going back to it?
  9. Hi, does anyone know if its still possible to boost this, and how id go about it? A friend and i were trying and were having 0 luck getting matched. We are the same level and everything but no luck. Whats the best way of trying to boost? And do you lose bp when you lose? I read once you get to 200k thats when you start losing some. Do you lose loads and go below 200k or do you just stay at 200k and always revert to that?
  10. Hi, i cant find a direct answer to this but is leech hunter difficulty specific or is it always the same difficulty? Im on hard and its not tough but it takes way too long and i really wanna get this over with it. If i did a quick speedrun and played on easy, would i unlock leech hunter in easy mode, or would it be the same difficulty it is on normal and hard? Im going for Distracted from the hunt and getting 50 of one leech color. Already got the A rank so these are the only 2 left i need. Example of what i mean: Easy beat=easy mode leech hunter Normal beat=normal mode leech hunter Hard beat=hard mode leech hunter Or is it all one difficulty no matter what?
  11. If you stay on it grinding pikes basin itll take 3 or 4 weeks to reach lvl 50, and 100% all dlc. The most longest part is getting to 50. Story trophies and misc aren't hard but will take you prob 30-40 hours, with online excluding dlc you're looking at 60-70 hours add dlc prob 80-90 cause youll need a full game for some dlc trophies. Getting a posse of 8 can be difficult as well as ive found usually 3 to 5 people will join and the rest dont. You may get lucky tho. Im currently at 89% i just need advamced co op missions to be finished with all ok nline related trophies and its annoying as hell.
  12. So, im getting my ass beat by the damn AI bots. I have 6 characters left for the online, my thing is though i keep getting one shotted by the AI and my team doesn't help litterally at all. Am i just trash at this or is there a way around the savage bots lmao?
  13. Agh gotcha, ill just finish up the collectibles because i started from chap 2 in ng+ not chap 1 and im already at chap 10. I appreciate the reply! I figured it didnt work that way but games have done goofy stuff before so i figured id ask lmao.
  14. The Evil within help! Hi i was wondering if i started a new game+ and started off from chap 2, if i played through to the end from chap 2 and sped run it, would the trophy pop? I ask because i needed some collectibles and keys starting from chap 2 and on, so ive been playing from there. Do i need to start from the 1st chapter or will what im doing work since its a new game+? Thank you in advanced!!
  15. Hi, im for some reason having a good amount of difficulty with the tutorials and combo challenges, ive gotten throgh most but now i just cannot get it down, could anyone help me with them?