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  1. Socom & Splinter cell
  2. I did it the same way as in the video, so that works. No need in replaying the game.
  3. Might go for Destiny 2 if I can find people for the prestige raid. Going to finish up PUBG once I find motivation but main game will be RDR2 for a while
  4. - Your top 3 games + hours Player's Unknown Battleground - 224h Cities Skylines - 184h FIFA 19 - 98h - How many days played + hours + longest streak 215 days, 1368h, longest streak 13h - How many trophies earned (optional platinum,gold, silver and bronze) 313 trophies: 7 Platinum 34 Gold 79 Silver 193 Bronze
  5. I'm hoping for Wreckfest & Sniper Ghost warrior: Contracts. That would make me happy for a decent time.
  6. Playing PUBG, f'ing pain in the ass but trying to get it of my to-do list.
  7. So, today I've tried this mission 5-6 times but I just can't seem to make it work. I've searched all over the internet to find a decent walkthrough but I can't find any. does somebody has, or is somebody willing to make a decent walkthrough of this mission? Even just tips are very welcome at this desperate moment. It's the only mission I've had a lot of difficulties with, and it's kind of taking all the fun out of the game for me.
  8. Far Cry 2 Also Test Drive Unlimited Sniper Ghost Warrior But still Far Cry 2
  9. 50 rarest trophies are from 10 games Mine are rookie games if I look at other people 😂
  10. It might be ridiculous, but my favorite game has been Cities: skylines. So many hours played, enjoyed every second. so, my list: 1. Cites: Skylines 2. Horizon: Zero Dawn 3. Driveclub, after the very bad start I picked it up somewhere and had loads of fun with this game. 4. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands 5. Tropico 5 A game that has come over from the PS3: Grand Theft Auto V, cliche, but definitely had so much fun with it.
  11. Why did I only discover this now? This is amazing work @HusKy.
  12. No MP at first sight, which I think is best for these type of games. Doens't look to difficult.
  13. My bad, did only check for 1 region. For the trophies it's best to just stick with one region. Apparently when you change regions, your stats are set back to 0 when you come back to the 1st region.
  14. Wait whut, there are a few very good games in that list. 😅 What didn't you like at all those games?
  15. Feel free to add me. Looking for more people to compare trophies with, see what other people play, look out for Co-op buddies, ... Add PSNProfiles in request so I know it's from here 😁