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  1. Hello everyone, I hope you are fine.. Because this thread has the best users on psnp and because my profile will be soon deleted, I wanted to write my last post here.. I have made the decision to delete my profile by getting it banned... You've been all very nice to me but I know some may have been disappointed by me I'm sorry about that I thought some of my mistakes could be "fixed", but what is done can't be fixed I lost the friendship of awesome people here, it makes me utterly sad i don't think you will ever miss me, i didn't bring a lot of good things.. Thanks again for your kindness everyone.. I'm not seeking to get more attention, but i thought the courtesy to explain myself was necessary bye..
  2. hello rory nice to see you Nobody likes my pudding anymore want some ? ninja'd
  3. Waffle
  4. an awesome girl
  5. i apologize Anyone would like some pudding ?
  6. no sorry It's cool you come more often here Stupid. Can I propose you some pudding ?
  7. I knew it couldn't last :(

    1. cronocyde


      What's going on?

    2. StrickenBiged


      On what timeframe? If you take a long enough view, nothing ever lasts...

    3. KyuubiWarGreymon
  8. no stupid just old nep nep Can i have some Selina ?
  9. no is 30000£ also for full time job ? Sorry to ask again Selina?
  10. nope back already, food bought faster than i thought For a full time job how much will i earn Selina ? ninja'd
  11. of course razza.. Selina ?
  12. penguins ? hmmm yes i volunteer Razza ? Have to go, please take care of yourself everybody, *Hugs*
  13. i hope he's not scared because of me, last time i scared him when i told him i was going to turn him into a bird Razza i was joking i won't turn you into a bird Razza ?
  14. i meant food for people who will visit your zoo Andy ?
  15. Selina allows me to take care of the reptiles, ohhhh great Never played GoT, the only telltale game i have never tried I was thinking, who will be in charge of the food ? Can I also be the one cooking ? Andy ? Selina ?