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  1. All 8 platinum trophies were unlocked on certain order especially Rayman Legends as 165th milestone (Mostly because of the infamous online trophy) for this anniversary finally. Also...don´t forget me ( Hey you Stalker-san from my profile) you may now remove Squareboy vs Bullies from the list since I´m not really feeling it... I rather save next slot for another game before a 170th milestone.
  2. Everything has planned months beforehand since this thread existed . However I didn´t have much time to start any JRPG or VN for the event also trying to clean up the recent backlog with some older titles first before starting newer games unless they have gotten some online trophies... IMO better line-ups will fit with 22nd Feb date perfectly than 17th Dec.
  3. I also would like to join this event too. Better late than never but I´ll be in both Japan and western anniversaries. For Japan 7th Anniversary line-up ・ガンダムブレーカー - Ready to pop ・ガンダムブレーカ2 - Ready to pop ・Gundam Breaker 3 - Ready to pop ・WRC4 - Ready to pop ・Rayman Legends - Ready to pop ・Need for speed The Most wanted - Ready to pop ・Ridge Racer - Ready to pop ・Jack and Jill DX ・Squareboy Vs Bullies On 22nd February: ・アイランド / Island ・さかあがり・ハリケーン ・冴えない彼女の育てかた - blessing flowers ・白衣性愛情依存症 ・LittleBigPlanet ・Asphalt Injection More titles may be added later like 無双 Orochi2 Ultimate, Soul Sacrifice etc. if I will ever manage to finish them before 22nd Feb.
  4. Edit: I´m done with 50 unique players grindfest and thanks to people who helped me with some plays. Also I would highly recommend anyone to use Christillusion12´s method by level-linking your 50 trophy level to spam levels. Some of us already have used it and might take a few days to weeks to farm some plays from random LBP players if you just keep spamming a few levels everyday. at weekends is a best possible time to attach more people for playing your levels online.