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  1. US Store's down for me...
  2. Most of my games but, one I would like to get that's really beyond my skill is Stardew Valley. I'm not likely to ever beat Journey Of The Prairie King nevermind beat it with no damage!
  3. 1. Reaching the center without multiplayer help is very doable... I did it on my own twice: 1 normal and 1 permadeath. I used an exotic ship with max upgraded warp engines and went through black-holes. 2. You can have more than 1 save... I have a normal, survival, and permadeath. I learned on normal, played survival for the challenge, then played permadeath for the trophy (I didn't use a back-up save, just exited the game when I knew death was eminent). As for how many hours to plat... I cant say because I enjoyed playing the game and put a lot of hours in before I started the permadeath play through.
  4. I've never heard of it glitching. Did you click the arrow at the bottom of the monster list for page 2? I thought I had completed it and no trophy popped but, hadn't noticed a page 2. Now, I have the trophy.
  5. I want the rest of the story for The Order:1886... in VR! Red Dead Redemption would also be neat in VR.
  6. Got mine on sale and don't regret it even though I don't play it very often (motion sickness). VR No Man's Sky is an Awesome experience! I'm sure VR is much better on high-end PC but, I don't have that.
  7. Nice! Mine was Toy Story 3 for the PS3 because I had given up on getting the Space Ranger Elite trophy (last 1 needed for plat) then, randomly decided to try again and got it after just a couple attempts.
  8. Voted - LOL! Never saw (or heard of) either movie but... how can anybody resist a title like Robot Jox?
  9. A dragon from Skyrim because... Dragon!
  10. Hey, I'm trying to join the session but dont see you online...

  11. Already fixed. Just earn a trophy, sync, and your profile should be viewable again. I just did this and it worked.
  12. All of PSN was down last night. Do what DaivRules said and earn at least 1 trophy and sync. I just finished doing this a few minutes ago and it worked.
  13. Anybody know... Does using a base trashcan reduce game clutter?
  14. I picked up the physical disc for $10 so, price was already good for me. My Wish list: VR would be amazing. Ship customization &/or dealership would be great. Water planets in Survivor difficulty that don't have hostile sentinels! I'm OK with the harsh environments, higher materials cost, higher damage when attacked or injured but... give me a break with the psycho sentinels on EVERY water planet! NOT fun! I want to use my sub and build a water base!
  15. I really wish I had more time to game but... The Order: 1886 Okage Shadow King No Man's Sky (spent a lot of time in this game and still playing)