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  1. The Division 2 (i prefer physical, but since this game is online and i like to switch sometimes from a single player game to a online game), bought it on playstation store, for easy switch and easy play! Maybe when Division 3 come out, i buy it physical
  2. I know the game is one of the most hate'd games on earth, but... i pick up this game few days ago, and i'm loving it so much! Is fun as hell, and i'm only on the beggining! I play solo and i'm learning how things work! I think the hate this game is getting is not fair! The game is good, and with updates, maybe will become even better!
  3. 40€ is too much for just 1 game... Activision! Next should be Crash Bash!
  4. 20€ for each one! So much backlog, and so much to play
  5. This was a gift from my girlfriend! But will need to wait because of RDR2 and ACO
  6. Finished today RDR1 (what a game!!!!) and started RDRII tonight, and damn... i'm loving it! With AC ODYSSEY and RDRII, i close this year in terms of gaming! Lot of hours waiting for me! I will be a lot busy with this 2 games! usually, i dont play more than 1 SP game at the same time, but I having so much fun with AC and RD!!
  7. Well, the controller have only 2 months, if i open it, i loose the waranty, right ?? Is there a way i can clean the joysticks with no open the controller?? And the vibration is normal be loud??
  8. Hi guys!! ^^ Well, my story with DS4 are really bad... because, 2 times i bought, 2 times come's with problems! And, i am really careful with my ds! Well, let´s go to the question! I bought a 2 months ago, the DS4 GOW edition, and for now, i had 0 problems! The controller works fine, but, the right joystick, it don't look so well, atleast in some games. For example, if i press him to somehere, like right or left, and leave there, the camera don't "stop" (there's a video for you can see). Only on a few games i notice this, and is only a very few games, like on F1, GT (so much less), and NFS. The others, i don't notice anything. Other thing is worring me, is the vibration sound... Is so loud, that i can hear "miles away". It was like this since the beggining, but my original controller, don't do so much sound with vibration. Some advice please, and sorry for not very good english The video is here -