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  1. Hello, Just wanted to follow up on this topic and state for the sake of clarity that I just had the platinum trophy pop. Therefore the trophy is glitchy but definitely not broken as I had previously stated. I deleted all my old game data(which included some DLC) and removed all my old saves. I then reinstalled game data and brought forth an old save(even though I had earned weapons on the DLC maps but not individually downloaded DLC weapons). I then simply farmed Stage 83 for weapon crates till I reached the non weapon DLC number of 780 weapons. To my astonishment and amazement the trophy appeared this time unlike my previous experiences. In conclusion I speculate the free DLC weapon downloads may be causing a glitch with the weapons trophies. Also that you may have to earn your last weapon/s on a non DLC map, as well as have all DLC game data removed from your system. Still quite surprised this trophy popped because of the fact I had experienced "Online" Co-op trophy funny business... P.S. Therefore to all trophy seekers I would recommend avoiding the PSN store free DLC weapon downloads. Even though my platinum would not pop(as seen in the video)on the Golden Darkness DLC stage, after deleting the DLC maps and all game data the trophy still popped from an old save file that had been used on the DLC maps but on a non DLC level. 4th time is the charm...
  2. Hello FawltyPowers, Good to see that not everyone on this website who is a C.F.C. trophy booster is delusional and in denial of their actions and status, pretending they are legitimate gamers. Just wondering however if you say "multiplayer trophies are a waste of time and energy", why would you waste your time and energy C.F.C. trophy boosting? P.S. You should take pride in your legitimately earned trophies & not in the fact that you have given up on trying to legitimately earn them and have decided to C.F.C. boost. That is sort of the point of the MP trophies, to see what you can legitimately earn as you play the game...
  3. Hello V--SoulReaper--V, Multiplayer trophy Boosting usually requires wins, kills etc for the trophies. Knowing that MP trophy boosting is defined as "match fixing and colluding", this is without a doubt cheating. Instead of playing the game legitimately to earn the trophies, Cheating Fraud Community(C.F.C.) multiplayer trophy boosters fix the match to ensure their opponents let them win or let them kill them. Pretty clear cut cheating of the trophy system. Trophy boosting requires no skill and merits no respect or recognition. P.S. Obviously leaderboard "boosting" is also cheating as people match fix and collude to boost their kill death ratio or wins etc... In this instance that would not be cheating. You are in a co op lobby and your team mate is simply sharing their items with you, this is factually not boosting and clearly not cheating. P.S. Co op play is never boosting.
  4. Hello Blackfiredeath17, Thank you for the information. Hello Cristianx-97, I earned that trophy legitimately a couple of summers ago just playing for fun. Unfortunately I have only hosted a handful of matches so I most likely won't be earning any of the MP trophies that I am missing. What a major cluster F&^@ by Eat Sleep Play...smh
  5. Not sure if this is the point where my stats glitched and reset, causing my trophies to glitch. As I have 50 kills with all vehicles and have won 10 matches on every map in public mode and the corresponding trophies have not popped. I can only imagine my rocket kills stats/trophy is also glitched...
  6. This should be called "Black Knight Mode", as there are no continues. You could always continue in the arcade if you had a quarter... Well played AlbirdVampPrince, good video.
  7. Hello All, Here are some glitched trophy videos for reference. Please note the date in the unbreakable horn 2 video. The date in the video is before the game was free 2 play. snake bite 2 EU server : Snake Bite 2 NA server : Unbreakable horn 2 : Lions Claw 2 : Warmaster :
  8. Welcome.
  9. Greetings, Just wanted to share a couple of tricks for completing "The Dreambreaker" solo with no gadget equipped(unbreakable). Shown in the videos are section 2, 3 and 4. Video 1, Section 2 and 3 : Video 2, section 4 :
  10. Hello All, For the record the season pass has been removed from the PSN store as well as all the individual DLCs. The Gold Edition is not a download from the PSN store, therefore if there was a working remedy to the glitched Defiance trophies by downloading DLCs from the PSN store that is no longer a viable option. I also just wanted to state that I had purchased the Defiance season pass before the game went free to play and started experiencing these DLC trophy glitches before the game was free to play. My first glitched Arktech Revolution trophy was on May 30th of 2014. The Arktech Revolution trophies would not show on my profile if I was offline. The issue in my opinion is with the "client side trophies" and the Defiance server as according to Sony, client side trophies involve trophy information being stored on the Defiance servers... P.S. For the record these Defiance trophy glitches exist on both the NA server and EU server, with both the hard copy and the soft copy of the game.
  11. The PSN store policy is "all sales are final". That is an undisputable fact... With that being said I have personally received a refund from the PSN store and I have also been refused a refund from the PSN store and had their PSN store policy being thrown at me. It all depends on who you talk to.
  12. Hello Bullstomp, Thank you for your work around information. I just recently decided to fire up Defiance. I had originally played on the digital download version of the game on the NA servers. This time however I decided to use a hard copy of the game instead. Much like your message stated, I created a new character on the European Server and played to completion of Act 3. To my shock and disbelief, upon completing "A Bullet For a Bad Man" quest the trophy for Act 3 popped, as well as the Platinum trophy... Thanks again Bullstomp. P.S. To be honest I had forgotten how enjoyable this game was. Unfortunately due to all the trophy issues I had with Defiance my appreciation for the game had soured...
  13. Hello, F.Y.I. Listing NGS2 co op sessions as boosting is ignorant and wrong. Co op play is co op play not boosting. You are merely helping your team. Secondly what you are describing in Demon's Souls is simply sharing your items with a team mate in co op play. It is 100% not boosting. To re-iterate co op play is never boosting... Hello Starcrunch061, Well officially there are no in game rules against hacking PSN software and manually unlocking all the trophies without actually earning them. So boosting is about as "legitimate" as that...
  14. F.Y.I. Sony's PSN store policy is : "All sales are final".
  15. Hello DJ_Helyx, What about the legitimate gamers in the public lobby where there is multiplayer trophy boosting occurring ? Would that affect their leaderboard stats? Also multiplayer leaderboards are extremely easy to manipulate through cheating(modding/hacking) others and leaderboard "boosting". I personally have encountered countless C.F.C. leaderboard boosters/cheaters(modders/hackers) in public lobbies in several different games throughout the years. Spawn killing their buddies or their own idle multiple accounts for the sole purpose of increasing their leaderboard statistics in a pathetic attempt to fraudulently represent themselves with "boosted" stats,truly pathetic... Hello MMDE, Most games have an honor code or unwritten rules... For example do not betray your team, help your team to win, do not aid the enemy team, etc. I equate multiplayer trophy boosting to leaderboard boosting = Dishonorable. Boosting multiplayer trophies in essence, is a cheating of the honor system, the trophy system and yourself...