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  1. Hello, I am on falcom streak so I figure I should start playing this before new one coming out on Feb 2021. About platinum on this game... can I follow this walkthrough guide to get the platinum ? or there is something that the guide didnt warn or included that happened to be a platinum condition. or any reccommend guide? as the gamefaqs one often too prolong for me for no reason sometimes. Thank you.
  2. Sorry for digging the thread. While I already plat the game by using this script. I am wonder if the script can be set up in the way that you are button mashing X until you tell it to stop ? I was on so many game that may need X button masher so bad and i think this will also be helpful on future game as well. Thank you.
  3. I am on the mid of 1st Playthrough and want to prepare about it. On the final chapter woth bonding event Spending ticket will get you any bonding star ? If so, if character get 5 Star on spending ticket, will it be eligible for trophy ?
  4. LOL at Anthem $26.99
  5. Value is yours to evaluated when you complete the game you love or you completed the challenge that you are willing to take. Nobody or nothing can devalue that from you. This isnt ruined anything as Platinum trophy system still going strong since PS3.
  6. More thing i could add is 1. new game i am pretty sure it shouldn't be just 6 games ? maybe button to toggle New This Week , and New This Month help a lot at new release section 2. Price history if possible 3. add section with preorder ? like game that is not available yet is in entire new section.
  7. This is just what i want, all are on point , clean and simple glance can tell all info I want for trophy hunter. Thank you for making this.
  8. I figure i could just use both of them - Gamefaqs for bullet point guide - Neoseeker for map visual For now, this should do and prepare me well for upcoming play session. Thanks a lot everyone !
  9. it seems to not be that as at least it lack map already after quick scan through Just curious, is this guide is working like overall guide ? meaning just follow it and get platinum easier as the guide cover all collectible and missable. This looks nice btw so if it working same , i would use it if anyone can confirm this is it. please tell if this work for you as well Still , hoping for that flash of light (!) people working on this. as those guide contained a bit of spoiler (not matter much) and somewhat long explanation and easier to miss thing than bullet point guide that hasegawa one does.
  10. Hello, Just would like to know (not to rush anything or request) that anyone here is working on the overall guide just like hasegawa one ? I just finished 3 of them in a row and it will not be possible if not for those insanely detailed guide going to play 4th one on December so I am really looking forward for how this series coming to closure. PS. Thank you everyone that suggest me playing old game first, it was very worth it and very surprise how this game isnt get attention its deserved.
  11. I am just wait and see approach. There is no must play for me atm and first year they are hard to come by. So it is better for thing can get on sale along with games and then buy later down the line like at least 1-2 year. ($70 play a big factor on how I selective to play the fane on launch now.) I personally hate white design so wait for me is going to be benefit as new model/color is bound to release later plus wait for software to fully function/ have someone give try and true method on tips/upgrade storage etc. Wait is better for me, but for everyone who get it on launch, enjoy your new console!
  12. Thanks god i am not only one thinking new store is basically unusable. It is just that bad , even worse than Facebook UI redesign
  13. More of the same. Expected to be 5-6/10 diff as usual. I am very excited about this as i am going through 3rd one. Thanks to community who recommend me playing this. Edit: Trophy is spoiler for me, but that's ok as I already expected it anyway
  14. I am going to wait on most game if $70 became norm. My schedule already occupied until Q1 2021 anyway and it happened to be just all JRPG game i still left to play on PS4 which graphic and loading time is not really that matter. so i can wait that long and PS5 launch title will be on sale by then. incluuding more supply for PS5. The fact that they do this in the midst of most people still struggle with income is beyond me. and price increasing didn't make developer wellbeing better either as we all know it is going into CEO or shareholder. I personally think they are testing the water... if most of us didn't buy as much on Day 1 , they will probably backpedal it. Nor sure if Steam game pricing will still be $59.99 or not.