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  1. I'm more worried about the DLCS / Seaons Pass ... In this days, we can't buy any full game at day one, because it will come only 70% of the game! Its sad, but is true!
  2. They are all unhiden ? Or we need to do manual ??
  3. Why ? Sony has been offering amazing games last 3/4 months!
  4. Alien Isolation / Driveclub / Bloodborne / Dying Light / The Order 1886 ... something like that i guess
  5. Finally F1 2017 on sale I really was looking for this!! Well, in last year, i bought GOWIII Remaster for 7€, so, is less 5€ than actual is
  6. +1
  7. GT was a Single Player based game, with online vertent. This is the whole game online, so, the servers will stay on for the next years
  8. 10€ The grips is for my DS3
  9. I have the HD Collection for PS3 and the game for PS2. I just want to buy it, because is my favorite game of all time. But, like i said, i have time to buy it, because i have so much other games to buy first The only bad thing i'm finding on this system is the high price of the games :/
  10. GAME OF THRONES Enjoyment 8/10 Difficulty: 1/10
  11. Thanks for all help guys!! I'm loving it!! But, i need to play other games, because until now, i only played a few demos and bought 1 game - Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D. This game is just amazing! The demos i'm trying is amazing games too. Now, i need to choose my others buys. Like i said, i'm planning to buy a Pokemon Game ( I will anyway pre order ultra sun, but want others before that ). I'm thinking too in Super Mario (the old ones, because they are really cheap), Terraria (i just want to know how the updates works on this system, and maybe wait for a sale ), Monster Hunter, MGS3 (this i have time to buy it) and then look for games in this posts