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  1. This 100% works talk to all people who have quest in tower and then shaxx will have one
  2. Same did you ever find one?
  3. So what do i do? Can we work something out i know i fucked up on the other 2 games but i promise you there was no foul play in this
  4. Actually no after i got the last trophy ir didnt pop so i had to restart game
  5. CALL OF DUTY – WORLD AT WAR Trophies Affected: All 65 Trophies Details: Modders have the ability to unlock all of a player's trophies, including DLC ones, for this game in a matter of minutes. Impossible to predict or avoid. Detection: **This is another game that I'm having trouble finding a detection formula for. Once again going through roughly a hundred people's 100% list has revealed that a combination of 11-12 trophies can be earned with gaps under 15 seconds between them, 3 being in consecutive order. As with Black Ops 2 it is very easy to detect a list that has trophies that could fall into the category of hacked in a public lobby by looking at them but could use some help coming up with an automated method of identifying them. Despite if you believe me or not how do i fix the flags is there any chance i could get back on the leaderbords? As i stated i have 3 of them
  6. On what version the ps3 or ps4? because on ps3 i had a problem where the plat didnt pop i remember it was right after i got the under the bridges if they are out of order i used a cheat code or i did mission skip
  7. What do you mean hide?
  8. Aqire waffle weapons poped when all weapons were on the floor for free taking i dont know when i unlocked grave robber thow but i see what your talking about and the mw2 save was my save from a usb from my old ps3 when i didnt have internet i didnt want to go threw the stuggle to get the stars again so i accept that and the lbp2 auto pop i did that when i was was young but the waw plat i did not cheat this game Yes i did use skip mission and came back to it same as i did on ps3
  9. For the motherland and baring tbe burdan is what was poped the sun sets in where i was at in the campain Since you haven'tplayed this game then where it says veteran may throq you off when i say that but you can change the difficulty of missions
  10. kenny4312 Call of Duty: World at War The only trophys that i didnt earn was 2 single player trophies that a hacker poped in a zombies game so i ejected my disc before more poped