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  1. The real question is Is it will be at launch OR "eventually"
  2. I think part of problem is also game that you love it and wanting so much to get platinum on your collection but most of the time it became chore because majority of them require homework to do because missables or just impossible demand from you (online trophy most of the time) I also face this problem myself time to time take a break and return just to feel this over and over again for some reason lol because old habit died hard. So, i am doing thing at my pace and when i feel like doing it. I just start Cold Steel platinum saga (always want to play this and contribute to the problem that i mentioned above) and this seems to feel like a job already only even few hours in lol
  3. I have continue its questline until it require me to hunt item from hawk and golem I never get any drop from it and stuck on this forever. Any idea on this PS. i get Drake Fang from random fight and it isnt related to any quest i have. edit: got it, it seems quest description is wrong you need to kill drake and spider and get its drop to fulfill quest
  4. Thank you for suggestion. If I decide to go back and play can I use these to follow and get platinum as well?
  5. Hello, I am completely new to the series and interest to try this one out. Is it safe to follow this walkthrough for platinum and not missing any trophy ? and do I miss much of the other thing game has to offer such as, secrets etc.英雄伝説-閃の軌跡iii-trails-of-cold-steel-iii-overall-walkthrough Thank you.
  6. *Solved by reactivate Adblock by open-close few times* Why I even using this on this site as I already a Premium Member
  7. I am quite suck when it comes to real retro game. exception is only some game that i was play a lot in the past... so, is this game as hard as something like, lets say Contra? Do average gamer can platinum this game without too much frustration. Quite interest in it as it currently in sale. Thank you.
  8. When I try to visit this site by Google Chrome , it always show up like this. I have try multiple PC and it ended up the same... so i cant access profile update section. When i visit by other browser, it working just fine.
  9. This game is basically going to my workplace simulator. Lesson learn that you must not rush or trophy will not pop when it should lol. btw, this game has no reason to be 40MB save file at all. what is included in that lol.
  10. Can I use trick to revert digital games back to V.1.00 ? DO I have to play from start at 1.00 or just when done with all trophy then revert back later is fine?
  11. Hello, Anyone know if this is working on exploit for Metro Exodus Ranger Hardcore ? Can you just play an do exploit to get 1.00 game later? Thank you.
  12. OK, so I already Platinum the game. (Thank you to KhajitWerewolf on helping last trophy)I would rate this game 8/10.My mini review:The game has potential to be next Danganronpa but fall short just a little bit.(No Spoiler)General- I think game UI looks great but most of the time you cant just save anywhere you want and it will be very annnoyed when replay or fix mistake.- Log section of this game is just not good, constant clearing up itself very quick than it will be useful.- A LOT of read and understanding required, and need to have basic understand of some real life technical thing/term to fully enjoy the game more. sometimes you will feel discourage to go through every clue card on every character, to just found out it can produce itself as well so sometimes you must go through almost 100 talking in one section.- You can't look at any other info at hand when go through kind of "Game Exam" that game place you every after you finished talking section and there will be no log as well. and you also can't save in it. This is also one of annoy thing in this game.- No Flowchart system - Graphic and art direction is cool , sometimes screen tearing may present but just not really big deal.- Good Soundtrack-Subpar translation but this is better than no translation at all. It has error in many area but still do its job. (such as he or she pronoun or some other confusing translation)- I platinumed it around 25 hours , if you care only all branch it can reduce to 20 hours without text skip.Story- If you like Danganronpa , you will like this game. it will give its vibe pretty well and the case will feel like at home. Even character in this game is just half of Danganronpa but they fleshed out character pretty well.- The game has multiple branching, not too many but it's here and will not unlock until you clear first ending then true ending.- The branching story are all interesting scenario which I am not spoiling.- First time playing you can go into blind because no matter what you do , it will result in same ending.- You can unlock fate of every character on epilogue depend on many factor / route you are in (almost all of trophy are in here as well)- There is multiple Bad ending, some are very easy to obtain (and likely everyone will get on just first hour of the game...) some are very tricky and have to actively intended to do.- One of bad ending is very cool easter egg. I hope everyone got to see it ! - If you want True Ending in one go, save scumming is required. without guide. Basically without spoiler , try to pleased everyone and keep every one on high spirit as well as yourself and try to talk all Positive and Neutral card on every occasion of every character (don't worry too much on your sanity)For me, it's worth $49.99 asking price, but that is really subjective.
  13. A fun game for sure. It seems I have to just set trophy aside in this game and just enjoy for what it is on around launched day as everyone going in fresh and it is populated the most. Cant wait.
  14. Heard this from friend and he is level 300 in one day in no time. If anyone want to abuse it should do so before getting patch
  15. i am busying platinum Ghost at the moment and if time is spared i will pick this up on NA PSN (yay!) and try. $49.99 is ok price given how it seems to be on above average side of this style of game. The game is 20-30 hours long all branch without text skip from what I heard from Korean player