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  1. PS Plus, not a good game, and the Survival playthrough is one hit and you start over. Can't remember exactly, but I'm fairly sure you couldn't save on the survival playthrough which made it tough(ish).
  2. I'm pretty much echoing what the person above me said. Took me around 80 hours to complete but there are a few real road blocks. First is the climax battles. They are annoying at various points but overall I found them doable with practice. This is the easiest of the roadblocks in my opinion. Secondly is the legend mode car chase. There are a few videos out there that I had to watch and pause the game in between sections to see and learn what was coming next before it even popped up on the screen. The worst part is if you fail, you HAVE to run through a gauntlet of enemies plus a boss battle just to even get to the car chase which you then could potentially screw up on the first shot. The gauntlet part can be made faster but you MUST perfect the "Tiger Drop" technique to run through this section quickly. You should learn it anyway cause it makes the game easier overall. Lastly I found the karaoke/billiard game took me the most time to beat but I guess it's debatable if it's the hardest part. All I can say is practice and you should get them both eventually. Mahjong defintley is a pain just because you have to get a certain hand for some achievements and takes time to learn. Always play on easy because it will take the computer longer to get a "Richii." Also hit the square button every single time it is your turn to see if it will allow you to call "Richii." You should always do this because you may just luck into a hand which I did several times. Defintely a solid 6/10 difficulty. I only played Yakuza 5 and this one to me was easier and less time consuming by about 40 hours.
  3. I did two separate runs so I can't tell you for sure. However, you have to beat 5 days of endless plus mode for a seperate trophy so once you do that, check to see if the regular endless mode trophy also pops at the same time. If it doesn't, you should have your answer.
  4. I doubt if it has been updated since I got the plat in 2016. Spent the better part of 3 years trying to get the no spooce trophy to pop. I beat the game over 50 times or more from start to finish. I Deleted saves, patches, reloaded and redid sections and patches until one day it just decided to randomly pop. If you decide to try for it, I highly suggest going for the "I Regrow Nothing" first to see if it pops for you. I'd play offline so you can delete trophies if it glitches out and be aware of accidently syncing trophies if you do update the patch. Also I managed to get it on the original, unpatched version on the PS3 if that matters. I could be totally off base with all this and they magically fixed everything after 2016 but I personally wouldn't start it if I were you.
  5. I'd stop if Ratalaika games made me complete the entire game and/or let me only stack it 6 times instead of the customary 12.
  6. PSN ID: Jason-d-b Willing to play almost anything, but not into multiplayer games that much. Mainly looking for people that I can hit up when I have to do the obligatory online trophy in whatever game requires it. Definitely prefer to ask friends for help before throwing myself on the mercy of random boosting threads.
  7. Yeah it's just grindy and all done with bots. Really pretty simple and a lot of ultra rares. Grind isn't that bad either but it just gets insanely repetitive.
  8. If you follow TurnpikeJ09's trophy guide on a different thread, this game on the PS4 is a 3/10 difficulty or maybe a 4/10 for some. Takes about 10-15 hours to plat. It's an ultra rare due to lack of information and what specific actions must be taken to unlock certain trophies, but his guide fills those gaps nicely. One life mode can be cheesed easily on the PS4 by just closing the app if you're about to die or uploading the saves to a cloud. For its rarity, it's super easy.
  9. Like Redgrave said, go to the Serena door (where you change outfits inside the bar) and you can update the save to carry over to legendary. Do EVERY trophy in premium and then go to Serena and save it. This allows you to carry all items but NOT substories to legendary.
  10. You sure you can't go to Premium Adventure and pick up where you left off? It's on the title screen. I didn't do a lot of Haruka missions or Majima or even all substories before I beat the game and I just picked up where I left off in Premium adventure. If you didn't save in 8 hours, maybe you are correct but hopefully going to Premium adventure will have what you want.
  11. The only way I remember "resetting" a level was to use the emergency exit and start the level over again. As far as drops go, I can't remember if they spawn in the same rooms once you emergency exit. I personally don't remember the drops happening multiple times in the same room but maybe they spawn in the room again once you level up a character?
  12. If I remember correctly, you can do the super move that costs you health repeatedly. Think it's R1? I would spam this until he threw the tiny guy where you can punch him. Then when there are 3 of them, spam the super move again until you can punch. I would purposely die to refresh my health. Costs a lot of lives but it's the only way to do it in the time limit.
  13. I had to turn the volume completely off when going for the 950 because the song would always mess with my timing. Eventually just listening to the rhythm of my button presses helped. Just pressing a button when the line is over the note was easier than trying to listen to the song and do it with the beat. Also did it on "Lively interjections" or whatever the harder version is called because the easy version you have to get "great" on pretty much every single note to hit 950. On lively I messed up kind of bad on a section and still got 950 where as on the easy version I got like 4 or 5 "good" and the rest "great" on the entire song and still didn't get but like 920.
  14. I can't really tell you anything about the newer patches because I played it pre-eff up the game 1.05 patch. What I can say is that you do need to be online for the scrap to build up over time. Also do NOT put your game into rest mode when building up scrap for that particular achievement. I have a habit of putting my ps4 into rest mode when playing any game and it needs to be off for scrap to build up or it will just suspend your game where it is and build nothing. I probably cleared 60% of the game before I realized you have to have the game closed for the scrapper achievement or whatever it was called where you need like 10k scrap collected by the upgrade in the stronghold.
  15. I'm copying and pasting what I put on another thread about the bug. I found on a website where the scavenging bug is potentially related to you dying while the game autosaves after you 100% a location. I was particularly scared of this bug so when I would 100% a location I would freeze and not move and wait for the TWO autosave icons to disappear in the top right of the screen. Takes about 5 seconds for both. I got the platinum with no issues doing this. To check if you have the bug, take the total number of scav locations (227) and you subtract the number of locations found (this number is listed in your "statistics" menu). This number should be equal to "reaper of the harvest" under the "Legend" menu (191 minus however many locations you have). If the numbers don't match you might have the bug. To add to this I will say that I'm almost certain there is one location where the potential to die and get the bug is fairly high and people get it there. One area has a collectable on a long pipe you run up on and it's in a bird nest (you'll know it when you see it). Make sure to absolutely freeze until the saves are done. I myself actually fell off and died turning around and freaked out thinking I screwed myself over, but I did let the autosave icons disappear before I tried turning around. I never got the bug on the way to platinum. This game wasn't bad honestly. A bit repetitive but not the crapfest most say it is.