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  1. Egregious amounts of collectibles. Like I have never seen the point of hiding trophies behind this. 99.99% of people use a guide for it. There is 0 skill involved. Only there to pad out the length. Pointless. GTAV's underwater submarine collectibles are the biggest offender that I have found. Unthinkable how somebody thought that was a 'fun' idea.
  2. I probably would have chosen to play this on PC anyways. That seems to be my preferred platform for RPGs nowadays. Can we have a talk on how Obsidian just will not stoping going after Bethesda lol? Its gotten to the point where it is kind hilarious. The Outer World's marketing directly referenced Fallout New Vegas (a game that many believe is superior to Bethesda Fallout titles), and that shot towards the end of the trailer was such a blatant nod to The Elder Scrolls. Like what happens if Obsidian releases Avowed and it is a spectacular Elder Scrolls style game. Now, Obsidian is pretty hit or miss so it could go either way. But could you imagine? I am not so sure if Bethesda would even try to release a single player Scrolls game. Would probably stick to making ESO2. Very interesting though. I don't think we have ever seen another dev try to take another's lunch quite like this before.
  3. @Folkenio The 'Mental Wealth' ad is bonkers. Feels like I get what she is saying, but it has such an eery feeling to it. Kevin Butler is the GOAT. It would be great to see Sony bring him back in. Really cool to see how creative Sony's marketing team has been allowed to be over the years.
  4. Do you know if that was actually made my Sony? The title of the video says it is a PS2 ad from back in the day. Because if so, my goodness Sony was making some strange ads in the 2000s. This instantly reminded me on the PS3 baby commercial hahaha
  5. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Love to see one of the OG tough platinums.
  6. GTAV Career Criminal Attain 100% Game Completion When quarantine began, I vowed I would platinum this guy here. Finally just completed every single player trophy. Nothing was particularly challenging, but wow is it mundane. Tremendously boring and repetitive trophy list. Way too many collectibles. I was dreading it before, but I am actually excited to hop into the multiplayer now, as it should be a lot more entertaining of a list if you include all of the dlc.
  7. I feel like I have been luckier than most with getting the sequels that I want, but here are a few that are still on the waiting list. Vanquish 2 - The original is mechanically one of the best and most exciting third person shooters of all time. Would love to see Platinum get another crack at it with updated hardware. Fallout: New Vegas 2 - The Outer Worlds is fine, but nothing compares to open world of the Mojave Desert. Now that Obsidian is owned by Microsoft, that kind of puts the final nail in this coffin. Not to mention that Bethesda has different ideas as to what Fallout should be nowadays. inFamous 3 -
  8. Solid Gold, Baby! Earn any 70 Gold Medals on Missions, Strangers and Freaks. Stumbled into this guy last night. I thought the count for the trophy was 75 gold medals, not just 70. Was a nice surprise to say the least. Just have some stunt jumps, bridges and a little cleanup to do now. Then onto multiplayer (kill me).
  9. Hard drives. Imagine the profit trophy hunters could make off of memory cards though hahaha. Sweating mayonnaise or not being able to tell the difference between a muffin and a baby.
  10. For me, its Metal Gear Solid V. My disappointment stems 100% from the story. I always really enjoyed Kojima's cutscenes. I understand why the story was relegated to audio tapes, but it just felt like so much of what makes Metal Gear Solid was lost. This severely hurt the memorability of many of the characters. Skull Face was the weakest main villain in the series, all of the side characters that did not exist before are terrible and barely speak, and the returning characters all feel like they've had their personalities replaced with monotone sticks in the mud. The final 'twist' is also bad and annoying because it has massive implications for the previous games. The game was clearly released before Kojima was ready, and that's a shame. I would have loved to see if an extra chapter could have rounded things out a bit more. The gameplay was top notch though. No complaints in that department.
  11. Well if you haven't already, you gotta try Super Meat Boy. Its made by the creators of The Binding of Isaac. I think it is one of the best platformers ever made. Be warned though the platinum is notoriously difficult. There is still one trophy keeping me from completion.
  12. You gotta get going on inFamous 2. Such a fun platinum Also my heart broke when I saw your Killzone 2 list
  13. WipEout HD I want to go back and 100% some PS3 games now that I've got the time. Went for one of my all time favorites. The Fury DLC trophies are not nearly as challenging as the base game. Craziest thing that happened to me though was looking at when I got the platinum. August 2011. It blew my mind. I was 14 years old at the time and probably a lot better at this game too. I'm kind of impressed that my 8th grade self was able to get this bad boy. Anyways, the game still holds up remarkably well. The controls are just as tight as ever and the new game modes are a ton of fun. I wish the tournaments mixed up game modes instead of just having eight single races, but that's fine considering the wealth of other things to do in the Fury campaign. Great game, but unfortunately the platinum is no longer unobtainable for new players since the servers have been shut down. Shame
  14. I've got about a month until my first job out of college starts so I want to use this time to go back and clean up the mess that is my trophy collection lol. I'm thinking about picking back up a lot of PS3 games and getting the 100%.


    I still really want Super Meat Boy to be my 50th platinum, but Impossible Boy is just the absolute worst. I have nightmares that involve the cotton alley theme playing in the background.


    Anyways, if anyone out there wants to try and bang out some UC2 or UC3 multiplayer trophies you should totally add me as a friend.

  15. Speed runners use glitches and exploits to get better times constantly. If it is in the game, it is part of the game in my eyes. Now if you are manually configuring data within the game somehow (ie some kind of hacking) then that is cheating