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  1. After 200 hrs. of MH3U on WiiU and some 20-ish hrs. on World, i couldn't agree more with you, Maho-tan. Some of my negative points: 1. Fireflies showing you every single rock that you can harvest, cause you aren't smart enough (not you, generally speaking) to pick it own your own. Oh, they also shows you the big bad monster you need to hunt, so there's no need to actually explore the enviroment (the most basic thing in previous MH games) and you just need to run like an idiot straight to them. 2. Run and drink your potion at the same time, cause we don't wanna see you dying and drop our game due to the strict old fact of being still in order to drink it. 3. Not smart enough to drink your potion? Your pet has that covered! They gonna summon this green health bubble in order to instatly heal you every time! Hardcore! 4. Mining axes? INFINITE NUMBER OF THOSE! Why spent... seconds of crafting a fucking Mega Pickage? Same as whetstones; "tune" your weapon everywhere, without worrying of running out of them. 5. Damage numbers in order to make you feel like you are damaging the monster. Now you're actually feeling it! 6. Resarching monsters shows weak points, breakable parts with knowing which weapon breaks said part... Really? 7. G Ranks? That was the rage in our previous MH games, but now we REALLY need them casuals, so we removed them! 8. Other crap that actually speed up the whole experience, like bounties (gain armor spheres with MINIMAL efford) and investigations (gain rare crafting materials from slaying monsters there than slaying the monsters outside of investigations). Like it or not, grinding was beloved by many MH games and now they wanna simpify that with these additions. 9. As for the technical part: Washed out colors (said that yesterday) and this unlocked framerate that was present in 3U (WiiU version always) is plain crap; the game in many cases can't even hold a solid 30fps (especially when the fireflies pop out) and it isn't the most visually stunning game on the console, especially when there's a freaking DooM to show how it's done right. And all of these in my first 3 days on the game. For a major comeback on the home consoles after some time, these things are NOT justified, but I really wanna see how things will unfold from now on.
  2. Great news overall! Hopefully we will learn about: DRAE Spoilers: And i'm sure as hell that the new Academy will be connected somehow with the old one in NDR3.
  3. DF said that there's a +2-3 degrees Celcius on C and that's worrying me.
  4. OK, i'm about to get a PS4 next week. Question is: Launch model or C chassis? The latter is more heat-friendly, due to the reduced speed of the fans. Especially in which i live, summer tends to be really hot.
  5. AE's ending should give you an idea of what's to come on DR3. But you need to play DR2 first and then AE.
  6. New Danganronpa V3 has a completely new setting, "New" title doesn't follow existing characters and academy. http://gematsu.com/2015/11/new-danganronpa-v3-completely-new-setting
  7. Nepu-Nepu: ReBirth 2 on Vita and AoE 2 HD on Steam.
  8. Megadimension Neptunia VII gets updated release date and U.S. box art http://gameidealist.com/news/megadimension-neptunia-vii-gets-updated-release-date-and-u-s-box-art/
  9. Once again, EU is being treated like crap... Importing from US and i DO hope for a dual audio option.
  10. The only thing i need is a PS4. But this is something that's gonna happen soon.
  11. 44 minutes of English Megadimension Neptunia VII gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqzFv7kjEak Sweet Jesus, i need this...
  12. 11/10. Well, it IS Iffy after all:) EDIT: My fault, i thought it was about avatars:P
  13. NIS EU says (mistake) 29-01-15. They mean 29-01-16: http://store.nisaeurope.com/pages/release-schedule-1