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  1. What is 4 weeks vip suppose to mean? i mean this one is 189.99 and doom helmet is 199.99 you know which one is better choice. a disappointing CE. The game itself is remains to be seen more. So far not a fan of game either but i still play it becuz it is ubisoft game haha.
  2. Updated A lot of people seems to almost finished the event, good job. only 20 days left. Myself just complete Bravo Team which fit my last category: Play Together and ffinally beat all 10 categories ! Bravo Team is no way 2/10 difficulty like trophy guide says.... it's more like 4-5/10 as there is many trouble ahead with no dead trophy even on easiest difficulty.
  3. My wallet got ripped and tear
  4. Got this one from amazon along with doom eternal CE. Very cool and looking forward to play both of them.
  5. Yes you can swap out complete category to be use on other category provide that the destination category still fit.
  6. This really suck... hope you get back on your feet soon. : ( Anyway, updated. and there is 3 weeks left and also E3 is upon us. Be excited you can use that as long as you can interpret the category in way that make sense , so this one is ok.
  7. I heard that friend invite code of this game will not eligible for trophy earning.
  8. If my friend own the game and he shareplay me to be second controller. Can i get the trophy as well?
  9. Updated all Really busy week for me so sorry for a slow update and i saw some of you really get good progress and even finished it all at time, good job! Myself there is 1 away from clear all 10 but Rage 2 tedious RANDOMIZE collectible in OPEN WORLD make me mad and RAGE quit platinum for time being. It's just not fun so why bother. 😩 I am having a blast playing some VR game i borrowed from friend and hopefully one of the game will fit the last category i have in the process Also, Very excited for new CoD and E3 2019.
  10. How is it isn't worth it is beyond me It basically a steal at this price. I would even pay $100 for this game. It is masterpiece that everyone should play it. Platinum or not. Story alone without expansion will take around at least 50-60 hours to finish. Expansion 1 will be 10-20 hours , Expansion 2 will be 20-30 hours. all of this meaning you skip most of content because if you are doing all content it basically 2x play time.
  11. I think Grim Fandango is fit for this. so you could go with that if you want Updated all ! Congrats for everyone who just earned standard badge