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  1. Blaster Master - I don't remember who reccommend this but I found out that the game is VERY hard after all. Cybarian, Time Traveling Warrior - This game is not so easy due to clunky control and souls game level difficulty with no checkpoint at all. Gorogoa - F Those speed run and limited move that thing can go wrong easily. If you miss just a bit you start over entire game and game while it is very creative on first run, replay it on platinum is slog to go through. Linelight - This is hell on earth. F those who tell me this game is relax and easy plat. Snoopy's Grand Adventure - The game isnt that really easy... platform itself is challenge enough with tons of collectible
  2. Seems like very basic but challenging. I love them on 3DS i would rebuy it down the line. About trophy i am not so sure about that i can got the plat. S+ all stage seems to be very hard for me. Glad it has a plat though.
  3. I love this style of game but seems the info for this game is so scarce , not even a guide anywhere... Is the game easy platinum enough for average player like me ?
  4. A question: Permadeath ? : meaning if I died on final stage on easy difficulty I have to start from Level 1 from scratch ? Online trophy : Can it be boosted ?
  5. I hate that when they do those on Nioh 1. Let the people play the game how they want. Still didn't sure why they care so much about player having fun exploit through your game when you already got their money in single player game as long as it didn't break the game to be unplayable. I think it is coming to Nioh 2 too given how they react to elitist community. First to nerfed is that snake lady core everyone praised I would say.
  6. Update on Mine: Focus on Family - Family is one of the most important things in life, so you need to spend time with them. Play a game where there are strong family elements or where multiple main/supporting characters are family. Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood Update Relationship Status - What's the point in being lonely when you could be in love instead? Play a game that showcases romantic relationships. The Sims 4 Go to the Gym - Time to pump some iron, and don't skip leg day! Play a game where a prominent character has a chiseled physique. Darksiders Genesis Find Time For Yourself - It's important to find time for your hobbies. Play a game that contains mini-games. Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs Make More Money - Gotta get that hustle on and pay those bills! Play a game where there is a trophy related to grinding/collecting currency or spending currency. Omega Strike
  7. I guess it still allow you to use save state checkpoint and that should be mitigate many hardship to many people to get platinum and im glad about that
  8. Focus on Family < Is this neccesary to be by blood ? or something that you can feel they are family ?
  9. I follow gamefaqs walkthrough and didnt get life cube as walkthrough said. I am sitting at 2 even after i collect life cube from dozer(which should be#3 as state in WT) , i go ahead and collect one more from basement with bugs. I still have only 3 and preacher isnt going to increase my health bar. Is my game bug??? I replay again and it still happen.
  10. I mean this game is easier to platinum than the first one ? as it seems pretty high % of platinum in this. I plat the first one and plan to jump on this when i have time so it is goo to know beforehand.
  11. Update: United States Thanksgiving - Slay the Spire (no more game fit for this category than this for me - It is very fun and unique game that i actually be thankful for whoever making this and also very unforgiving plat that I really glad it is finally be over with at the same time) Hanukkah - Storm Boy Boxing Day - I am the Hero Kwanzaa - The Shapeshifting Detective (Have a black major character and you could actually be him as well)
  12. Bonus: My best christmas memory is back when i was a child, get to the neighborhood christmas party with friends at the same age and has a lot of fun with it.
  13. Update : Hanukka : Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation