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  1. I wonder if i required in any trophy, like it is hidden under some requirement Thank you
  2. Is it accumulated earning or have it at once ?
  3. I saw that something has change compare to launched version. So, is there any updated trophy guide anywhere yet ? Thank you.
  4. For the truthful route I have to choose the moral route and all characters must survive. So... my question is: How can I do a normal moral route in NG+? Do I have to ignore Ryo so he doesn't survive? >> Yes Also, in what order should I follow the routes? My idea is: Harmonious > Truthful > Moral > Wrathful. Is that good? >> Thats what i do as well following trophy walkthrough
  5. Got platinum today (and 250th too in fact !) Overall the guide is 99% accurated with minor error , some already pointed out, there are a lot of minor mistake but it shouldn't matter as you can just answer or figure out on your own at that point Last 2 chapter of Wrathful route , there is handful of error here but those are not matter at that point. Also, recruit question should be inculded in trophy guide as supplementary also, if i would suggest and some location should point out that it is VERY RARE encounter. What i do is play first 2 routes and just try to capture shadow battle along the way especially junior digimon it will give you a lot of path to evo later. reccommend just evolution almost all of them and the rest is just follow the guide provided. Thank you for the guide
  6. Another error from Truth route : Part 10 : Move to Ruined Apartment Interact: Minoru “I’ve got a secret” << this choice not existed , simply skip to next step is ok Move to Woods by City "Have you seen Miyuki" Trophy Unlocked - Ebonwumon defeated!
  7. Truth Route walkthrough Part 10 "Shuuji" Move to Park Gate Interact: Minoru "I'm sure you get it" Interact: Shuuji "We'd never get going" Move to Deep Woods Trophy Unlocked - Angelic Entity << this didnt unlock for me, it just event for my Minoru evolution to crowmon , will update if it happened eventually later. EDIT: I repeatly enter Deep Woods (2 more times actually) to exhausted all evolution event in pending (Floramon then Lopmon in my case) and trophy popped at this spot
  8. I am on the 2nd playthrough , aside what I post above. i would say you obviously know it error but it is minor like It failed to mentioned step by step but just skip to the destination like Go to Forest Area > Shrine sometimes it just only says Go to Shrine Overall, when you got to play it, it will likely not be a problem if you have some common sense of the game.
  9. I just finished Part 4 , so I would try to start from Part 5 onward.. but recruiting is quite annoyed and very random. so is there any buff later to help this get easier ? all my recruit as of now get like 25% capture rate. edit : just found this website
  10. wait , so I followed the guide and went with Harmony in 1st playthorigh (that idiot ) i dont know that there is missable each route as well, is it mentioned in the guide ? as of now i skip capture all digimon as i want to focus on core story for now.
  11. The correct one should be Move to Woods by Shrine "What a good memory" "I Hate Bullies" Move to Dam - Underground > Riverside Forest "Maybe they drowned" "They fooled us, too?" << this didnt show up and go straight to Move to Aqueduct Interact: Professor
  12. Is the game very hard on higher difficulty ?
  13. Is this walkthrough can still be followed without using cheat ? or you need cheat to skip some area
  14. So, i made it to midgame now and study roadmap very carefully and foundout that It eventually involved Killing all NPC later to just get a ring to complete the trophy and personally, I dont find myself comfortable to do that unless I have to so, - Is it possible to get someone to drop "Foe's Ring" for me so i can skip Mephistopheles side quest ? if not i guess i could play sidequest in one go and pop ring trophy and reload save after that And for NG+ question - Is it possible to make someone drop additional boss soul for me so I can trade those for spell with Yuria in NG without going into NG+ ? Thnak you
  15. I read powerpyx's guide and it seems that playing online have a chance to mess up world tendency, is this real? I consider online play of this game part of experience so i dont want to offline if not absolutely need to as I am going in blind as well.