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  1. Is this walkthrough can still be followed without using cheat ? or you need cheat to skip some area
  2. So, i made it to midgame now and study roadmap very carefully and foundout that It eventually involved Killing all NPC later to just get a ring to complete the trophy and personally, I dont find myself comfortable to do that unless I have to so, - Is it possible to get someone to drop "Foe's Ring" for me so i can skip Mephistopheles side quest ? if not i guess i could play sidequest in one go and pop ring trophy and reload save after that And for NG+ question - Is it possible to make someone drop additional boss soul for me so I can trade those for spell with Yuria in NG without going into NG+ ? Thnak you
  3. I read powerpyx's guide and it seems that playing online have a chance to mess up world tendency, is this real? I consider online play of this game part of experience so i dont want to offline if not absolutely need to as I am going in blind as well.
  4. If difficulty select like Nioh after relax first playthrough, i think this is doable just like Nioh even for Chaos mode This kind of game tend to have cheese anyway that community will come up (and Team Ninja quickly patch it unlike Fromsoft)
  5. It seems new farmimg method is discovered and it is same place as this so i have edit the topic. This may need only bow that can shoot decently long enough and can be done early without any requirement except reach this place by quest early.
  6. Use hammer , she go down pretty quickly for me. Now , i am scare more with Godskin Duo.
  7. It is church you got teleport to with one of portal from Raya Lucaria Academy. That has large turtle selling you some Magic. If you have Celestial Dew, talk to statue to atone. This will reverse Hostile and not suppose to death NPC.
  8. Try Sword of Night and Flame ? But Me myself use double Greatsword +7-+8 and just jump attack with X+L1 , they died in like 3 hits. repeat. If red enemy give you trouble early , you could just hit 1-2 first enemy and reset rather than risk.
  9. Can you use Celestial Dew in Church of Vow to reverse that ?
  10. Taking this answer from Trophy guide section though Devourer's Scepter Devourer’s Scepter weapon is missable, as if you don’t kill Bernahl at the shack or volcano manor, he will invade at Farum Beside the Great Bridge grace location in the tornado area as a hostile invader. UNLESS you have killed Malekith, which stops invasions in the area and he is gone for good. *Or easier than that start NG+ and go beeline kill that NPC in 5 minutes Bolt of Gransax seems to be no luck if your story alreadu progress it seems But they can still be drop by other to pick up in coop though, I think wait a week and there will be plenty of people can help you.
  11. There are underground region that can get early access as soon as finished Godrick. To get access early you need to do invider questline from NPC White Faced Varre (first NPC at The First Step bonfire) now he will moved to Rose Church , near where you fight Glintstone Dragon Basically finished this questline (PS+ required for now until confirmed it isn't) : a little bit jump through the hoop but you will eventually get Medal that can teleport to that area and Bloody Finger that is reusable if you are in for PVP in short - Talk to Varre at The First Step bonfire - Beat Godrick - Talk to Varre after he is at Rose Church, exhausted all dialog - Invade 3 times , no need to win - Talk to Varre again, he will give you cloth, bring this cloth to any maiden in Church to soak it in blood , the nearest is Church of Inhibition - Talk to Varre again, exhausted all dialog you will finished thie invader questline To go to farming spot : 1. Use the medal , you will teleport to end game region. 1.5 (Optional) Go up stair and pick up Map and Bonfire. 2. Turn back around from where you teleport in and follow the path through a lot of rot river and enemy, feel free to pick endgame item along the way. 3. You will eventually reach uphill where there is a lot of sleeping enemy. 4. There will be bonfire past that, how convenience. Upon testing each one give 2400 Runes each (with Golden Scarab equipped) , take less than 10 sec to kill depend on your gear. So, 1 kill = 1 boulder. and there are like 10+ of them at once. You can use your fancy skill to make it even faster. They do fight back but it is very easy to deal with, beware the red one as this one is aggressive a bit but it is easier than fighting that black enemy on Powerpyx guide. I am in mid game and I use Starscourge Greatsword+8 skill with 45 strength. run to the center and use skill press L2 / 2 times to pull in and delete all enemy at once, net me 24k Runes each time per like 20-30 sec. UPDATE 7/3/2022 Alternatively , you can farming by shooting bird on the cliff and it fall off cliff for easy 17-20k without risking anything. this work better if you have no strong AOE weapon or end game stat.
  12. AFK method is good when you have to do something else. There is however , a new farming method that net over 1m per hour but it is late game using Sword of Night and Flame.
  13. I dont think they care that much about modding because it isn't affected them except money losing from opening back up via USB. so PS+ only for now is to make money, there is no logical sense other than that.
  14. PS4 was also not allow i guess but after some point they allow it via update. I expected PS5 to be the same later after maybe PS5 supply no longer an issue and tons of ppl complain about it so they are "listening" to the feedback i guess.
  15. i still get xp normally on ps5 with latest update