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  1. Hi, I spent quite a bit of time on this game (40 hours to be exacted) and now all misc i left is One turn kill trophy. (and the powerful one which i think is doable automatic later on A20 run) Any idea how to get it easily ??? it seems to be very RNG and it isn't help me much. I try to get Offering+ and 2 Drop kick and remove 3 cards from my deck before the first boss but seems no luck so far.
  2. I am going to play this game only for platinum. Which class should i pick for fastest and easiest way to platinum? Also, what is tip in general for this? Is it quest-based game or grind based game?
  3. I have to admit i underestimate this game. I am quite ok at action platformer and i found this game very challenging. Combat is like Dark Souls for some reason. I expected button mashing but this when combine with unresponsive control is bad. Level design is cheap and no checkpoint at all... Somewhat cant believe i have to drop the platinum because i cant get past level 2. The level is frustrating. // End complaining 😂
  4. Obviously it is Sound Shape.
  5. are the other trophy is easy to do ? disappointed that no platinum though.
  6. I will redo it for you. edit: just re-read your comment. Sorry for that. It's just sad The max suitable size for badge is 200*200.
  7. The first one is the mixture of water current make a shape to be like a platinum trophy, decorate with Thai local flower and buddhist tray. The second one actually is related to Lady Songkran from the myth. Decorate with Thai vintage style flag.
  8. please check the above post for reward. @AmarisSkye @Ampplaca @Arctic Cress @ArtikSkarab @AS_Chaotic @Cassylvania @colinmazzini @Dinkus83 @DoctorDrPepper @Dragon-Archon @Evil_Joker88 @fabiansc83 @Fenrirfeather @FielVeredus @Han_the_Dragon @Hunter226037 @Kent10201 @Kristycism @ladynadiad @Leon Castle @monkeydluffy512 @Myu @Neocarleen @ObsiEez @SpaceCoresDad @sundrew @SuperSmash5U @Willreaper41 @Yen-Pop
  9. The badges are all done ! The sample is as followed (this is mine) *anyone know how to mass tag people in the post, please tell me, as for some reason, someone's name didn't show up* Normal Badge : Bonus Badge : Please check your badge on the link below. Thank you everyone so much again for joining the event. Hopefully will see you next event ! Ref no. PSN ID Badge Reward Link 1 2 Normal Badge Bonus Badge 1 AmarisSkye X X 2 Ampplaca X X 3 ApriIis 4 Arctic Cress X X 5 ArtikSkarab X X 6 AS_CHAOTIC X X 7 Caju_94 8 Cassylvania X X 9 colinmazzini X X 10 Dinkus83 X 11 DoctorDrPepper X X 12 Dragon-Archon X 13 Dr_Mayus 14 Evil_Joker88 X X 15 fabiansc83 X X 16 Fenrirfeather X 17 FielVeredus X X 18 Gesyca 19 Han_the_Dragon X X 20 HM02_as_H3LL 21 Hunter226037 X X 22 Kent10201 X 23 Kishnabe X 24 Kristycism* X X 25 ladynadiad X X 26 Leon Castle X X 27 markie816 28 monkeydluffy512 X X 29 Myu X X 30 Neocarleen X 31 ObsiEez X X 32 SpaceCoresDad X X 33 sundrew X X 34 SuperSmash5U X X 35 Willreaper41 X X 36 willythom88 37 Yen-Pop X X
  10. The event is now concluded. The badge will be produce and will updated shortly , give me a few days. The name in the badge will be when you registered the event in case you have name change. Thank you everyone for participation. PS. In case anyone forget to update your progress, i will accept the update until tomorrow. (2 June 2019 23.59 GMT +7.00).
  11. 6 hours from now left before evenr ends
  12. penultimate updated. 12 hours left only.
  13. Updated Sorry, and congrats for cleared all 10 categories ! Very cool drawing ! also congrats for complete the event !
  14. This is the final push. 2 days left. only Updated all. Congrats LeonCastle to finally get all category ! I can have name switch to this account instead if you want. You can refers to this countdown clock , good luck I also add this clock into OP, for some reason i forget to included it.
  15. There is only 3 days left to get your entry in.