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  1. The list of games on our profile dont show up correctly. What's up with psn ??
  2. 1 more picture of my "girl"
  3. Got this 2 weeks ago #21 --» God of War
  4. Not a game, but... 45€ with Days of Play ...and got Need for Speed Payback on playstation store!
  5. When this will be out ??
  6. All games sometimes get gameplay repetitive, even TW3, TLOU, etc etc Personal opinion is one thing, what game deserves is other... For example, for me, the saga Final Fantasy means nothing, i dont even can play. So, for me is 1/10, but if ask me to classify the game, i would give 9/10 or even 10/10. I know is one of the best franchises of all time, just not for me. In this case, for some people, is the same. You can even dont like the game, but the game is one of the best ever made ?? for sure!
  7. Even the Batman (spoiler alert: Bruce Wayne) is happy with this arrive GOTY 2018:
  8. Well, its only for me, or this don´t create anymore the trophy list for people who just play the free version ??
  9. Hello guys!! Well, last sunday i bought a new DS4 red magma. It comes with some problem, in the button R2. I went to the shop and trade it with no problem. Now, this works very good and fine, but, the rumble (vibration) is a bit loud. I compare with my original ds4 black and is not too loudy. Is that a problem, or is just normal ?? It's more notable when if rumbles at full force.
  10. Not a game, but for games 49€ Using this red controller while playing the new God of War (my favorite saga so far), it will be worth it! (don't like the color of the ds4 special edition of GOW, so, its why i bought this and dont wait for it)
  11. Humm, it seems like KONAMI is copying EA homework
  12. Is just stupid... The guy who say that, why he didn't tell that the main cause maybe is the easy acess to weapons?? Why ? This isn't bad ?? (ok, i'm not from USA, so, maybe i'm messing with some ideals of people there, and i dont want to offend, if so, sorry.) If the games have bad influence, so movies, series, teathre, etc etc, will have too.
  13. So, even to play the campaign, we need to be online ?? Maybe they will change this in the future ??
  14. Well, i recommend you to get this game!! Worth every cent! I already had it, but sold for get this edition! 20€ i think is a very nice price for what comes! Is not so so so short like everyone says, but is short! Still...worth the price than others "full" games.