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  1. I am going to play this game only for platinum. Which class should i pick for fastest and easiest way to platinum? Also, what is tip in general for this? Is it quest-based game or grind based game?
  2. I have to admit i underestimate this game. I am quite ok at action platformer and i found this game very challenging. Combat is like Dark Souls for some reason. I expected button mashing but this when combine with unresponsive control is bad. Level design is cheap and no checkpoint at all... Somewhat cant believe i have to drop the platinum because i cant get past level 2. The level is frustrating. // End complaining 😂
  3. Obviously it is Sound Shape.
  4. are the other trophy is easy to do ? disappointed that no platinum though.
  5. SONGKRAN FESTIVAL What is Songkran Festival ? (Water Festival) - It is famous Thai Traditional festival that hold every year. Actually it has very long and has many thing to do with Thai/Hindu mythology. Basically for non-Thai people will know this festival mostly as the festival where you can shoot the water to other people for fun. Actually, It also existed to decrease the heat in this month which very hot in Thailand. You will probably know more about it in event category Why am I holding this event ? - Actually this is my first event in PSNP and I am from Thailand. I come up with several idea that tie in nicely for the event so I guess it should be something fresh if holding the event that is not universal well-known. (but i guess Songkran is famous at some level but not like Christmas / Valentine something like that). It's always fun to do the event which you have 10 category to pick and think up which game fit into them ! Also, please forgive my grammar as English is not really my first language. If there is enough sign up to run the event (I hope so) I will be very grateful. When does it runs ? The event starts April 1 - June 30, 2019. (GMT +7.00) Countdown Clock Event Starts : Countdown Clock Event End : When is sign-up deadline ? You can still sign-up until April 10, 2019 (GMT +7.00) Countdown Clock : Rules and Rewards - The main goal is you have to fulfill the category by picking up the game that fit in each category and play it to 100% and/or platinum. DLC also allow if it has substantial amount of content/trophy. - If the game does not have platinum trophy and have several DLC. You only need to 100% only base game, no DLC required unless you choose to do DLC as 100% provided that it has substantial content and/or trophy. - You can play any game with trophy, So almost all PS3/PS4/Vita are eligible even it has only few trophy and easy to complete like It's Spring Again. don't be afraid to take advantage of them. - You have to fulfill at least 4 games to be eligible for the event badge. Bonus Reward : If you can 100%/Platinum at least one game during actual Songkran day (13 (00.00) -15 April 2019 (23.59) - GMT +7.00) you will be eligible for bonus badge. Don't worry, if you miss this window you can still clear all 10 categories to be eligible. Countdown Clock Bonus Badge Begin : Countdown Clock Bonus Badge End : - The spreadsheet update will be conduct weekly at least or when i have some spare time to update it will go quicker. I will update only when you update your progress in this thread. and i will mark your post as upvote if I already check your progress. - Link to the spreadsheet : Additional Rules 1. You may only use a game for 1 category during the event so no double-dip even it fit more than 1 category. 2. No auto-popping. No stack a game. 3. You can swap around categories to fit your need to fill in categories. 4. You hold the definition of all category I am not policing your choice but try to keep it within the scope and spirit of event 5. You can play the game that you started before the event as long as you didn't 100%/Platinum it yet. 6. You can come up with the list whenever you want. as you go or at once when you register is up to you 7. No cheating. Seriously. The Category 1. It's Summer Time! - It is getting hot here in Thailand and very long weekend too. So, Play the game where you do Summer stuff, either go to the sea, swimming , fishing or even campfire ! it's up to you. 2. Asian Traditional - It still not clear where it originated but one thing that I know it is originated it Asian. So , Play the game that developed in Asian country. 3. Blessing - In Songkran Day, Elder people will give a blessing to their kids to have good luck all the year to come. Play the game where your character can use magic or item to give buff(s) to your teammate (the game where you can ONLY buff yourself didn't count) 4. Peaceful - It is the event of joy, pure fun and remind us about peaceful day and no hate each other even we are enemy. Play the game that has trophy require you to either not killing anyone/do any damage in some condition and/or trophy tell you to not taking any damage in some condition. 5. Movement - Songkran in Sanskrit mean 'Shift' or 'Movement' , so play the game where your character can move very fast and/or agile and/or racing game. 6. Lady Songkran - Actually, there are event in Thailand that hold to compete that who is the most beautiful girl to be "Lady Songkran" but actually it originated from Hindu mythology (Angel in particular). So, Play the game with an angel or some kind of celestial entity or spiritual stuff. 7. Spend time with Family - All family will be together in this day and do some stuff such as watching movie or something like that. you know, family stuff. Play the game that is a tie-in entertainment or non-gaming IP. such as: movie, anime, TV show IP game or even cup noodle tie-in in FF15 is eligible etc. 8. Play Together - In Songkran event, people will be gather together and shoot the water to each other in whole long day at big area. So, Play the game where you can meet a lot of people either real people or just in game NPC. as long as you are not alone in the game or just handful of them. You hold the definition of "a lot" by yourself 9. Release the Bird and Fish - Sound strange but it is tradition where you release the animal (fish and bird in particular) to make you cleansing from the past bad things as you like give those animal life again . In order for this category. play any game in your backlog (your past bad thing ) if you didnt have one (really ??) you can pick a game featuring both bird and fish in the same game instead. 10. It's New year, New you - Songkran day in Thai tradition is a Thai new year. Play the game with new game plus mode trophy and/or the game where you require multiple playthrough to 100%/Platinum (for non-plat with DLC(s) trophy game - you only need to 100% base game, no DLC require but it still need to fit this condition where you require multiple playthrough to 100% your base game) Thank you for your time. Good luck and have fun !
