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  1. As a gamer, it was very nice !! A lot of new games with great potential! As a Playstation fan, it wasn't so gooood. It was nice, but the games it was what we already expected.
  2. #13 - Life is strange Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 3/10 (theres a guide on youtube of 35 minutes, that shows only what you need, free of spoilers!) Well, on the beggining i tought this will be a "nice game" and nothing extraordinary. But, in the middle of the chapter 2, the game catches all my atention! Very intense, with good moments, and sometimes make you "think" in eveyrthing! A lot of sad moments, so, if you are a emotional person, get ready for cry in some moments! In the end, i end up loving it and i recommend to everyone! Is a must have for every gamer!
  3. I'm ready for Sony Conference !!
  4. AC looks very nice!! Anyone can confirm if PUBG is a limited time exlusive or permanent ?
  5. Finally a focus co op game ! It looks very nice! I just hope not full price game at release
  6. Cant wait to get my hands on this game/s !!
  7. Same, but with other game (uncharted 3)...
  8. 2 easy plats this month LIS and WRC
  9. I know, but there are PS PLUS games from MAY, and if i buy PS PLUS tomorrow for my account, still PS PLUS activated in May.
  10. Hmm, thanks Well, i dont play any game that they offered with ps plus, so maybe i will change to mine. But if i buy tomorrow for account 1, i will still keep Tales from the Borderlands and Alienation ?? And i can pay with wallet credit ?? Because i dont want to use any credit card, so, for online buys, i just use "paysafecard".
  11. Thanks ! I tough if i change the ps plus subscription to my account, i would keep acess to the games, because they would still in my library, but not Anwyay, if anybody can help with the others questions...
  12. Hi guys! First of all, i dont know if this is allowed to ask on the forum, if not, then i'm sorry. Well, i have ps plus share with my family member. So, to explain the things better, is: My account : 1 Family account (have ps plus) : 2 The subscription will end day 10 June (soon), and we want to renew it of course. And now, there is a "sale" on store, wich is you bought 12 months subscription and you get Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition. This is only for the peole who dont have any subscription. So, there are my questions: - If i bought the subscription now to my account (1), i will lose acess to the ps plus games this year ?? And the games that we bought with ps plus discount ?? - If i wait to day 11, and buy the subscription to account 2, i will be able to this promotion ?? And will lose acess to the games ?? - We will be able to continue share the ps plus right ?? Thanks for any help!
  13. It depends on the games, but for example: Deluxes/legendarys/Complete s*** editions is the worst thing on gaming market, and the prices for that are really stupid. 120€ for a full game is just "UOUUU" and digitaly!! If you dont think this is not expensive, then... Atleast, a few years ago, we pay 50/60€ and got full games.
  14. I hope for 3 trophy lists with 3 plats, but i dont know...