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  1. 50€ everything
  2. Accessed gmail on my phone on Chrome (dont use app), at the bottom where you can select mobile/old version/desktop I selected old version and there was the code.
  3. This year i spent a lot of money on Store, and nothing to me...
  4. The Division 2 (i prefer physical, but since this game is online and i like to switch sometimes from a single player game to a online game), bought it on playstation store, for easy switch and easy play! Maybe when Division 3 come out, i buy it physical
  5. I know the game is one of the most hate'd games on earth, but... i pick up this game few days ago, and i'm loving it so much! Is fun as hell, and i'm only on the beggining! I play solo and i'm learning how things work! I think the hate this game is getting is not fair! The game is good, and with updates, maybe will become even better!
  6. 40€ is too much for just 1 game... Activision! Next should be Crash Bash!
  7. 20€ for each one! So much backlog, and so much to play
  8. This was a gift from my girlfriend! But will need to wait because of RDR2 and ACO
  9. Finished today RDR1 (what a game!!!!) and started RDRII tonight, and damn... i'm loving it! With AC ODYSSEY and RDRII, i close this year in terms of gaming! Lot of hours waiting for me! I will be a lot busy with this 2 games! usually, i dont play more than 1 SP game at the same time, but I having so much fun with AC and RD!!