  6. I will redo it for you. edit: just re-read your comment. Sorry for that. It's just sad The max suitable size for badge is 200*200.
  7. The first one is the mixture of water current make a shape to be like a platinum trophy, decorate with Thai local flower and buddhist tray. The second one actually is related to Lady Songkran from the myth. Decorate with Thai vintage style flag.
  8. please check the above post for reward. @AmarisSkye @Ampplaca @Arctic Cress @ArtikSkarab @AS_Chaotic @Cassylvania @colinmazzini @Dinkus83 @DoctorDrPepper @Dragon-Archon @Evil_Joker88 @fabiansc83 @Fenrirfeather @FielVeredus @Han_the_Dragon @Hunter226037 @Kent10201 @Kristycism @ladynadiad @Leon Castle @monkeydluffy512 @Myu @Neocarleen @ObsiEez @SpaceCoresDad @sundrew @SuperSmash5U @Willreaper41 @Yen-Pop
  9. The badges are all done ! The sample is as followed (this is mine) *anyone know how to mass tag people in the post, please tell me, as for some reason, someone's name didn't show up* Normal Badge : Bonus Badge : Please check your badge on the link below. Thank you everyone so much again for joining the event. Hopefully will see you next event ! Ref no. PSN ID Badge Reward Link 1 2 Normal Badge Bonus Badge 1 AmarisSkye X X 2 Ampplaca X X 3 ApriIis 4 Arctic Cress X X 5 ArtikSkarab X X 6 AS_CHAOTIC X X 7 Caju_94 8 Cassylvania X X 9 colinmazzini X X 10 Dinkus83 X 11 DoctorDrPepper X X 12 Dragon-Archon X 13 Dr_Mayus 14 Evil_Joker88 X X 15 fabiansc83 X X 16 Fenrirfeather X 17 FielVeredus X X 18 Gesyca 19 Han_the_Dragon X X 20 HM02_as_H3LL 21 Hunter226037 X X 22 Kent10201 X 23 Kishnabe X 24 Kristycism* X X 25 ladynadiad X X 26 Leon Castle X X 27 markie816 28 monkeydluffy512 X X 29 Myu X X 30 Neocarleen X 31 ObsiEez X X 32 SpaceCoresDad X X 33 sundrew X X 34 SuperSmash5U X X 35 Willreaper41 X X 36 willythom88 37 Yen-Pop X X
  10. The event is now concluded. The badge will be produce and will updated shortly , give me a few days. The name in the badge will be when you registered the event in case you have name change. Thank you everyone for participation. PS. In case anyone forget to update your progress, i will accept the update until tomorrow. (2 June 2019 23.59 GMT +7.00).
  11. 6 hours from now left before evenr ends
  12. penultimate updated. 12 hours left only.
  13. Updated Sorry, and congrats for cleared all 10 categories ! Very cool drawing ! also congrats for complete the event !
  14. This is the final push. 2 days left. only Updated all. Congrats LeonCastle to finally get all category ! I can have name switch to this account instead if you want. You can refers to this countdown clock , good luck I also add this clock into OP, for some reason i forget to included it.
  15. There is only 3 days left to get your entry in.
  16. This is the perfect example of I expected nothing and still disappointed. lol
  17. I dont like sport game and racing game. and this month hit me in the face.
  18. Looks like fun list 3-4/10 difficulty with no difficulty selection. Will get this for sure when it on sale. Probably with toy if it is good quality. Some of them probably time consume but we will see. Right now rdr2/acod all the way.
  19. I already play it on pro. it has some screen tearing and stuttering and lag in the menu. but it is as my expectation of eurojank game and still in the "boundary" of acceptable but better performance always welcome the game is very enjoyable and easy platinum as well. Really recommended , the spooky is here but just only for excitement not scary.
  20. Just reminder, If anyone have your name change between this event. Please report your name change so i can put it into your badge. Thank you.
  21. Wow, you are drawing the picture ! I can't wait to see it. Congrats on big achievement ! Killzone is very tough to platinum. If I were you I would use Nier Automata for Asian Traditional since it is japanese developer because backlog is so much easier to find Updated Everyone really are doing good work ! Friendly reminder: it is roughly only 10 days left. It is close to finishing line, better hurry up !
  22. Sometimes I think fun game like this deserve more meaningful trophy than this. Even Steam version is not too hard.
  23. From this on psn is this bundle going to include this game ? (Persona 4 dancing) since the icon is a bit weird given it is only 2 games but the description is actually 3 games. for some reason, this game (P4D) is not show for me on store right now.
  24. Hope all of these also compatible with Zangetsu update later. im waiting for sale.