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      When viewing trophy lists from PS5 and the PlayStation App, those platforms are currently not pulling data from "legacy" trophy lists properly (PS3, PS4, & Vita lists), causing this website not to be able to scan them in at the moment. Your trophies are still synced to PSN, however they are not currently viewable on PS5 and PlayStation App until Sony fixes the issue on their end.   Here is a thread discussing the issue:    


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  1. Yeah i returned the copy after i got the trophy lmfao
  2. Name : That's a wrap Description : What's in the bale? How to get it : BALE 40 BALES OF SILAGE This was a tricky one. I went out a picked up a physical copy of FS22, deleted the game and downloaded it off the disc with my network turned off so the first patch did not download. Proceed to plant a field with grass, mow, windrow & use a baler that also wraps the round bale. As soon as the 40th bale was wrapped and dropped the trophy popped
  3. I am going to be trying this today after I finish "Rasin the stakes"
  4. The spinnery is buggy. I finished this on the map Haut-Beyleron and only a spinnery is on the map & they do not insta sell like you mentioned. Regardless of how many bales are in the sell point; only 1 bale slowly sells. If you go up to one on foot you can see it slowly selling on 120x speed. If someone does choose to sell this way or find out late, placing them in the area then sleeping in your house knocks off about 1200L a day. It was a painful experience and hope no one else has to go through what I did lmao Everyone should stick to Elmcreek & the farmers market for this one
  5. I confirmed this yesterday. Gone but not for cotton must be done in a single session I baled around 54 round bales and the trophy popped at around 47 bales sold Must currently be done in a single session. For ps4 players with old consoles like myself, game crashes count as resetting so I created a dedicated save just for that trophy
  6. Yeah that's why im semi worried if this is causeing something similar to happen to me. If you recall, did you make round bales or rectangle for the cotton
  7. Okay thank you, I should be close then. Having no progress bar on the ps4 makes this a guessing game praying things aren't bugged. Plus I hope the various game crashes doesn't cause any issues unlocking this
  8. Does anyone know how many bales of cotton are needed for this?
  9. I agree! It's been a lot of fun. I usually come to games late & just consume whats already been figured out and posted. It was a blast to be able to contribute
  10. I used that method before I went to sleep. Honetly wasn't sure if it was frowned upon or not so I didn't share lmao
  11. Confirmed the trophy is locked behind a time gate 72+ hours? a week? not confirmed time wise. Please refer to the main thread here for the official trophy details as they are updated
  12. I confirmed it's a time lock, exact time is unknown Create a save, to load at a later date to pop the trophy
  13. Possibly if people got an early copy cause its only been out for 5 days in the US It may even be 72 hours looking at this players timestamps
  14. No luck, 30ish hour old save. Did a few contracts and worked a couple acres & nothing
  15. Testing it out now, I have a save from the 24th & will play on it a little to see if anything happens