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    I like to watch football and i support the best team in England which is Manchester United. i also enjoy going to the gym, you need to stay fit and healthy, you can't just play games all day. Also and this is no surprise i like going for those trophies.

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  1. Got platinum for this game today and i used Blastbeard for the level 100 trophy. Managed to level up pretty quickly as well because at the moment it's double XP.
  2. You best go check out the gaming sessions if you wanna group up with people.
  3. I thought this was really nice from the Dev team. This gave you the Mad Trendy trophy if you didn't have it already and it made the Head Turner trophy easier/quicker for me to obtain. 5000 kudos isn't much but it got me a couple of items from the store. Well at least we all got something for nothing.
  4. I use the the basic PS4. Always start on the last row on this event and because of this i tend not to win very often.
  5. I don't mind this mini game. I always qualify when playing this. Just using the jump dive tactic towards the center usually works as long as you don't try it when the see-saw is tilted to high and you should be fine. I won this mini game many times and yes i have waited several minutes for the game to finish because a lot of players struggle on this event.
  6. Hello, Just looking to join someone's level 50 crew. Iv'e tried sending requests to a few different crews already but no luck. Would really appreciate it if someone could help me out. Thanks. PSN is D00M3D_UK_
  7. When i do buy a PS5 it will be the disc version. Really don't wont to limit myself just to digital only games. Like to have a choice between the two. Plus we all need to remember when we buy digital games we don't actually own them, Sony can remove them from your download list at any time they wont, like they just done with some PS3/Vita games.
  8. Just seen this thread and thought i go check my download list on my PS3. I have so many games missing from my list. Most of the games that are missing are the ones that i have paid for with my own money and looks like all the free PS+ games are gone as well. Also i went on the Services List on the PS3 and it's empty and i'm pretty sure it should mention your PS+ subscription. I'm really angry about this situation i cant believe games that i have paid for have been removed from my download list, to be honest it feels like i have been robbed, it feels like Sony has stolen from me. I really hope this is some sort of error/glitch and hopefully Sony can fix this soon. Even if Sony fix this problem i 100% wont be buying a digital only PS5. i really don't like the feeling that Sony can remove games from your download list at any time they wont. Will have to start buying more physical copies of games from now on, at least Sony can't steal them.
  9. Thanks for the info. Just downloaded this game on my NA account. Not played a LEGO game in years so i might give this a go.
  10. Thanks for the info. Just picked this up from the UK store. Its always nice to get games for free. Not sure if i play it though, just looked at the trophy guide, its an ultra platinum with an 8/10 difficulty.
  11. D00M3D_UK_ Two Birds With One Stone Which is from Modern Warfare 2 my favorite call of duty game 😀
  12. Played this game years ago, i have got the Platinum already but i never really worked on the DLC. I just checked the EU store and i couldn't find the game or any DLC so i had go to my download list and get it from there. I think i have all the DLC but not sure. Anyway going to try my best to get this 100%
  13. No more friend request please.
  14. Well a patch for this game was released a few hours ago and it has fixed the broken trophy situation. Basically the problem was if you would meet the requirement for a particular trophy a totally different trophy would pop. The whole trophy list was a complete mess. Never seen anything like this before in all my years of trophy hunting. Anyway with the new patch installed i booted up the game and all the trophies that should of pop originally all popped, which was nice. Well i just need one more trophy and i have my platinum, I thought this would be a nice quick and easy plat but it's not. It is easy but i put in 44 hours into this game according to the stats page and still need to grind out many more hours for the "millionaire" trophy.
  15. Well i tried a few times but it doesn't find anyone. not enough people have the game to get a full game started i think. Think you need 8 people in total for this online trophy. Anyway all the trophies for this game are broken. I was going for the trophy called "Wrench and Hammer" trophy which is repair yourself 100 times. I met the requirements for this trophy and instead of getting the trophy i was going for i got the online trophy instead. This has been happening with all the trophies for this game. You go for one trophy and something total different pops. I have never seen this before with trophies. Also another example is when you first start playing the game only C class league is available. So when you complete this league the trophy for A class league pops. All the trophies are messed up for some reason. Even though i have the online trophy already without even playing online, i will still need to meet the requirements for this online trophy because it will pop something else. Start playing the game and you will see what i'm talking about.