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  1. On Nintendo eShop, how the sales works ?? Is there a day that they usually update it, or is just random ??
  2. @Sigma999 I think better, and ended up buying this Nintendo. More cheap, and now i will have the best of two worlds (Playstation (my main platform and now, try some nice titles on nintendo). And i have 2 years guaranty for this nintendo, wich is very nice! Anyway, so, for Pokemon i can start from any ?? And for Zelda ?? I cant find the old GBA games on eshop. Is they there ??
  3. Well, i ended up buying 3ds xl !! Thanks anyway for any help
  4. Hi guys!! Yesterday, i got a nintendo 3ds xl for 100€ (well, i only paid 30, because i did some trades) with 2 years warranty!! Not bad deal i think Now, is my first time in this world! The games i want really play is Pokemon, Mario and Zelda!! Then, i want to discover other good games. But for now, i would like to start with pokemon, but i really dont know where to start... There is so many games, and sometimes they look the same Where i need to start ?? Wich game i buy first ?? Ohh, and there are free games on eshop ??
  5. Hi guys!! First of all, i will try to write my best, my english is not "soooo goood" :D, so, sry if i make mistakes! In the near future, i will need to pass the weeks out of my house because work, so, i cant take my ps4 with me. I'm planning buy a VITA for gaming, and some music, movies, series, etc. My questions is: - Is it worth for all of this ?? Gaming, watch some videos/series ?? - The VITA itself brings memory ?? Or i really need to buy one memory card ?? - For remote play, i will need a unlimited and fast internet ?? - I will always can earn trophies in VITA ?? Or maybe will close that option/psn soon on vita ?? The deal i'm looking is 135€. With some sells, i will can buy it for 55€, so, i think it will worth it! In other hand, i have a 3DS for 105€, but some people say that is not good for others things beside gaming!
  6. Finally, on my physical collection!!
  7. So, we cant play online until we get the platinum ?? Well, thats bad, because its not our fault...
  8. Yeah, but with multiplayer it extend the lifetime of the game, wich brings more diversity and things to do after complete the main game!! And believe me, this is 1 of the most expected features of 80% of the community! 1 thing dont make the other useless! We can have all! EDIT: nevermind, PvP become official now as a Free update!
  9. Hi guys!! Well, 1 of the most required updates is the PvP update, that will allow 4vs4 teams with real players, real tactics, etc etc... That was a thing that missed from the first place by ubisoft, and 1 time, a member of their team, said that will come for sure. My question is: - Anybody know if that will be real ?? - It will be a free update ?? Or will be a dlc ??
  10. Thanks MGS4 already have it, but was the platinum version. I pickup the normal edition, because the case is more beautiful
  11. Pickups of today
  12. Pickups of Today
  13. I have this things to trade: 2 Players Choice Crate 1 CC4 Turbo Crate Road Hog XL Car Furry Paint and some paints I'm looking to any offer, but especially keys! Add me if you are interested: Natsuu24
  14. That’s You will come tomorrow too, or we will have to wait more time for that game ?? And is only 1 game, or is a mix of games ??
  15. Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands Uncharted 4 The Last of Us (already have, but i need to buy 1 physical copy) God of War