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  1. Hey, I'm trying to join the session but dont see you online...

  2. Already fixed. Just earn a trophy, sync, and your profile should be viewable again. I just did this and it worked.
  3. All of PSN was down last night. Do what DaivRules said and earn at least 1 trophy and sync. I just finished doing this a few minutes ago and it worked.
  4. Anybody know... Does using a base trashcan reduce game clutter?
  5. I picked up the physical disc for $10 so, price was already good for me. My Wish list: VR would be amazing. Ship customization &/or dealership would be great. Water planets in Survivor difficulty that don't have hostile sentinels! I'm OK with the harsh environments, higher materials cost, higher damage when attacked or injured but... give me a break with the psycho sentinels on EVERY water planet! NOT fun! I want to use my sub and build a water base!
  6. I really wish I had more time to game but... The Order: 1886 Okage Shadow King No Man's Sky (spent a lot of time in this game and still playing)
  7. Truly! I really need to get to work on my PS3 backlog! Many of these have zero or few trophies. I always pop in a new game just to check it out then, go back to what I was already playing so, these are the games I own plus a few that don't have trophies. PS3 (81) - PS3 Purchased July 2014 PS4 (32) - Purchased Black Friday 2017 PS Vita (11) - Purchased June 2015 Multiplatform (9)
  8. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 (PS3) - I have this for PS2 and PS3... just never got around to really playing it (started it several times then got distracted). Novice Hero - Win the Phil Cup.
  9. 2,952 I will never get to single digits to lack of skills, server shut-downs, no Plus (PS4), and tempting sales but... working on the rest of it!
  10. I am honored... Thank You!
  11. Congrats to the winners! (Missed it by this much... and this much more... and a little more... #14) I would be happy to be a premium member...
  12. Merry Christmas! My favorite memory was driving through the neighborhood with dad and siblings looking at the the houses decorated with Christmas lights and luminarias (actually, farolitos but, everybody calls them luminarias) while mom was home getting the "Santa" gifts set up. Driving through the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights has become a tradition now.
  13. Fallout: New Vegas Remastered (No freezing after 30min gameplay!) The Order:1886 - I want the rest of the story please
  14. I still have PS1 and PS2 backlog! Yup, going back and forth... when not working on SNES backlog on Super NT. I'm hoping to discover fountain of youth so I live long enough to play all my games!
  15. I bought the game used for $10 after the Atlas and Foundation updates and am enjoying the game. I'm hoping there's something in the update for players that don't play online. I don't have Plus. I'm not interested in paying Sony for permission to play games I bought on the console I bought on internet I'm paying for. I am really interested in the 'build a base anywhere' and better terrain (I really hate the 'falling through the planet' glitch).