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  1. I think it is suck to add such speedrun trophy in the game that youu need to enjoy the time with it slowly. For me, I skip all cutscene and most of side content, but i can still access them on B so no big deal beside first half, you can still do it on E route. and I watch cutscene on youtube after i just skipped cutscene. But that's said, you can still recommend it to other one as most of player didn't care about trophy and they are going to have a blast not doing so.
  2. So, this is my method after all. - Play the game, doing what neccessary for convenient (boar quest), get money to buy best spear (doing so will save time as more damage deal) , do only some easy side quest in Nier Town , no upgrade or farming for anything except get thing set up for flower. - Skip most of cutscene and watch youtube video that contained all cutscene that I just skipped (after saving or ending play session of course). For Forest wall of text skip all then read transcript in wikipedia after. - Sometimes I get lost and do some exploration as blind playthrough (even I already play it like decade ago but it is in Japanese anyway so it still count as parital-blind I guess as i don't remeber detail or most of things) - Reload save if there is something eat up too much time and no progress were made. (such as, get lost too long or decide to read wall of text in Forest) - Make it in 10 Hours of gameplay , I finished half way with 6.30 clock. So it is safe to say that If you finished first half with 7-8 hours , you didn't even need to rush or skip anything afterward. just make sure there is 2-3 hours spare after getting all fragments. - I can now watch all extra cutscene in peace and only worry about leftover boss speedrun on C route. which i can skip all cutscene to get more time.
  3. I personally think 100th milestone should be the game you felt something special about it even better if you like trophy tile.
  4. I am going to play like this *I was playing this long time ago so i don't think i remember anything - Play at my own pace but skipping all sidequest that seems to take long time and not worth doing on first half while watching all cutscene normally - On 2nd half play story at my own pace/all out exploration without touching much of sidequest / no skipping cutscene as well to get A ending (Do other leftover at B Branch later) I believe with my own speed should be able to make it around that time pretty close enough. So, 1. Is it safe to skip ALL sidequest on first half without skipping good item (Money reward or unmissable reward is ok to skip) 2. Can you give a "Safe" time for each important of story as reference so I can follow and measure myself properly. EG: reaching 2nd half
  5. I am sure there is surprise awaiting us. who knows even trophy shop will be there if your cleared 4 endings. (5th one is pretty much mystery for everyone now) I personally hope Ending E has a boss that subvert expectation again. PS. I personally hate speedrun trophy in this kind of game that suppose to take time and enjoy its atmosphere / pacing to it fullest and was kinda hope they cut it out.
  6. I am not buying appreciation that shouldn't happened in the first place. If PS3 BC is happened on PS5, that's when i will forgive everything and appreciated.
  7. I planned to play this long time ago and I think this is good time to do so as PS3 era is going away with Sony seems to not care anything about it - All Multiplayer trophy : Is it easy enough with me just start out the game and boosting with someone ? just so i can secure all online trophy before god knows when multiplayer server died. If it is easy enough, i would like to know if anyone would also want to boost this game as well. - Base on trophy guide, the difficulty is 6/10, for someone who already play the game, what is the hardest part that warrant 6/10 difficulty ? - Is it too confuse without Japanese knowledge ? (I do have some knowledge and google translate will eventually help when really needed anyway as it seems isnt text heavy) Thank you.
  8. Actually Days Gone 2 would be a greater showcase of their "Super Fast SSD" prowess and Days Gone was cool and fun game. I don't get why it get such bombard score at launch at all. And why even need to remake TLOU at all at this point in time except for the lazy ROI and safer bet. Well, I am here. still wait for that advertised unique experience that couldn't find anywhere except using power of PS5 SSD that game is designed around it.
  9. Thanks for refering! I hope I have some spare time to do kind of event like this in future as well.
  10. Sometimes I think they are designed all PS5 UI to be crap on purpose just to have stuff to 'update' later. Because PS5 UI are all mess in every single possible way, even "Games" and "Media" tab can't press L1/R1 to switch around sometimes this small thing can be very annoying. I also missed old 'ding' trophy pop. this new one way too quiet and notification didn't seems to be very highlight enough. Personally, I prefer Xbox Achievement popping the most. Sound is very pleasure to listen and if it is Rare achievement it has special sound and diamond animation.
  11. Not sure if everyone knowing this but while it is not ideal but it get the job done. Go to trophy section with those stupid cards of your specific game then press triangle to compare trophy with any friends (Not neccessary to have the game you play) And trophy will now show as vertical list, you can sort by Rarity as well.
  12. Since there is someone bringing this up, i would use this chance to ask and better prepare myself too. Is 'Weaken Enemies and Retry' option ruin Nightmare run ?
  13. I am starting this platinum after done with AC, so this will be very welcome and thanks in advance for the guide
  14. I mean almost 50% of this site has plat. Get this for free on PS+ and heard a lot of good thing so I give this a try as i heard a lot that this is easy plat. While I only play a little bit , I find myself dizzy while playing this game and underwater way is very easy to get lost. which I didnt like in most game with water level but this is whole game. The real fight maybe not be difficulty as I play far more harder game but for some reason I am not confident I can get a plat on this game due to dizziness i got while playing make it a bit uneasy for me to play. Anyone feel this while playing and is it got better later? in term of gameplay as well (I found it a little bit tedious on leveling)
  15. If you play Cold Steel before , you can tell that this game is pretty much same mechanic on most if not all basic structure of the game except game is real time action instead of turn based. (Even some character or enemy is straight from Cold Steel game lol) If you are ok with how Cold Steel 1-2 play and you like how YS8 work, chance is, you will enjoy this game. Platinum is different story though, it require you to pay attention on tons of missable just like cold steel and engage in a bit 'unfair' combat if you go for highest difficulty on 1st playthrough, it got easier later though. I personally went through it on 1st playthrough, if you can handle YS8 highest difficulty on 1st playthrough, you can get through it no problem. if not, you should do 3 playthrough instead or 2 with highest difficulty + monster buffed mode (infinity). If I have to rated: Cold Steel 1 Platinum : 6/10 difficulty YS8 Platinum (In 1 playthrough) : 7.5/10 difficulty Tokyo Xanadu ex+ (in 2 playthough) : 6/10 difficulty , If 1st playthrough is on Nightmare : 7.5/10 difficulty , 3 playthrough should be around : 5/10 difficulty