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  1. Looks like a super nice game to enjoy! Too bad it didnt end within bonus time frame but i see you have a very great time ! is the platinum hard? I really like chocobo in this chill game is my kind of game.
  2. The fact is, it is not on time according to the clock. But i will make an exception for this because the event is about having fun, not stress to much. Better try to clear all 10 games though too. Updated all.
  3. Updated all. There is only 12 hours left for bonus badge window so get your game in ! or else you have to do all 10 games to be eligible later.
  4. Actually , the bonus window didnt end yet. I somehow set it up wrong. Countdown clock was wrong and it is next 23 hours from now. I already fixed the clock. Sorry for confusion.
  5. As additional rules said, you hold the definition of each category if you can interpret it within the scope of topic, it is all yours. so, congratulation. Nice ! I would like to know about the mummy, is the game fun and easy platinum ? I think it has one particular trophy that you can die or take damage or something that scare me off. ----- Updated all, congratulations everyone
  6. The Bonus window start now.
  7. Updated all. Overall progress is going really well, keep it up And don't forget we have bonus badge time window incoming this upcoming Saturday (13 April) you can consult more info in the OP. So save your game just in case.
  8. sign up is now closed. today entry will be updated tomoroow as i am a bit busy today.
  9. Only 2 hours left for signing up!
  10. Updated all entries above This is the final day for signing up. I can say if you are not acting fast you are missing out fun , excuse for finishing up backlog and most impotant, some really UNIQUE and COOLEST badge ever. (Spoiler: I already start making initial design of them and they look AMAZING) Get your entry in quick !
  11. In my opinion either are fine as Sekiro also require at least 2 PT for platinum either way