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  1. Not a game, but for games 49€ Using this red controller while playing the new God of War (my favorite saga so far), it will be worth it! (don't like the color of the ds4 special edition of GOW, so, its why i bought this and dont wait for it)
  2. Humm, it seems like KONAMI is copying EA homework
  3. Is just stupid... The guy who say that, why he didn't tell that the main cause maybe is the easy acess to weapons?? Why ? This isn't bad ?? (ok, i'm not from USA, so, maybe i'm messing with some ideals of people there, and i dont want to offend, if so, sorry.) If the games have bad influence, so movies, series, teathre, etc etc, will have too.
  4. So, even to play the campaign, we need to be online ?? Maybe they will change this in the future ??
  5. Well, i recommend you to get this game!! Worth every cent! I already had it, but sold for get this edition! 20€ i think is a very nice price for what comes! Is not so so so short like everyone says, but is short! Still...worth the price than others "full" games.
  6. Well, the things i bought last shopping day That "The Order 1886" edition is so beautiful! And only 20€
  7. Well, here it is 75€
  8. Thanks for all opinions guys!!
  9. Hello guys !! Well, recently, i have a opportunity to buy one, for 90€ and it comes with gaming glasses (wich i will sell later if i can). The main question is: its worth it ?? Or they are just "hyped" ?? I play playstation and very very few times PC (2/3 hours per month), but all my gaming things are on my sleeping room, and will be for the next 2 years atleast. So, i dont know if worth it, but i hope i can ear some opininons! The gaming is this:
  10. Ohh, maybe this will go for all world/europe ??
  11. Platinum #17 --» My name is Mayo Well, i dont call that a game, but yeah... Now, i feel sorry for my "X"
  12. The Walking Dead Season 3 (A New Frontier) --» Loved the first 2 seasons, and since this season are on sale on PSN, so, why not ?? My Name is Mayo --» For the reasons everyone know
  13. Hmm, only day 22 ??
  14. Hello Gamers Someone know or guess when the sales on PSN (besides 12 deals) will begin ?? I think on US already started, so , dont know why not in Europe. Maybe only next week when the 12 deals ends ??
  15. Well, in some stores i already saw only few games for PS3, and sometimes 0! But Sony will not forget PS3, but care less and less. I think they will always sell games for the console, atleast digitally